Vault Review:
NECA’s Godzilla 2014


At first glance this figure might seem like a big black mess of plastic, but there are actually a lot of subtle paint apps that are only visible in the right lighting.  The figure has been molded in black, but there’s a really dark blue wash that covers most of his scales and helps the sculpt pop out a bit.  What’s even harder to see is the brown running down his chest and stomach.  Aside from that, the rest of G’s paint is in his yellow eyes, white teeth, and dark red mouth.



Articulation on this guy is way better than I expected.  His head, neck, shoulders, wrists, waist, hips, ankles are all a mix of single and double ball joints.  His elbows and knees are swivel hinges, and his jaw is a regular hinge.  The first three segments of his tail are double ball joints, while the last piece is made of bendy plastic.  The range of motion that his hips and shoulders can pull off give the figure some great personality and allow for a bit of brawling and dynamic poses.  For the first hour I had him I couldn’t stop posing him in various dance moves or lounging positions.


Unfortunately there are no accessories with this figure.  I’m assuming the budget was pretty much maxed out with the completely new sculpt and super long tail.  But if NECA feels like re-releasing this guy, I’d love to see one or two flame breath effects parts.


For about $20, this figure is an excellent deal.  Sculpt and paint does their jobs well, and the articulation makes him fun to pose and play with.  The only figure that will come close to outshining this one is the upcoming MonsterArts, but he’ll cost four times as much.  That’s more of a hard core market, while this NECA version is for the everyman who just wants a good Godzilla figure to hang out on the desk.


20 thoughts on “Vault Review:
NECA’s Godzilla 2014

  1. After viewing some lousy pics of this guy online I was all set to write him off but, seeing the pic of him lounging on your sofa just sealed the deal for me. Great review Vault, you just made this Godzilla fanboy very happy!

    1. Thanks! I definitely think he’s a fun figure to play around with. Hope you like him.

  2. Man, Anguirus looks so pissed! I need this in my life. I think I might need the Jakks Pacific GIANT Godzilla more, BUT I will not be able to pass on this one. I’m pretty sure the other NECA Godzilla (24″ head to tail?) is the one in-scale with the Pacific Rim figures. I also hope Neca makes the male and female MUTO as well!

    1. Yeah, that Jakks one looks great just cause it’s so big. I’d like to get the one that’s more in scale with Pacific Rim too, but I don’t know if I really need four 2014 Godzillas in my life. Guess it’ll depend on how strong my will is when I see them in the toy aisle.

  3. I’m tempted to get this as an alternative to laying down $80 for the Figuarts version, but he does still look a slight bit toyish next to his Japanese cousins.

    1. you looked at the photo of the three zillas together and the NECA one looks toyish next to the imports? seriously? james… you’re safe here. we all want to talk to you about your future, because if you continue smoking this much meth, you won’t have one.

      1. He’s probably referring to that plastic sheen it gives off in the comparison photo.

      2. The NECA one is definitely more toy-like. Like Bigbot said, it has that glossy plastic look. The paint isn’t as smoothly subtle as MonsterArts either. Instead of a gradient transition, it just kind of starts and stops. The articulation isn’t quite as good either. NECA’s can’t pull off that howling pose. But, for a price difference of sixty or seventy dollars, I’m willing to overlook those things.

        I’ll probably end up getting the MonsterArts eventually to keep the collection complete with a standard look, but this NECA one is perfect for those who just want a great little Godzilla for a good price.

  4. Great. now I can’t help but hear him screaming “BEEFCAKE!” in all these shots.
    and in Cartman’s voice.

  5. I like it but I prefer the design of the classic Godzilla’s more. I think NECA’s 94 Godzilla will be brilliant.

  6. excellent review!

    where’d you get that sofa from?! it’s fantastic!

    1. Thanks! It is from the doll house section of Hobby Lobby. It’s a good place to pick up 1/12th ish furniture. That particular set came with two big black chairs in the same style as the couch.

      If you do go looking for one, hit up their website. They usually have a coupon for 40% off one full price item. Makes it a pretty good deal.

  7. Thanks for takin’ the pics that matter! I’m not terribly interested in a monster that can destroy a city. But a monster that can realistically lounge on a couch and tear it up on the dance floor? Yes please!

  8. I received my figure today from NECA. You review is spot on. I was very pleased with the detail. Of course the articulation and detail is not going to be as high as the Monsterarts figure, but as you stated, the figure is a fourth the cost. I don’t think it looks too toyish at all. No where near as gimmicky as the action figures made for kids.

  9. I hate this design. The head looks like a turtle, and he’s got thunder-thighs that lead right on into a sever case of “cankles.” Godzilla does not have cankles.

  10. It wasn’t marked on the shelf, but I decided to pick one of these up at TRU, and it rang up 25% off, so less than $15. At that price, I think he fills my display needs.

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