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Vault Review: Nick
TMNT Casey Jones


Unfortunately, the reason why a lot of that sculpting might go unnoticed is because the paint job is very lacking.  There’s very little attention to detail in the paint, and all those extensive drab colors swallow up the cool little features and give him a bland look.  What’s even worse is that they didn’t even complete what little they started.  His bandolier has only been painted brown on the figure’s front, with the back still molded the dark gray of the plastic.  I can forgive a lot of the little details, but that’s lazy and it would have even bothered me when I was a kid.


The paint job on both his face and mask are a bit better.  They both look appropriately homemade, like he spray painted the mask and actually painted his face.  I realize the face paint is going for a similar skull look of his mask, but I can’t help being reminded of a Baseball Fury when I see it, which is a nice bonus because The Warriors is awesome.


Casey’s got decent articulation.  His head, waist, and wrists are on swivels.  The shoulders, hips, and knees are swivel/hinges, while his elbows are plain old hinges.  You can get him into a few decent poses, but swivel/hinged elbows would have really helped.

Counting his mask, Casey comes with three accessories.  The other two are a baseball bat and hockey stick.  Both have nice sculpts and he can wield them in either hand.  They can also be stored on a little holder that plugs into his back.  Having this piece be removable was a nice little touch.


I really like the general sculpt and look of this figure, but his paint job is seriously disappointing.  I’m usually pretty forgiving with the little things, and it’s been a long time since I’ve felt the need to repaint a figure, but I think that’s what I’m going to end up doing here.  All those little details really should be showcased, and that belt is just unacceptable.


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23 comments to Vault Review: Nick
TMNT Casey Jones

  • Great pics, excellent review, uninteresting figure.

    Casey Jones was a non-event for me as a youth . . . right up until, in the live-action movie, the following exchange occurred:

    Casey: [Pulls a cricket bat out of his arsenal]

    Raph: Cricket?! Nobody understands cricket!

    Casey: [Whacks Raph so hard he flies into a trash can]

    Casey: That’s six runs.

    Nobody else in the cinema in Canton, Ohio understood why there was one kid (me) laughing so hard at that gag.

    • “You’ve gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket.”

      • I don’t fully understand cricket, but that’s because, as with all sports, I just don’t give a flying crap. Especially when they inevitably over-run, and the program I wanted to watch afterwards is pre-empted, rescheduled, or outright cancelled.

        I thought it was bad in the States, with their sports that consist of twenty seconds of action followed by fifteen minutes of standing around, spitting, and slapping each other on the arse. But that’s absolutely riveting compared to an entire day devoted to frigging snooker, and watching some prat in a hideous waistcoat still potting balls around a table for fifty minutes longer than he was supposed to.

  • The Ghost

    Being Australian, I always love cricket references in American culture.

  • Brainlock

    the face sold me on this guy.
    I don’t buy too many TMNT but I saw some people showing him off on FB and that face won me over.

    April just looks weird in her proportions, so shes a pass, and Baxter I might still grab. Mutagen Man and Squirrelanoid(?) also packed 1/case with this wave looked freaky, but I had to pass. and if you guys review Squirrel, there better be some Xenomorphs in there!!!

    I think the last TMNT series that really hooked me was about 2005, where April and Casey could fit in with the X-Men:Evolution cast, and I had April sub in for X-Evo’s Kitty and Jean (and made my niece jealous I had her favorite: a “Kitty” figure! LOL) and I think I had Casey customed into Sam and Avalanche (Lance?).

  • Sigma

    Wow, the paint on that figure is horrible. The face, I don’t even know what’s going on there, but all of the white splotches just look terrible.

  • Now I’m going to have to watch the cartoon to find out why he has face paint on under the hockey mask.

  • dayraven

    i don’t see the appeal of this figure… but like beedo, i love the character, in part due to elias koteas’ performance as the man who had to teach those JV lowlifes a lesson.

  • What a coinkydink! I reviewed Casey today over at Doomkick! Totally not planned!


    The lack of paint really ruins this figure for me though. They could have knocked it out of the park with this one had they just paid a little more attention to detail.

  • MST3KFan

    Playmates lack of trying in the more recent waves of TMNT figures is disturbing.

    I dunno, maybe it’s the nostalgic kid in me that recalls while the vintage TMNT had paints apps missing a lot as well, at least the figures still felt fun. The sculpts had so many little things all over them that you might not notice right away unless you really looked them over (ex: Muckman)

    With the modern line, I understand people like show accurate stuff, but the first wave of the four turtles not being so was cool to me along with the nod back to the vintage line with the tons of additional weapons included on a plastic frame.
    Sadly after the four turtles, everything has been lacking. Paint jobs, scaling of certain characters, weapons, articulation, still no sign of a Karai figure…

  • I’ve heard that Casey’s pretty rare, but I’ve seen him several times. I don’t like the character in the show (loved him in past iterations, but the goofball idiot-child in the new version does nothing for me), and now seeing how half-assed the execution is on the figure, it’s an easy pass. which is too bad, since he’s one of the few figures besides the 4 Turtles to actually get articulation.

  • Mark

    Excellent review. As much as I like TMNT I have really gone off the new figures. The scale issues and awful paint work have really hurt this line.

  • a Jose Canseco bat? Tell you didn’t pay money for this.

  • davy

    “Counting his mask, Casey comes with three accessories” so the mask comes off? can you add a photo of casey without the mask on?