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Vault Review: Glimmer


Articulation is what you’d expect.  She’s got a ball jointed head.  Her shoulders and hips are swivel hinges.  Swivel joints at the biceps, wrists, waist and thighs.  The elbows and knees are hinged, while the ankles are on a hinged rocker joint.  All around pretty good movement, especially since the hair doesn’t get in the way.


Glimmer comes with two accessories.  First is her large magic staff.  As far as I know this was based on the original toy and never showed up in the cartoon.  It’s a pretty nice looking piece with a blooming flower sculpt and a jewel in the center.

Her other accessory is a little crystal ball that fits perfectly in her left hand.  I’m not really sure where this piece comes from (help me out PoP fans!), but it makes a cool accessory and I’m definitely up for as many artifacts as we can get from the line.


All around there’s nothing really new or innovative here.  Glimmer’s just a good solid figure that adds to the main cast of the PoP series.  I’m really surprised we hadn’t gotten to her sooner in the lineup, but an earlier figure might not have gotten us so many new costume pieces or two accessories.  Now I have to figure out how to make room on my PoP shelf for the incoming expansion.


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30 comments to MOTUClassics.Com
Vault Review: Glimmer

  • Great review and pics, as ever.

    I had one Glimmer coming from the sub, and I ordered another one for customizing, and both had the same problem: their hair and right shoulder-pads “melted into” one another, swapping paint and leaving dents. }Sigh.{

  • J. Lee

    Thats, maybe off here, the moonstone of Brightmoon (correct me fellow TGR fans) if recall right.

    Me I like mine and have not seen that. I just had the skin paint come off on the left arm. Holding the stone in package. Yep she is purple underneath. She is a lil drunk (falls) so propped up between Adora and Frosta.

    I have seen some pics of Goddess like probs though. Well someone’s fell and leg broke.

  • dayraven

    It’s probably not a relief but the same thing happened to mine.

    so there are two things that Remain a detraction for the PoP girls for me and glimmer has them both: inflexible helmet hair, and a complete lack of textural sculpting in their dresses. Especially coming on the heels of modulok’s chitinous tour de force sculpting glimmer feels overly simplified.

    • Agreed — but she’s right at home with the rest of the POP figures!

      • dayraven

        oh, i know, but man… of all the classics figs, i can’t help it, the girls were, to me, the hugest segment of opportunity because they’d never been done as “action figures” before, and the results have been… less than appealing. especially because she ra didn’t get an MYP update, any thing they did to bring the designs up to a more modern and individual aesthetic would have been seen as huge improvements.

        luckily, what i and many others have discovered, is that the base of the female motuc is a solid one for building on, and they work well for customs.

  • AmericanHyena

    Like her quite a bit (and seem to be lucky enough to have gotten one sans and QC issues).

    I’m finally starting to run out of display room for MOTUC (mind-blowing as that display area is made out of four Ikea Billy book shelves and a corner piece. I had always assumed that when push came to shove, the rebellion ladies would be the second thing to go into a box (the first being the A-List character variants) but the more of the lovely lasses I amass, the more I find myself appreciating their vibrant colors and designs.

    Decisions, decisions.

    • gnollah

      I’m in exactly the same boat. Running out of space and I always figured that the ladies would be the first in the box when confronted with this situation. But I can’t do it! They look great and the ones from the new sub look even better

    • Shelf space certainly does come at a premium these days. Even with the addition of two Billy-size bookshelves, I’m still finding it difficult to display everything as I’d like to. I’ve never been too obsessive about how I’ve displayed things, but I will admit to having a touch of anal retentiveness though. Now I’ve had to be more picky/choosy about my set up!

  • Mark

    I am probably in the minority here but I really am not keen on the female face sculpts in the MOTUC line.

  • Polo23

    The heroic women on a Eternia & Etheria are PRETTY….it’s a shame all evil ones are UGLY! FH did a excellent job of designing her right out of the Princess of Power cartoon. Cools pics & review by the way.

  • Mikey

    I only get the POP figures generally (Including the Hoard) so I don’t mind Glimmer as there is nothing wrong with her but outside of a couple of star sisters she is probably the least appealing, of course if there is nothing wrong with the least appealing figure you are in a pretty good place. One minor gripe (that probably only applies to me) but at the moment I have most of my ladies set up as a chorus line with their shields so i’m bummed Glimmer didn’t come with one.

    • The the vintage Glimmer come w/ a shield? Regardless, it would have been nice for them to throw one in as a bonus accessory. Would have helped add a little value to the figure.

  • Brainlock

    Nice “basic” female figure, as I really don’t remember her from watching POP with my little sister and she has no real distinguishing characteristics/markings. I dunno, something just feels ‘off’ to me with the color palette? maybe it’s the hair?

  • He-Mullet

    While she looks like 90% Filmation (filmation Glimmer is more doe eyed)with a few added details from the toy, there are a few things off with her. (Ruben is to blame for most of them) Brainlock is correct, the palette is SLIGHTLY OFF.
    Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE My Glimmer (Mai Waifu and all that) but, she didn’t BLOW ME AWAY (AS A TOY)… She met my expectations, which were a bit low due to her being POP. (To me it seems that the MOTUC Team doesn’t care that much about POP) As a character I’m Super Mega Excited (2.3 Pinkies in the Pinkie Pie Scale of excitement to be precise) about having her on my shelves.

    • Brainlock

      I was just talking color on a personal taste note, and as someone who has worked in printing color before.

      The name rings a bell for me, but I wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a line-up otherwise.

    • Lay Ze-Man

      “(To me it seems that the MOTUC Team doesn’t care that much about POP)”

      Or, the 4H don’t wanna hear any backlash from die-hard PoP fans about how unfair it is that they’ve never got iconic Filmation versions and they don’t want any 4H interpretation on the characters.

      The Bow backlash sent all subsequent PoP characters into the bland, non-updated Filmation domain, which is hilarious because Bow is obviously the best PoP figure in MOTUC.

      • Vault

        There was Bow backlash? It’s been so long that I don’t remember, but that’s a shame it it’s true. Bow is one of the cooler figures in the whole Classics series.

        • He-Mullet

          Sadly, some people complained about Bow being TOO Detailed.

          • J. Lee

            And me kicking myself the year somebody had an elite collection of Matty goods on sale. Bow was among and I thought he looked great. Just didn’t have extra cash that year. Guess I’m not that hard to please on sone figs. (Though I beheaded my spector and hung him and the head is on a pike)

          • “Sadly, some people complained about Bow being TOO Detailed.”

            Some people need to be pimp-slapped.

        • There have been so many backlashes I tend to get them confused!

        • Lay Ze-Man

          They were worried about how old school MotU fans who hate PoP would receive a figure like Bow, so they wanted to pull out all the stops to make sure he was true to the character but also felt like he’d fit in with the vintage line.

          And apparently that’s where PoP fans missed the whole M.O. of the Classics line and started complaining about how he had too much detail, was too off-model from Filmation, was too off-model from the toy, that he was a an obvious and cheap-o “prepaint” of NA He-Man, that it was unfair he didn’t have the correct slim build and everyone is biased against PoP for not shelling out a brand new buck body just so Bow wouldn’t look like a bodybuilder.

          I don’t mean to make TOO big of a deal about this, but it was that general attitude along with the behind-the-scenes 200x shame that had a combined effect of un-detailing and hyper-BORING-izing a lot of figures over a period of time, one that we’ve only recently come back out of it seems. But every PoP figure that comes along (Scorpia looks to be a decent exception) reminds me where we are, and where we could’ve been.