Vault Review: Gotengo
Atragon (Godzilla: Final Wars)


Surprisingly, the Gotengo is actually articulated.  The large drill swivels, which I expected (and it would have been really lame if it didn’t).  But just behind the drill are four large “fins” (two on each side), that also move.  Each fin is on a hinge joint and can fold in or out.  This actually adds a bit of motion to what’s mostly a very static piece.


There aren’t any accessories with this figure, but it does come with a stand.  It’s a large rectangular chunk of plastic that works really well at holding up the ship.  Unfortunately it isn’t very dynamic when making a scene with the other kaiju.  Other stands can work, but they’ll need to be a bit sturdy because of the die-cast metal.


Like I said earlier, I was really surprised at how well the Gotengo actually fit in with the MonsterArts and Revoltech kaiju figures, especially when it wasn’t intended to.  But happy coincidences can really make a toy shelf fun, and I like this little ship so much that I’m even going to track down the Showa version that Revoltech made a few years ago.  Now I just need a tiny kick ass Captain Gordon figure to go with them.


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12 thoughts on “Vault Review: Gotengo
Atragon (Godzilla: Final Wars)

    1. Noisy and I will have to talk it over.

      We usually try to make the number of pictures match the amount of text. Some toys require more pictures than description because of unique aspects. MOTU is kind of the opposite though. Most people already know all about the body design and articulation, making it difficult to stretch out sometimes. But putting up a gallery for each review is an interesting idea.

      Anyone else want to chime in about having multiple pics?

      1. Maybe not a gallery every time , but if you could just match Noisy? He’s usually good for 8-12 pics and you often top out at 6 or 7. Or are you saying he’s long winded? LOL I won’t tell!

      2. I’d say the fact that people already know what to expect from a MOTUC description wise means if anything you should do more pics to make up for the text

  1. So is this the same Chogokin line as the old Kiryu and ’74 MG? And I just looked up the Atragon’s size– at 150 meters, it’s actually pretty close to correct scale compared to its kaiju contemporaries. Strictly speaking it’s probably a little on the small side but hey, whatever works, and it looks great next to the other figures.

    1. I think so… Not 100% sure though. It seems to be clumped in with those figures, but I don’t know if it’s the same line officially.

      Yeah, I think the scale is just a bit off, but it’s not really noticable. It’s a giant flying war ship that looks like it can take on the kaiju, that’s all that counts for me. 😀

    1. I saw a couple of customs using that figure for Gordon. That’s probably the closest we’ll get.

  2. Yes! Definitely need more pics. I think it was Galactic Protector He-Man that I last noticed. No close-up pictures, no comparison pictures, and there wasn’t even a good picture of the shield. Clamp Champ too.

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