Old News: GIJCC Announces
Figure Subscription Service 3.0

Now I know I’m a little over a week behind on this news, but I wanted to let you guys weigh in on it. Though I don’t have the reviews to prove it, I have happily signed up for FSS 1.0 & 2.0 from the GI Joe Collector’s Club. I’m a big supporter of the Club and been appreciative that they’re still out there filling holes in my Modern Era collection.

But I felt a little sour after 2.0 ended. I ended up only keeping only six of the thirteen figures from the first year. I haven’t set down and sorted out the second year still, but I imagine that I’ll only keep six again. While nearly half is actually a pretty good clip, I still had a bad taste in my mouth after Grand Slam (a figure I more or less already had) was the surprise thirteenth figure. I really questioned if I wanted to go through a 3.0 or save my $300. I was sure I’d skip it.

Then they had to go announce the list at this year’s JoeCon. No images yet, but here’s the list:

  • Psyche Out (Original Colors)
  • Repeater (Original Colors)
  • Hit & Run (Concept Case Version)
  • Muskrat (Original Colors)
  • Spearhead (Original Colors)
  • Alpine v2
  • Bombstrike
  • Big Ben
  • Crimson Guard Immortal (Concept Case Version?)
  • Slice
  • Night Creeper Leader
  • Vypra

The first five caught my attention. The Club is basically going to take the Night Force Joes from their 2013 Con Box set Nocturnal Fire and turn them back into their original colors.

I’m totally okay with that. I’d love to get all five of those guys, but Hit & Run, Repeater, & Psyche-Out are must haves! I’d also prolly want Bombstrike, Slice, & Big Ben. So that’s 8 out of 12. That’s a better clip than either of the two years. Curse you, GIJCC!! If I do this, I just hope the 13th figure isn’t something I already have again… fingers crossed!


5 thoughts on “Old News: GIJCC Announces
Figure Subscription Service 3.0

  1. Man, for 300 bucks, I expect a lot more. And yeah, I know that this isn’t an official Hasbro thing, and all that jazz, so the toys gotta be expensive, but at some point I gotta look at these and say “these just aren’t worth the money, nostalgia or no”. Especially since a MOTU sub offers a lot more bang for the buck, and (I’m guessin’) the TF club as well.

    1. The Joe sub definitely beats the TF sub for me! On MOTU, I think it just depends on the collector. MOTU has the benefit of a few a-list mains and variants left while the club has to dig deeper.

  2. Man, price wise ouch. Fig wise a few like to have but wanna see pics to shoe them off. Bombstrike being one.for sure since only VvV I kept. Her gear vanished though. Thats the one I am really curious about.

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