MOTU Classics:
Jet Sled Review

The sculpt is also… awesome. There are little details found all throughout the sculpt from the details on the dragon head to the bolts on nearly all the paneling. And the underside of the vehicle is even properly adorned with raised details. There’s not a flat toy surface to be found. Heck, there’s not a screw hole to be found!

The whole piece does a great job of giving the illusion of being a reproduction of a “real” Jet Sled and not just a run of the mill vehicle/toy. As I mentioned above, the Evil version would require a different… “hood ornament” and Mattel either considered this or it’s a happy accident – the dragon head is a separate piece. Which means a Snake Head version might be an easy thing to do. (And, yes, Mattel, we’ll buy it).

The paint work is not as awesome, but still noteworthy. This is mostly just a case of flying too high. On the one hand, Mattel did an amazing job. Like the Wind Raider, there are no stickers on this piece. Everything is painted on or tampoed and for the most part things are done well. The creature on the side. The individual bolts. The instrument panel – it’s gorgeous. But I still had some issues with mine, mostly with the finish. There are scuffs and scratches throughout, but one noticeable one on the front, top of the Jet Sled is fairly distracting and does cost the Sled, at least mine, a half star.

Overall, this is still a great piece though. It looks fantastic and feels sturdy (all but the necessary soft plastic on the handlebars, laser barrel, and front tip). The colors are spot on and it just looks like a beautiful on the shelf, or borrowing the Wind Raider’s compatible stand (how am I gonna get an extra one of those??). It’s good and bad though – I love having it and while it’s natural to want the rest of the Battle Ram too, both this piece and the Wind Raider are just done so well that it just leaves me clamoring for more & more vehicles from the 4H. These are some of the best pieces in the entire line.

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28 thoughts on “MOTU Classics:
Jet Sled Review

  1. Just got mine today. I was not going to pick it up, but got one right before they sold out. Soooo glad I did! The detail they get on this and the wind raider are just sick!

  2. Was the ol’ Ram really the first MOTU vehicle? Hey, you learn something new every day.

    I loved the old Battle Ram more than the Wind Raider despite an unfortunate start. That thing may have had the most powerful launching mechanism in a toy that didn’t involve actual combustion. I realized that firsthand while accidentally shooting myself in the face trying to figure out how the trigger worked.

    1. Yeah, I remember shooting fairly hefty projectiles nearly all the way across the downstairs rec room to demolish rickety structures. Coolest feat was hitting a Horde Trooper right on the chest-button. [Galaxy Quest Alien Voice]: And then it ex-plo-ded.


      1. i’ve contended for years that, despite collector clamoring about how lame action features are, some of the best memories we share as a group, and a major factor in us transitioning into adult collectors, was an action feature designed so perfectly, we got stuck in permanent man-child mode because of it.

        the battle ram had just such a feature. castle grayskull had another. the transformers are one huge action feature line. muckman was yet another for a slightly younger generation… the list is huge.

        1. But those are action features that didn’t inhibit the actual playability of the action figures. A vehicle that launches part of itself as a separate vehicle is cool, a guy who can’t move his legs, neck, or right arm because someone decided he should have the spring-loaded ability to weakly throw a plastic net is not.

        2. Yup, I’m with James on this one. Also, I must reiterate how much I hate the practice of sculpting “action feature activators” on figures that don’t have action features: Hurricane Hordak’s back-wheel, Horde Trooper’s chest button, Sy-Klone’s belt wheel, that kind of thing.

        3. This was most noticeable on the battle armor figures. I’ve since gotten over it, but part of that was helped along by obtaining their vintage counterparts to sate the urge to tap-tap and roll, tap-tap and roll, tap-tap and roll …

  3. The big question now is if we’ll ever get to see the Battle Ra… er, Jet Sled’s better half. Having the dragon head sculpted as a separate piece is a great sign, though. We’re easily halfway there.

    I didn’t pick this set up (much like the Wind Raider) because August was bad month for my budget and having to choose between a large collection or an empty fridge, well, let’s just say that eating plastic does no wonder for the digestion.

    I was never into the toys very much as a kid even though I had a couple (The Attack Track, Wind Raider, and Point Dread w/ the Talon Fighter) mostly due to the paper stickers and lack of compatibility with other toy lines. But the 4H have got the sticker issue covered and then some. Maybe I’ll grab it at a Black Friday sale if it ever turns up again like the Wind Raider did.

  4. Never had this as a kid. I just wanted the flying part I think or something. Great review and pics. Will try a Black Friday – Cyber Monday myself.

    1. That’s the main reason I didn’t pick this up. I imagine seeing it on Black Friday or Cyber Monday or some other online sale Mattel does every year.

      1. Damn fine point. If there’s a hiatus of a few months, or even weeks, it might give my bank account enough time to rally for the possibilities of extras.

  5. I had the original battle Ram (and WR), but the BR/tank half was quickly tossed aside for this, custom paint job aside.

    I don’t even remember seeing the full Battle Ram on the cartoon? there was a van-type vehicle, which I always assumed to be some combination of the BR and Attak-Trak. also not recalling the green “evil” version? is this what altimers sounds like? it doesn’t taste like insanity? 😕

    I like this Sky/Jet sled and want to get it, but I still need to grab a WR, too. but now that I have some money, other bills come first. (looks at car.)
    crap. Matty sold out of both now? :/ I saw they sold out of Huntress/Comedian before my settlement cleared, too. sigh….

    1. The van-type vehicle was a large version of the Attak Trak. For some reason, they reversed the colours of the thing (blue body, red treads, instead of the other way around), and made it into a huge, multi-person, APC-type vehicle. The one-person “Little Trak,” based on the actual toy, showed up once (deployed ffrom the cargo compartment of the Big Trak, no less), and still had the reversed colours.

      I don’t recall the whole Battle Ram showing up more than a handful of times in 130 episodes, but I remember the Sky Sleds were all over the place.

  6. I was one of those who almost bought 2, but i took one out of my cart and opted to get the Weapons Set instead to give Draego Man he shield and whip. If they go up again I am getting another! My wallet is gonan take a big hit this month that is for sure.. Lord Dactus, Mantenna, Mer-Man, and MOTUC Horde Troopers™ . If I had DCIE and Filmation I would be in trouble!

  7. To be Honest, I never understood why after the 4 Horsemen created the Battle-Ram Prototype, created huge hype and calls for a preorder, Matty decided to go with the Windraider. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Windraider, but the Battle-Ram was always to me the heart of MOTU vehicles. Was it just that Scott’s favorite vehicle was the Windraider?

    Honestly from a marketing standpoint, it really didn’t make sense. Not to mention, it was a FREE prototype.

  8. I’m so excited that we finally got half of the Battle Ram. I purchased 4 of them on EA now I wish I ordered 4 more.

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