Top Ten: Figures We
Hope Are on NECA’s Radar

We’re running a little behind on NECA WECA 2 if you couldn’t tell, so we’re throwing a Top Ten List into the mix!

Vault and I had a heck of a time laying down ground rules for this particular list. Did we want to do a list of figures & licenses we want to see NECA conquer? Did we want to just pick one NECA license and crank out a Top Ten for that specific line? Ultimately, we decided to cobble it all together and just do one mega list of the current NECA licenses. Well, kinda. No Gremlins made our list. Nor did E.T. – which surprised me; Vault is all over the NECA NES Exclusives, I was for sure he’d want an Atari ET “Landfill” Edition!

We did opt to stick to things NECA could theoretically do which kept some interesting choices for me off the list. How far does NECA’s Rambo or RoboCop licenses extend? Could we ever see figures from the Force of Freedom or the Ultra Police? Would General Warhawk & Birdman Barnes be out of place in the 21st century? I don’t know, but I opted to leave them out – even after I saw Vault blur the lines of “theoretically possible” with his No. 2 pick. You’ll see…

Noisy No. 10 – Colonel Trautman! Vault No. 10 – Corporal Hicks (Hive Wars)!
I have no idea what NECA has planned for Rambo. I was happy to see the teaser for a Rambo from the second film. That’s the one I need. But I also need Colonel Trautman! He’s such a iconic part of the Rambo franchise, not to mention that he sort of spawned a whole “green beret military brass” look that has carried over into countless other movies, shows, and video games! The last wave of Kenner’s Alien/Predator line included a new figure of Corporal Hicks. This Hive Wars veteran was now decked out with an eye patch, cybernetic implants, and a robotic “dog” to assist in bug extermination. It’d be amazing to see NECA update the Aliens’ Hicks with this EXTREME! 90’s makeover.
Noisy No. 9 – Predator (Heavy Infantry)! Vault No. 9 – Alien Queen!
I’m not the most informed on unproduced Kenner figures, but if I recall this four-armed, heavy ordnance Predator managed to get himself cancelled from the Kenner line twice. If NECA chooses to invest in a second Kenner wave for Predator, I’d like to see this fellow get his due (not to mention a color scheme…) We’re starting to build a nice little hive of xenomorph figures now, so it’s about time to keep them all in line with a Queen. I know this’ll be an enormous and complex figure, but I have faith NECA can get it done with the right amount of articulation and plenty of accessories for a good price.
Noisy No. 8 – Peter Keyes (Containment Suit)! Vault No. 8 – Ripley!
Originally, Dutch was slated to appear in Predator 2, but Arnold opted out. Instead, Gary Busey was cast as Peter Keyes, a government agent tracking the Predators. I’d like to see Keyes as a figure to be sure, but if nothing else, having a crazy Gary Busey in a containment suit running around on my shelves wouldn’t be the worst thing ever… I’m positive you can’t have a true Alien line without a figure of the girl who kicked the most bug butt. I don’t care if she only comes with Jonesy, just make sure she can hold that extra flame thrower some other figure will have. (On a side note, I really want a Jonesy too. So that booth teaser better not be a joke!)
Noisy No. 7 – Elizabeth Shaw! Vault No. 7 – Power Loader!
This figure was lost to us due to the realities of tooling and lack of interest. I can’t complain because my reasons for wanting this figure don’t exactly stem from a deep love of the character or even Prometheus itself – it’s just that David 8 makes a fantastic retro space man figure and I’d love to give him a companion space woman. Hopefully, something down the road will aid this figure’s release. OK, rounding out my top three must have Alien toys is the Power Loader. If we get Ripley, and we get the Queen, then I have to be able to set up some epic battles on my shelf between the two. I feel like this little mech is pretty comparable to ED-209, so I feel like it’s definitely in the realm of possibility.
Noisy No. 6 – Kenner Aliens! Vault No. 6 – Dutch (Colonial Marines)!
If Kenner Predators are like the best thing ever (seriously, the Blue Predator just blows the movie accurate ones away if you ask me), then Kenner Aliens should be a foregone conclusion. NECA has already talked about this a bit, so my hopes are raised. I’d love to see an all-blue Hive Wars Alien as an easy repaint, but also figures like the Gorilla Alien or Bull Alien would be welcome! Here’s an obscure one for you. Way back in 1994, Kenner had plans to introduce members of Dutch’s military team to aid the Colonial Marines in fighting Predators. Unfortunately the line was cancelled before Jungle Dutch, High Tech Dutch, Blain, and Big Knife Billy debuted. I think an Arnold in Colonial Marines fatigues would be a fun figure to bolster the ranks.

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22 thoughts on “Top Ten: Figures We
Hope Are on NECA’s Radar

  1. Crew of the Nostromo is a must, as well as Harrigan and Keyes.
    The ASM2 Rhino armor Giamatti wears appears to be based on the powerloader, from the short scene in the just released trailer.

    The thing is, Character Options is doing McGann and Hurt in their just revealed “War Doctor” figure (one body, both heads) that appeared in the “Day of the Doctor” 50th Special, so both their Alien characters are kinda sorta “done in one”. ok, you need a proper body, but it’s better than nothing!

    I saw one friend just started customizing a GI Joe Rhino troop transport into the Nostromo APV(?) they used. That’s 1/18 scale, but still pretty close to scale accurate for the Alien figures. (Greg (formerly the Bunny) from RTM.)

  2. I only want one really….Battle Damaged Murphy. As in, fully-revealed Peter Weller sculpted RoboCop as seen in the last act of the movie. And he’ll need a Cobra assault cannon naturally.

    Wanna go nuts? Include ED 209’s blasted remains (legs) and call it a boxed set. I’d buy that for a dollar.

  3. I really really want Dillon too, but last time NECA shot it down they said Carl Weathers declined giving them the rights 🙁

    If I recall correctly Dallas is locked in for the Alien series. And the Queen should be shown at Toy Fair.

    I hope Pacific Rim has the juice to get some of those obscure Kaiju, the Onibaba owns.

      1. i like you. i wanna bathe in a tub full of vasquez’… that’d be only slightly less interesting than a night with vasquez herself (who by now, has to be what, in her 50s?) but way doable on my budget. i have a feeling ms goldstein would require quite a financial persuasion to get her interested in a creep like me.

  4. +1 to better articulated Conan and Terminator. And I agree with adding those two Kaiju to the Pacific Rim line.

    Mostly though, I want to see more of the human characters from the Aliens/Predators films. Even if they can’t get all the likeness rights, I’m sure the talented customizers out there can tell us how to make the rest. ; )

  5. I would love an awesomenly articulated harry potter figure from the final film. Neca just can’t not do it…

    Also, release the cool 1/4 scale figures but in 7″ scale!

    And we need a figure from the main character in Skyrim!

  6. Can definitely get behind that Contra set. Would be so very sweet. Also, Predator 2 is my Predator, even though I’m more of the right age for the first one. It was a little less gory, if I recall, and I just felt it was more intense in the urban environment. And I agree, Glover was great in it. Bring it on.

    As for E.T., I need more, much more. I’ll pretty much buy whatever they’re selling. But if they could somehow figure out a figure(s) from the bicycle chase scene, maybe even a bike basket dio with a big ol’ moon in the background, I’d be in ’82 geek heaven.

    With Gremlins, I’ve been waiting for them to update/reissue the Stripe Gremlin, but it doesn’t appear to be in the cards. What a shame.

  7. I really want NECA to go back to the Die Hard licence. I’ve got a pretty much perfect Arnold and Stallone, so now I need a fully articulated Bruce Willis to go with them to complete the ’80s action star trinity.

    1. um, ‘scuse me? trinity? it was a quadrinity, there’s no way mcclane rates and riggs doesn’t. and bonus, we can use the harrigan buck for a murtaugh.

      ‘course, i want a chong li and frank dux too, so what do i know? 🙂

    2. Yes! I want an articulated McClane too.

      I’d also like Harrigan and Royce as well. We have all the super Predators but no one for them to fight from the film (they all can’t just keep ganging up on the lone classic Predator). At least give us Royce.

  8. I think both list are cool! I would like a Boddicker & Lewis from RoboCop as well as a robotic Kane! I would also like to see them just go back and add some articulation to older figures.

  9. I guess I am only one wanting the Predator from second crossover that killed Arnold and Glover along with a Batcowl he can hold Aloft in truimph as well as a severed Predator head. Yes this guy killed one of his own. (Doubt on the cowl but the rest please)

  10. Awesome article!

    I’d also love to see Die Hard stuff done well.

    Ripley + Power Loader with good likeness and affordable scale (7″) should be on every toy collector’s “MUST BUY” list.

    Contra I’d be all over–other 80’s games as well like Double Dragon too!!

    Also, having only recently got some NECA T2 stuff, I’d love to see T2 Sarah and John Connor figs if the rights can be had.

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