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Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Lord Dactys


Speaking of armor, Dactys also has an all new chest armor and loincloth piece.  Both items were sculpted to fit over the standard male torso.  The chest piece is pretty unique though.  It has an interesting star/bird-like face on front, a high collar, sculpted on spiky shoulder pauldrons, and two holes in the back where the wings attach.

The loincloth has a pretty generic look from the front, but Dactys’ tail is actually attached to the back.  So if they use this piece again they’ll have to get creative and cover that little hole up somehow.


Unfortunately there’s a downside to Dactys’ huge size, he’s a bit unstable and difficult to balance.  Even with all those new pieces, the figure doesn’t actually have any new joints.  His neck is a ball joint.  The shoulders, wings and hips are swivel/hinges.  Biceps, waist, wrists, thighs and boot cuts are swivels.  And his elbows, abs, knees, and ankles are hinges.  There is no rocker joint for his ankles, and since his feet are so large it makes him difficult to stand straight since his weight is always shifted from one to the other.  The other downside is that his wings put a lot of weight on his back, forcing the figure to lean forward and making it difficult to stand him at his full height.


Dactys comes with one accessory, a nicely designed sword with a bat-shaped hilt.  While it’s pretty obvious this sword was designed for him, it still has a fairly generic look.  I’d love to see it recolored in a future Weapons Pak.  If for no other reason, it would give Batros a more appropriate weapon to wield.


Even with his balance and ankle articulation issues, Dactys is an amazing figure.  I love the fact that he towers over almost all the other figures.  Plus his simple design and impressive use of new parts gives me hope that the line isn’t done improving on the very familiar buck body that it began with.  I really think he may be the best MOTU Classic figure of the year, and not just because he’s 200X.  (Although that doesn’t hurt!)


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14 comments to Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Lord Dactys

  • Dactys is new to me since I only watched a couple episodes of the 200X cartoon. But I agree that the 4H has done a great job with this guy. His bio brought me up to speed nicely since I’d thought he was a bad guy before that. And he does display well next to Batros, another character that I don’t remember much about but who still made for an excellent addition to MOTUC.

  • […] search*) fun this morning with the newly-released Lord Dactys making his way to the web in this review at It’s All True. I only just this morning opened the shipping carton with Lord Dactys in it and simply don’t […]

  • J. Lee

    Its funny how I thought he and his race would switch sides but they all stayed and fought the good fight. Since the series debut of this Lord Dactys and his race of battish people I thought any of them would make a sweet figure and this proved it well. I know missed out on the DoS but think could find him down the line at a show or who knows maybe that Lots place.

  • Bigbot

    All we need now is Captain Randor. I really like how Lord Dactys came out. I imagine him making lightning strike slashes with his sword. Kind of like the Crissaegrim from Symphony of the Night.

  • dayraven

    what future weapons packs? this was it, remember?

  • sigma

    Actually, that sword closely matches the sword he had in the cartoon. So, I’d say it was spot on.

  • da man

    Love this figure! I gotta find the 200x episodes on DVD somewhere! Seems like he could make a great army builder if they get us another head later. DR – i I think Noisy of saying IF we get a future weapons pack not when. Nothing has been announced, but if this line continues another 2-3 years, I am sure we would see at least one more pack made. They are pretty easy on Mattel part and sell well.

  • Brainlock

    Another random I know nothing about. I like his gargoyle-eque design, but a “Samurai Man-Bat”/”Bat-Annihilus” doesn’t fit into the collection I wanted, so I didn’t buy him. Will I regret that later on? I don’t know. He does look cool, but in the close-ups of his face, I can’t tell where his mouth is. It even took me a minute to figure out his nostrils.

    so…cool for some, little miniature flags for others?

  • Great review and pics, as ever! Love all the “HOLY $#%+!”s.

    So looking forward to this guy arriving. It helps that I really like bats in general to begin with, and Dactys is such a nice guy with a great sense of humour in the cartoon, it’s almost impossible not to like him. (Unless you’ve never watched those episodes and know nothing about him, apparently.) Plus, he’s voiced by the same guy who did Rhinox. Bonus points.

  • kantboy2

    Great review. Glad to see all the love Dactys got. I hope that means when they get to Ceratus, he’ll have a few new pieces to make it look bigger.

  • Polo23

    His design turned out PERFECT. 2 bat warriors in the same year awesome. Cool pics & review as usual.

  • Polo23

    His design turned out PERFECT. 2 bat warriors months apart awesome. Cool pics & review.

  • gnollah

    Homerun for me. if mantanna didn’t overshadow him a bit this month he’d get all the love. I agree that his balance is a bit tipsy but I can certainly manage to get him upright. While i didn’t care for the washed out look of the 200x cartoon, I really dig the design of the characters and hope for more of this style. I purchased the filmation sub with no regrets and would do the same for 200x sight unseen (provided that they live up to this and chief carnivus, which is seriously under-rated in my opinion.)

  • clark

    Just opened him, and am very pleasantly surprised. I really wanted a Dactys since I saw him in the cartoon, but was going to pass on the figure (until I missed out on the Horde Troopers and figured I’d give him a shot).
    I love the way all of his new pieces work together to make him large and imposing. However, his feet have got to be able to rock to to stand. This is pretty easy to do if you have a hot water and an x-acto knife, but remove the feet by pulling down on the heel.