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Ask Mattel September 1st
& Link Round-Up

No! As we continue to gear IAT back up to full speed, the long lost Ask Mattel has reappeared! The communication between Mattel and its fans doesn’t appear to be as robust as when we last participated (around the end of last year), but there are a few sites still listed in the weekly round-up below our answers. As for the future of Ask Mattel here at IAT, we may or may not run biweekly, but we’ll aim to send questions into Mattel at least once-a-month now that we’re back in the groove!

MOTUClassics.Com Asks: While we appreciated the sentiment behind how the Spirit of Hordak was sold, the way he was released might’ve done more harm than good. If a chase figure were to happen again, would you release it any differently so that more figure would get into more fan’s hands quicker?

There are quite a few sales for Hordak left including an EA sale for sub holders in Dec.

MOTUClassics.Com Asks: With the new roadmap having to focus on vintage figures at the cost of others, will Dactys be it for MO2K-inspired figures?

No, we do have other 200X characters in the 2014-2015 roadmap pending we get enough sub holders for a 2015 line. How many show up in 2014 remains to be seen but one will be shown at Power Con!

ItsAllTrue.Net Asks: How did the Ecto-Goggles perform?

Very well!

DCClassics.Com Asks: Now that the sign-ups are over, what do you think about where the subscriptions ended up?

Toy Guru:“There is a lot of conjecture, but in the end, we offered the best program we could with the logistics we had. MOTU is going forward, DC and Ecto 1 will not at this time as they did not meet the min number of sub holders/presale customers.”

DCClassics.Com Asks: Are any other vehicles planned for the Classic TV Batman line?

The Batmobile just hit shelves recently and is the only vehicle in the 2013 line. The team was excited about being able to offer this Batmobile as part of the line – we hope you love it too!

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& Link Round-Up