4 Horsemen’s Gothitropolis
Kickstarter: 32 Days, $300k!

The Four Horsemen are undoubtedly feeling the love tonight! The Ravens Kickstarter officially closed just a couple hours ago and thanks to an amazing $45,000 last day surge (those do happen, folks!) the project cleared over three hundred thousand dollars.

You read that right, $300,000. That’s 91,000 Smothered Burritos at Taco Bell.* 37,500 clearance Green Lantern Movie Masters (would that finally clear those off the shelves at Toys R Us?). The first 15,000 Star Wars Black figures (not counting armybuilders, and I hope I don’t have to make a checklist to Wave 3,750). 1200 MOTU Classics Castle Grayskulls. 600 MOTU Classics Subscriptions. 300 1:1 Scale R2-D2s. 20 Chevy Sonics. Or one 5 Bedroom, 5 Bathroom, 5000 sq ft home on 5 acres in Joplin, Missouri.

* – Now, hopefully the 4H can’t eat 91,000 Smothered Burritos. If they bring the Foe Men, that’s only 13,000 each…

Anyway, I just wanted to post because this is insanely awesome. I’m still a bit slackjawed about it and thus, no long commentary, just a long, slow clap. Great job to the guys at the FH Studios. Great job to to the backers. It’s a great time to be a toy collector!

Gothitropolis Raven Action Figure by Four Horsemen Studios -- Kicktraq Mini


42 thoughts on “4 Horsemen’s Gothitropolis
Kickstarter: 32 Days, $300k!

  1. I love the smell of fully unlocked plastic birds in the evening….smells like…victory.

  2. Wooohooo! I’m thrilled! I don’t think my wife seeing the bill tomorrow will even wipe the smile off my face!!

  3. So does anyone know if the 666 ending was on purpose? Is that just a “good” omen for the Four Horsemen or what?

  4. Originally Posted by Tekwych
    Pledging Has Closed
    First off thank you to Four Horsemen Studios for amazing products and a HUGE thank you to all 1510 backers for without you thus would not be happening. A truly amazing finish and only fitting that The Four Horsemen of The Toypocalypse end their first Kickstarter with a number ending in 666.

    1510 backers
    $303,666.00 pledged
    467% of the original pledge goal
    164.1% of the highest stretch goal
    Average amount of pledges per day – $9,202.00
    Average backers per day – 46
    Average comments on backer page per day – 29
    Most Pledges (Day 2)- $39,108.00
    Most Pledges in a Single Day (Today) – $45,255.00
    Most New Backers in a Single Day (Day 2) – 308
    Total New Backers (Today) – 202
    Initial funding goal reached in 57 hours.
    KS Staff Pick achieved in 2 days
    All stretch goals were reached.

  5. and wouldn’t you know it, right as the Kickstarter is closing, the interwebs finally get wind of it, making it viral. I shared the flag-draped Eagle “No Hope for the Human Race” FB photo to Cornboy’s page (as I’m sure others did), and saw it had been watermarked by “Thematipic” or whatever that site is. Maybe they’ll consider extending it a few weeks and get even more funding for another series?

    either way, GOOD JOB to ALL the 4H crew!

    1. btw, I shared the Kickstarter with my friend who works at World Bird Sanctuary, in hopes they would help promote it, but the 4H would know better than I would if they suddenly had a uptick of support from StL?

  6. I reeeeeeeaaaaaalllllyyyy wanted to order Minotaur the Duck, but I have a wedding to save for and I just couldn’t afford it. :C

    1. Hopefully, he’ll be easy for you to snag later when you have some more dough!

      And it sounds like a congrats is in order for you too! 😉

      1. Thanks! I’m hoping I’ll be able to find one on the secondary market once they are released.

    2. A lot of us, myself included, only ordered him because he was an exclusive. Otherwise, he is near the bottom of the list of the variants that interest me. I’m sure you’ll be able to find one later.

  7. They’re going to have some stock on their website when these come out. I’m not sure which ones will be available though. I believe the next project is the witches they showed a year or so ago. For how well this turned out, those will be a shoe-in.

    1. From what they have said, everything except Minotaur the Duck and the battle pack will be on their website next year when these are released.

  8. While I am not going to collect this line [insert standard “Cost and space issues” excuse here], it is an extremely cool concept and I’m very glad that it succeeded, and very happy for the fans who wanted it.

      1. Houses are slightly less of a bargain in the suburbs of St Louis, but not much less.

        And, yeah, Mattycollector delivers to my door all the same as if I lived in a 750 sq ft Chicago condo with cockroaches for $400K.

        Monsieur Mallah, who just arrived today, paid for by what I don’t spend on Chicago mortgage, say, “You do not need to leeve in zee beeg ceety. You are not reech like Zhen-er-all Immortus. And vhere vould you put Mallah if you deed? On tope of zee radiator? Een a box?”

    1. Minotaur the Duck was a Kickstarter exclusive, but the rest will be at store horsemen sometime next spring.

  9. i’m blown away by how well the boys have done with this campaign, well done to all. holy crap.

  10. So awesome. I signed up last night for a few of the figures (but messed up trying to figure out how to do the ADD ONS) but am so happy this went thru! I hope all their properties get this treatment. SYMBIOTECH is awesome!!!!

  11. Due to a very poor weekend at Chicago Comic Con (more on that when I’ve cooled down enough to articulate my frustrations in an even-tempered manner), I was only able to secure the Raven/Minotaur pack and a set of wings. I’d hoped to be able to get at least 5 birds, but that convention was not nearly as kind to me, from a financial standpoint, as it has historically been.

  12. I uh…didn’t tell the wife how much I pledged and it is on another CC she doesn’t see…LOL….I cannot wait for these…the detail and love that goes into them is amazing!

  13. So how will the wings be sold? Will there be matching colors for the plumages or are they just black or white? I am glad to see there will be a white raven battle pack avaialble. I like the white 😉

  14. @ragacin: When you get the survey at the end you’ll have the option to add on items that you’ve paid for. You’ll then be able to specify the color for the wings you add on.

    I’ve been in love with the prototype they’ve been dragging out to all the shows for I guess the last 2 years, and I’m just really happy that I get to get one. That and an extra screaming head, and an extra war helmet, and an extra sword, and an extra set of wings, because I want all that stuff. And I am just as pleased as punch that they got their project funded by over 300%. Good for you guys! You are the awesome and I can’t wait to get my cool little toy with all the sweet extras you were able to add.

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