DC Collectibles’ Batman the Animated Series Man-Bat

DC Collectibles revealed Man-Bat as their final figure in Wave 2 of their new Batman the Animated Series line.


They haven’t really said any details yet, but I’m hoping he’s accurately scaled with the other figures and comes with some alternate arms that have spread wings.  That would rock.


2 thoughts on “DC Collectibles’ Batman the Animated Series Man-Bat

  1. Here’s hoping that ManBat is not finished, because while the others in this line all look to have a bunch of articulation, this looks like a brick.
    And if they do ad articulation they’d better lock down the QC on these or none of them will be able to stand.
    Heck, a lot of DC Direct cannot stand without help. I just can’t have that.
    But much like Beedo, I really hope this comes with alternate arms that have big spread wings.

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