Vault Review: Scorpia


Aside from the eye shadow, paint is pretty basic.  There are some nice little details like the metallic and matte combination on her helmet, or the glossy lines that decorate her body suit.  I also really like that the red on her clothing is deep and vibrant, while her bug parts have a lighter pinkish hue.  The two colors play a nice contrast between the fabric and armor.


Articulation is pretty standard, but there are a couple of differences.  The head is on a ball joint.  Shoulders and hips are swivel hinges.  Elbows, knees and ankles are hinged, while the wrists, thighs and waist are swivels.  Scorpia’s tail connects to her dress with a swivel joint.  This was to be expected, but I still wish there was more articulation to it.  Aside from that, her other big difference is the ankles.  For some reason Matty dropped the rocker joints.  I’m assuming it was for cost cutting, but it’s still annoying.

Scorpia comes with one accessory, her standard Horde-issues crossbow.  Like all the other members, Scorpia’s has its own unique design of a scorpion-like critter.  Interestingly, her crossbow clips onto her wrist instead of having a handle to grasp.


All around I’m really happy with Scorpia.  I didn’t really know or care about the character, but the excellent design by the 4H actually made her my favorite female Horde member.  Hopefully more nice surprises like this lay ahead for the upcoming PoP sub.


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Vault Review: Scorpia

  1. Eagerly looking forward to this figure. Ordered an extra so I could try Hunter Knight’s “fix” of giving her repainted tail segments from the Spiderman Scorpion/Venom figure.

    As for the face, if Reese Witherspoon were raised by Divine . . . .

  2. Scorpia is now one of my favorite characters in the line. I really love her face…
    Now I want to see Mermista in my collection!

  3. On my get list. Just have to wait as where I got my figs offline moved locations. Gonna miss the toy show this year. Still she really came out better than I thought and agree if that tail had more joints it would really make her pop more.

    A gteat review, pics and funny comics. No wonder why I love your guys reviews so much more.

  4. Vault, if you get a chance, You MUST see “Small Problems” from She-Ra’s first season. There is a scene in this episode between Scorpia and a disguised Bow that made her my all-time favorite Hordes(wo)man. [^D The figure is completely amazing, she is practically on He-Ro-ic levels as to how long (and how fervently!) we have waited for this release! Thanks for the great Review!

  5. She is incredibly awesome in hand. I spent like 3 hours tinkering with mine until I forced myself to put her on the shelf. Seeing her next to Shadow Weaver and Octavia is almost unreal!

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