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Vault Review: Masters of the Universe Classics Icer

Icer comes with two accessories.  First is a long icicle weapon.  This piece was made from a similar trans blue and given a frosty white coat.  But what I really like about it is its versatility.  The icicle is long but can be held on both ends.  You can easily display it as a sword, club, or even a small javelin.

Icer also comes with the Staff of Avion.  This is an artifact from the Filmation episode “Reign of the Monster”.  Skeletor uses the staff to summon a centaur-like beast named Molkrom.  I love getting the various relics and items of power from MOTU lore.  I think all these items will look great displayed together in Castle Grayskull.  I’m also hoping that the inclusion of this staff also means we’ll be seeing a Molkrom figure in the line.  He’s one of the more unique and creepy looking creatures from the series.  Even though he’d definitely need a lot of new tooling, I think Swift Wind’s mold would make for a good base to start with.

All around I’m pretty happy with Icer.  He’s one of those figures that has a simple design, but still looks great.  He definitely stands out on the shelf with his trans blue skin and white clothing.  Now if we can just get Matty to repaint the Wind Raider into the Weather Raider.


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12 comments to Vault Review: Masters of the Universe Classics Icer

  • great review!…Don’t forget Filmation Randor!

    • Also Adora (and pretty much all the other PoP characters), Prince Adam, Orko, Shadow Beast, Queen Marlena, and Shadow Weaver: all Filmation-styled, even if not officially in the sub-line.

  • Paul

    Haha. He’s naked. Must…resist….cold….joke….

  • Fun review, great pictures, hilarious comics.

    Really pleased with this guy, so long as he doesn’t suffer from Exploding Transparent Crotch Syndrome down the line. Been wanting this character as a figure for almost 30 years, now. One can only imagine what his action feature might have been, had he been made back in the day. Maybe just a spring-action power punch. But still: sweeeeeeet!

  • J. Lee

    Great review and fun pics. Icer white is hair. Ew is right. Though still a fun looking fig.

  • I can’t recall watching that particular episode but I’m a sucker for both translucent figures and cold weather environment characters. This makes Icer a winner in my book since he combines the best of both worlds. He also looks like Captain Cold on steroids. The accessories are sweet, especially since it gives Stratos something to wield at long last.

  • Brainlock

    “Sexy Eskimo costume”? ::shudder::

    No clue who he is/was, but at least he makes use of the KISS rule that MOTUC adheres to. I do agree with Clutch that he does look like Snart got ‘roided out on Venom or something. Maybe the Rogues are tired of playing second fiddle to Arkham’s crazies?

    and his icicle can also apparently be used as a quarterstaff. 😉
    I also keep looking at this guy and wondering if he can do ice-slides like Bobby Drake.

    also, I had to wonder why Stratos was randomly holding Blue Devil’s trident for a second there. LOLwhut?

  • Mikey

    Shame weapons packs are a thing of the past, because a pair of gripping stratos hands would be idea.

  • gnollah

    Been collecting this line for a while and this figure really stands out in a good way. Great start to the filmation line. I grabbed some white snowshoes off of an old 1/6th gi joe and it really completes his look.one of the few figures that accomplishes the less is more aesthetic that filmation should be. In my opinion, this subscription line will not be fumbled like the 30th was (nepthu notwithstanding). Fingers crossed that the next 4/5 will meet this benchmark!

  • dayraven

    geek question of the day… can icer make vikor’s nipples so hard, he can be cut by them?

  • Polo23

    How did I forget your review Vault sorry about that. Awesome as always.