Vault Review: JmiWorld
Dairy QueenSet


Like the cupcake store, the set comes with a ton of accessories.  Food-wise you get a chocolate and strawberry sundae, a chocolate and vanilla ice cream cone, two Blizzards, a hotdog, a bun, fries, a red drink, and some cardboard boxes for the dog and fires.  I also picked up one of the “Refill Packs”, which is where all the extra food in the above picture came from (although I think I misplaced an Orange Julius cup).


Aside from the food, you also get a counter, a register monitor, a booth chair, a table, and a cardboard sign advertising the “Royal Treats”.  It gets a little crowded when you use all the pieces (Which is another reason I wish this set were larger.), but it does give you a lot of options for display at least.


Out of all the miWorld sets, this is the one I most wanted and my favorite.  The amount of accessories alone make this a great buy, the playset is just icing on the cake.  The more realistic graphics were an excellent touch also, and look better both in person and in pictures.  I’m really hoping this line continues and we get enough stores to actually build a little mall playset.  That would be amazing.


If you like the looks of this Dairy Queen, then check out my first review with Sprinkles Cupcakes.  There’s a ton more pictures showing off scale with various different figures.


11 thoughts on “Vault Review: JmiWorld
Dairy QueenSet

  1. I love these kinds of playsets and this Dairy Queen does look cooler than the previous set you covered. The photo stickers look so realistic you feel like you could actually reach in and grab all those goodies. Excellent job on Jakks’ part! I hope they keep making these sets until you have enough to put together that shopping mall.

  2. Own this one and it is fun. Had NA He-man holding both cones (forced Frosta date?) as well as Grizzlor and Rattlor hanging out (Rattlor getting chewed out for eating the help) and other figs as well. (If anybody on FB is a member of TGR then you have seen them)

    That brown effects part with this set kicks massive butt. Love how that looks. I need o find that DQ extra pack (think there is two of them) also debating the sweet factory. One of the big sets and mini packs (has suckers and think the lady figs can hold them well.

    Jakks why you gotta make such fun displays ment for girls that us Adult Collectors love.

    1. Forgot this, if Jakks every makes a wave 2 a DQ add on set is a must. Just for more seating space. That effect shot made me think of civilians running to safety.

      On other ideas, my mind gets Mikey and thinks of a Pizza place. Little Ceasers, Dominos, Pizza Hut, or dare I say Chuck E. Cheese.

  3. Thanks to your earlier post, DKR Batman is currently enjoying a strawberry soft serve ice cream cone (“Lucky! Lucky old man! It’s only brainfreeze!”) and Lupin III and Jigen are pigging out on Sundaes, Blizzards and slushes, wishing strongly for a Revoltech Fujiko to appear.

    Pretty neat how that Impact Part works with the set.

    I think there is a larger DQ set. There seems to be a ‘razor/razorblades’ approach to this line and I think there’s a large set, small set and at least 2 ‘refill’ packs for each of the brands.

  4. I love the DQ set but like you say in the review as soon as I had one I wished it was bigger to actually make the most of the display. I was lucky enough to find a 2nd one so instead of buying one of the other stores, I just got another DQ. I put them together and covered up some of the sections of the walls to make them not look exactly the same and it is already one of my favorite places to display my figures.

  5. There is so much fun bottled up in that shot of the explosive fight inside the DQ…it makes me want to play with my toys right now.

    Fantastic review! Can’t wait to see the whole mall setup. Will you be reviewing any of the Deluxe Sets?

  6. Is the scale of this playset good for the Walking Dead figures? Im looking for some sort of set that I could gore up with blood and some dirty washes. Awesome review.

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