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Vault Review: Figma #200
Hatsune Miku 2.0


Miku’s lower waist and legs are attached with a “Y” shaped axis with ball joints at each end.  The knees and ankles are swivel hinges, like normal, but this time she also has a swivel joint where her stockings meet her legs.  Combined with the improved torso articulation, the figure has a much more natural stance where her weight can look shifted or the body itself can be twisted.  The downside is that all this added articulation makes the figure a bit larger.  She’s still the same scale, but overall she looks a size bigger than her counterparts.


Another bit of improved articulation that also falls under accessories is her hands.  They’ve replaced the hinge joint that attached to a pin with a smaller swivel hinge.  This allows for much more subtle wrist movement than before.  I do wish she came with a couple extras though.  These joints are small and popped out of my fingers a few times while changing out the hands.

And you’ll definitely be changing them out with such a large assortment.  You get a pair of fists, holding, pointing, palms open, a left one for holding the guitar neck and a right with a guitar pick, and then with palms flat and fingers open.


She also comes with three different faces:  Smiling, looking to the side and blushing, and singing/winking.  The old Figma faces will still work on the new body.  They’re a little loose, but the bangs hold it on pretty well.  Unfortunately the new faces are too large for the old body to hold.

She has a nice amount of accessories also.  There’s a guitar with a strap, a microphone and a mic stand, and lastly a set of six wings that can be plugged into her back and on to the clear Figma stand.


I was a bit on the fence when the preorder for Miku 2.0 went up, but I went along with the order because I wanted to see how they improved the Figma model.  I was not disappointed.  Not only am I excited to see the improved articulation on future figures, but I was amazed with how superior this Miku is over the original standard version.  She’s definitely worth adding to your collection if you’re a fan of the character.


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10 comments to Vault Review: Figma #200
Hatsune Miku 2.0

  • J. Lee

    All these import figs and many like to get. Those are some crazy new joints. If ever wanted to do crazy fan(say Deadpool as an example) running off with Miku can do it (dunno the range of the tails)

  • manekochan

    Side by side comparison shot of the old/new for height difference?

  • Paul

    This is one of my favorite picture sets of all time.

  • Great pics! Can’t say I give a tinker’s dam about the figure (as nice as it is, I have no idea what property it’s from, and am not really bothered), but where did you get the mixing table?! I must own one!

  • Bigbot

    Sometimes all those joints can be bad. That last pic on page 1 looks like she was just cut in half by a Figma Guts…

  • […] The toys just have this great blend of design and durability to make them fun, and the recent Miku review at It’s All True demonstrates that Good Smile Company is a long way from giving up on their Figma […]

  • StrangePlanet

    Nice review! I have the #100 Miku Append and I adore it. I prefer that design, but I’m very interested in Figma upping the ante and improving their already very impressive articulation scheme moving forward from this toy on. Figmas are really some of the best out there and it really great to see a company refuse to rest on their laurels and to continue improving. I’m excited for my next Figma.

  • KshatriyaNZ-666

    Well, you got me. I never wanted to go near any of this Vocaloid stuff with a 10-meter stick. But you totally got me with this review. I just picked her up from a seller on Amazon and this will be the first figma I’ve bought just for being a figma and not for being a character I have an attachment to.

    I totally adored the pic with her and MP Soundwave and that’s what sold me. So, thanks man! Wish I could get these pics in wallpaper sizes. *NUDGE NUDGE, WINK WINK*

    P.S.- I honestly can’t stand all that Vocaloid music (no offense!), but the covers by the singer Nano were a significantly better alternative for me. So I’m beginning to warm up to it all….maybe. 😉

    • Zefeiri

      Lol, I know exactly what you mean. I can’t stand vocaloid music either but I frikkin’ LOVE the character design! I just received Miku 2.0 the other day. The articulation is awesome; I put her in all kinds of extreme rocker poses. xD