Vault Review: Masters of the Universe Classics Icer

I always thought Icer was one of the more interesting one-hit-wonders of the Filmation series.  A bit more cunning than your average Skeletor thug, Icer used his abilities to freeze people or liquefy and resolidify to take over the Eternian weather station.  Maybe even more than his powers, Icer’s creepy monotone voice has always left a lasting impression on my six year old self.

Icer is technically the first figure in the Filmation sub (although I really feel like Octavia and Fang Man are honorary members).  Like the previous animated characters, I was very glad to see additional details added to his design.  Furry bracers and boot tops add a nice contrast to the standard MOTU buck and loincloth.  I think his feet are also newly sculpted shoes, although I’m not one hundred percent sure.  I was also excited about these new parts because it brings us even closer to having a proper Ice Armor He-Man!

Icer’s head is an entirely new sculpt.  The Four Horsemen did a fantastic job of giving him cube-like features which make him stand out from pretty much everyone else in the line.  He also has another ring of fur around his head.  As a kid, I never really questioned why an ice dude would be wearing a sexy Eskimo Halloween outfit.  But it just confuses he hell out of me as an adult.  It’s not like he has to keep warm.  Even if he did, there’s not a lot of coverage going on.  Icer truly has one of the stranger costume designs.

Most of Icer’s body has been molded in a translucent blue plastic with a light layer of white paint to make him look frosty.  The effect works really well for the figure, even if it is a bit hard to catch on camera.  The rest of the figure is mostly painted in white with a gray wash to bring out the sculpt.  The only unique looking piece is his metallic blue belt, which fits in really well considering it doesn’t match anything else on the figure.  Continue to page 2…

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    1. Also Adora (and pretty much all the other PoP characters), Prince Adam, Orko, Shadow Beast, Queen Marlena, and Shadow Weaver: all Filmation-styled, even if not officially in the sub-line.

  1. Fun review, great pictures, hilarious comics.

    Really pleased with this guy, so long as he doesn’t suffer from Exploding Transparent Crotch Syndrome down the line. Been wanting this character as a figure for almost 30 years, now. One can only imagine what his action feature might have been, had he been made back in the day. Maybe just a spring-action power punch. But still: sweeeeeeet!

  2. Great review and fun pics. Icer white is hair. Ew is right. Though still a fun looking fig.

  3. I can’t recall watching that particular episode but I’m a sucker for both translucent figures and cold weather environment characters. This makes Icer a winner in my book since he combines the best of both worlds. He also looks like Captain Cold on steroids. The accessories are sweet, especially since it gives Stratos something to wield at long last.

  4. “Sexy Eskimo costume”? ::shudder::

    No clue who he is/was, but at least he makes use of the KISS rule that MOTUC adheres to. I do agree with Clutch that he does look like Snart got ‘roided out on Venom or something. Maybe the Rogues are tired of playing second fiddle to Arkham’s crazies?

    and his icicle can also apparently be used as a quarterstaff. 😉
    I also keep looking at this guy and wondering if he can do ice-slides like Bobby Drake.

    also, I had to wonder why Stratos was randomly holding Blue Devil’s trident for a second there. LOLwhut?

  5. Shame weapons packs are a thing of the past, because a pair of gripping stratos hands would be idea.

  6. Been collecting this line for a while and this figure really stands out in a good way. Great start to the filmation line. I grabbed some white snowshoes off of an old 1/6th gi joe and it really completes his of the few figures that accomplishes the less is more aesthetic that filmation should be. In my opinion, this subscription line will not be fumbled like the 30th was (nepthu notwithstanding). Fingers crossed that the next 4/5 will meet this benchmark!

  7. geek question of the day… can icer make vikor’s nipples so hard, he can be cut by them?

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