MOTU Classics: Club
Filmation Nepthu Review

If you’re a MOTUC Subscriber then you got a giant box last week and a giant hit to your wallet to match. Mattel released three MOTUC figures, plus the Horde Trooper two-pack, and then still wanted us to go hop on Mattycollector and order a Weapons Pak. Whew. With all that coming, in it was only naturally to kick off a MOTUC Theme week this week!

I have to laugh at myself, and by extension, some of my fellow collectors. I didn’t have a ton of interest in signing up for Club Filmation earlier this year. While I love MOTU as a property, I’m not on always up on the minutiae of the ol’ cartoon. I’ve quietly scoffed at most of the characters included… and then they get here.

I’ve said it a ton of times, but I think it’s absolutely ludicrous to make up your mind about certain toys from SDCC/NYTF/NYCC pics. Sometimes, it’s not. I don’t need those new Mini-Masters unless they do a couple of my favorite characters. I don’t need to get into DST’s Universal Monsters. But I’m already collecting MOTUC and when new MOTUC are revealed, I should know better to give the figs the benefit of the doubt.

But I don’t always remember that. I signed up for Club Filmation begrudgingly. To get them all? To find a diamond in the rough? To get Sea Hawk? To just blind spend money and annoy my wife? I don’t know for sure, but I did it. And I’ve been well rewarded; I have absolutely loved most of the figures. I didn’t get to review Icer, but he sorta co-starred in Batros’ review. That should say something. Shokoti, I still don’t care too much about, but I do like her. And then we get to Nepthu.

Nepthu, did need a little help as you’ll see in the pics, but Nepthu has come out a winner. I didn’t see it coming, but the Egyptian motif got me interested and spurred me to go back and check his episode. It was pretty interesting, Nepthu was really just a flash-in-the-pan Skeletor substitute. It was interesting at the potential dichotomy he would’ve had with He-Man, using the Scarab of the Sun to change from an old man into a powerful sorcerer. Anyway, I my favorite part was probably when he kept loudly pointing out he was the most powerful being in the universe and He-Man responded casually, “you don’t have to shout”. And I did feel sad for him in the end as I think the Sorceress might’ve lobotomized him. Ouch…

Anyway, so all that is pretense; this is a figure review after all. One reason that I am glad that Nepthu was picked was because MOTUC was obviously short some ancient Egyptian flare. I want to see a very unlikely MO2K Sorceress (or at least Veena) and I really, really, really have wanted to see the theoretical “Horde Mummy” in the line. The Horde Mummy is apparently never coming though – Mattel doesn’t know where the rights for him really lie, so they’ve moved on. While that’s a bummer, getting an Egypt-based guy in the line is still cool.

The base buck is there as you’d expect and Nepthu sees plenty of reuse in top of it. Marzo’s left hand. Bow’s boots. Tri-Klops wrists. The figure really only gets to claim five parts to itself, the loincloth, the biceps, the collar, and the head. The heavy re-use makes me wish we’d gotten a little more out of the accessories, but hold that thought for now. Continue to Page 2…

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Filmation Nepthu Review

  1. I got one mainly to custom Sphinx for my Marvel Legends display. I really don’t know much else about him, other than what a few MOTU fans have shared about him on FB.

    I do think that “manscara” / charcoaling his eyes would have helped and that beard doesn’t hurt him, either. Is it also stereotypical to expect an Egyptian themed character to have a darker skin tone? At the very least, he needs to be tanned from the desert, definitely NOT caucasian.

    Other than that, I have no complaints aside from a too rubbery ankh. Mostly because I know I’m going to custom him into an entirely different character for another line. of course, the next step would be the Egyptian Avengers:

  2. My only beef with Nepthu is basically his bland expression. The cardback bio features a pic of his cartoon episode where he looks downright evil. The figure itself is great aside from that lack of meanness. The crystallized Zoar could have benefited from a stand, too. But that’s a minor nitpick. Otherwise, Nepthu is another fine 4H addition to the MOTUC/Filmation roster, even if he reminds me more of Marvel’s Rama-Tut than the actual dude who ended up on the wrong end of the Sorceress’ magic.

    1. His episode really paints him as a character I’d watch in a couple episodes, it’s a shame they haven’t revisited him – particularly because that episode ends very… badly for him.

      Figurewise, he should’ve been given a menacing face to be sure. The eye shadow and beard don’t help much. I saw a painted over version somehwere… and the sculpt itself had some meanness, but the big blue eyes just slay that dead.

  3. I managed to sell mine. Had no interest in him. I loved the first 3 from the Filmation sub, and really want Strong-Arm. But this guy and Sea Hawk just don’t do it for me. Just bland designs from the 80s that never interested me.

    Did suck that Mattel decided everything must be released in one month. One of the main reasons I cancelled my castle pre-order was Horde Troopers being released at almost the same time. :/

    1. See, Shokoti is the big offender to me when it comes to bland. She’s easily gonna be sixth if I had to rank them. I think that figure is completely riding on the coat tails of her appearance in the cartoon.

      I’m not sure what to think on Sea Hawk yet, but I’m excited about Strong-Arm.

  4. Great review and pics, and some outstanding comics! Also, love what you’ve done with the kohl around the eyes and the beard. Definitely doing an eye touch-up when he arrives.

    While I don’t hate Nepthu as some seem to, I just think his slot maybe could’ve gone to someone more deserving, like Lizard Man, Kothos, or Dragoon. I know those three wouldn’t have fit in with the “re-use as many old parts as possible” mandate, but I hope they get to those characters before the line ends.

    1. The reasons for picking Nepthu are probably pretty interesting. I do wonder if the clamoring for the Horde Mummy influenced Nepthu (close as we can get), or if someone involved in production just loves Nepthu, or it could just be that the Filmation sub had different production/tooling requirements – none of the mini-sub really stand out as high-toolers.

  5. I totally thought you would have gone in the direction of the bird pics with I summon the Dude!!!! from The Aquabats Super Show. Eaglebones Falcon Hawk can at will summon an invisible hawk to help him fight evil.

  6. I hate Nepthu with a passion burning brighter than a million suns. NOT getting Nepthu makes my inability to get Sea Hawk a lot less sadder.
    Here’s a small reasons why I hate him:
    -He’s a bland looking character from filmation (which translates not that much detail on him as a toy.) Sure he got a few bits of detail added, but Next to Scarabus, well, Nepthu SUCKS!! Seriously, he could have used a bit more detail on his Diaper-looking Skirt.
    -He was a one-shot villain in all sense of the word. Heck! We saw his rise and downfall in one episode.
    -Mattel Politics. Seriously, They HAD to make a Fan Poll to see if Masque should be made in the line after Putting Shokoti in it, but NEPTHU, a VERY unpopular character got in with no trouble at all?
    -We are living in a world where there are LESS Sea Hawk Figures made than Nepthu Figures… Less figures of the second most wanted Filmation Rebellion character than some D-Lister that Toyguru likes…

    I MAY get him if he shows up on a black Friday-cyber Monday deal, or people start dumping him at a loss… Mostly to make jokes about his suckitude… Now if I could find a “stereotypical ancient Egypt rendition” of Kurt Angle’s You Suck theme, I’d use that as Nepthu’s theme…

    1. My feelings on Nepthu the figure are limited to Nepthu the figure, so Sea Hawk, Masque, Lizard Man, etc. don’t really factor for me. I could get mad at every tom, dick, & harry in the line because they’re not Red Beast or Calix. I just can’t go down that road.

      And no MOTU Classics figure holds a candle to Scarabus.

    2. I forgot to say that he looks more like Nicolas Cage than Nepthu… So Nic Cage for Nepthu in the MOTU movie, then…

    1. He did need a little work, but I can’t blast Mattel/4H to much for not making him more off-model. They could’ve done better on the expression though.

      1. Yeah, the evil smile and eyemakeup I think would have looked better. He looks like he needs a throne and yes I mean crapper

  7. question: wouldn’t

    “Nepthu was really just a flash-in-the-pan Skeletor substitute. It was interesting at the potential dichotomy he would’ve had with He-Man, using the Scarab of the Sun to change from an old man into a powerful sorcerer.”

    make him more a flash in the pan count marzo?

    1. I was trying to think, and I don’t remember if Marzo’s transformative origins was Filmation or new to MYP. If it’s added at MYP, Marzo might now more of a flash-in-the-pan Nepthu!

      When you watch the old episode, he really just fills in for Skeletor from voice actor to demeanor. He could’ve been the headline villain in his own MOTU ripoff cartoon.

  8. I don’t get all the hate poor Nepthu gets. Sure he’s not the most exciting character, and I certainly thought he was a good guy, but I’ll take an egypt themed guy with an artifact and a crystal bird for my shelf any day! Really the Evil Warriors shelf could use a bit of “normal dude” to help diversify all the monsters, blue skin, and humans with terrifying body mods. I totally want to add some eye shadow to my figure..I could do without the beard.

    1. Exactly. I think he really pads the line by branching into an Egyptian theme. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more in this vein.

      No love for the beard?? lol

  9. I Love the Beard! But I can’t “un-see” an unintended homage to Batman’s King Tut there… :^)

    I added a bit of black “Eye shadow” beneath my Nepthu’s eyebrows also. It doesn’t take a lot, and it eally makes a big difference to his level of menace…

  10. I like him just fine and think the hate of him is about as unfair as the hate of Dactus. Both serve different masters in an umbrella line. Oh well.

    This I was not aware of:

    “The Horde Mummy is apparently never coming though – Mattel doesn’t know where the rights for him really lie, so they’ve moved on.”

    Was that in a Q&A or something?

    1. I do think he had said it publically, but I’ve nagged TG over it a time or two privately as well. Most anything in that Tomart’s issue is never going to happen. I kinda find it ridiculous – they own the Horde and, the Universal one aside, anyone can do a mummy, but whatev.

  11. Great review and pics, but sorry Noisy I can’t see your POV on this one at all.

    Least MotU figure of the line in the company of Mo-Larr and Spector.

    Bottom rung, totally non-villainous in appearance, bland phoned-in execution…

    I’ll stop there, but suffice it to say I see nothing likable on this figure.

    The crystal bird is kinda cool. 😀 😀 😀

  12. Goddess help me, I’m actually considering picking up another one up on BF/CM if they mark the price down enough. Then I’ll stick on the Anubis mask from the Imaginext mummy blind bad, and make him a bodyguard for my sub Nepthu (whose head was switched out for the WWE Elite Rock).

    Lemonade from lemons, kids!

  13. I got him in the sub, and over two months later I still can’t decide whether to open him or resell him. As a figure that is not in demand, it’s unlikely I’ll make a profit or even break even. The part of his bio that suggests he is a Snake Men ally now is pretty compelling though, I could add him to that shelf and outfit him with one of those Snake staffs.

    When I first saw that episode he was in as adult, it seemed to me like Nepthu didn’t really do anything bad yet when He-Man beat him up and broke his toy. He did have the intent, but didn’t follow through on it. Unless you count his turning Zoar into crystal, and he didn’t even know it wasn’t a regular falcon.

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