Funko & Super 7’s ReAction
Line: Retro Catches Up To Me

You want to know how you’re getting old? It’s not when your friends all have kids, or when the new girl you just hired was born after the graduated high school. No, it’s when your childhood finally goes “retro”.

For years now, those slightly older farts have cornered the market on “retro” with their Mego dolls. There’s been a few characters the last few years that I’d love to get toys of, but 8″ dolls in cloth costumes? Humbug! Okay, maybe I’m just bitter because Mattel had the bright idea to bring the late 80s “The Real Ghostbusters” in early 70s style. That hurt me, Matty.

But, alas, I’m older now. And retro has finally caught up to me thanks to the workings of Super 7, Funko, and their ReAction line! ReAction mimics those early Kenner years and brings some interesting properties to that classic Kenner style.

Entertainment Earth has the exclusive first look at the early mock-ups of the ReAction line. There are tons of listings, many with pictures. Check out this list:

  • The Terminator: Two versions of the T-800, two versions of the Endoskeleton, Kyle Reese, & Sarah Connor
  • Predator: Masked, Clear Masked, Open Mandible Unmasked, and Closed Mandible Unmasked
  • Escape From New York: Two versions of Snake Plissken
  • Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack, Sally, the Mayor, Behemoth, & the Devil
  • -and-
  • And that’s just what’s pictured. There’s Back to the Future. Buffy. Firefly. Universal Monsters. Goonies. Pulp Fiction. Nightmare on Elm Street. Friday the 13th. Halloween. The Crow. Scream. I may not buy every single one – I do love my modern toy technology, but it’s gonna be nuts.

    Continue to Entertainment Earth to see all the listings and more pics!


6 thoughts on “Funko & Super 7’s ReAction
Line: Retro Catches Up To Me

  1. As a full-fledged Slightly Older Fart, (Megos are action figures, not “dolls,” ya danged whippersnapper!) I will likely be all over most of these licenses. Imagine blending in the likes of the Buffy, Scream, and Pulp Fiction universes with vintage Star Wars figures! (Well, maybe Predator and Terminator would be more suitable matches but Snake and the Rocketeer are SO teaming up with my Joes! 🙂

  2. I’m kinda disappointed in the 5poa these all have. It looks a bit cheap, even if they are dropping 60(!) unique figures in the next few months. that’s bigger release than Star Wars premiere toy nights. or George Lucas’ belt after Thanksgiving dinner.

    I just watched Rocketeer about a week ago, and I can only hope his head leans back under that helmet. also, he’s fricking Jordan Collier and works with Pa Kent!

  3. While I get the idea behind these, and I do think nabbing a few of these could be fun, I do wish the execution were better.

    These just feel a little too much like “crappy sculpting on purpose”.

    They just don’t quite nail the feel of those old school figures IMO.

  4. These definitely don’t look as good as the Alien figures. Though I’d definitely consider getting some if they did Mad Max 2.

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