Only 5 Days Left on the
Four Horsemen Kickstarter!

With all the hubbub of SDCC & Subscription sales, I’ve missed some important updates for the Four Horsemen Kickstarter! As can likely be heard around every toy water cooler in the world, the Raven Kickstarter has been a smashing success! I haven’t had time to crunch the stats like I did a few weeks back, but check out these numbers from last night (courtesy of Tekwych on our forums):

  • 5 Days left to Pledge
  • Over 1000 backers
  • Over $196,800.00 pledged
  • 302.7% of the original pledge goal
  • 106.3 of the highest stretch goal
  • Average amount of pledges per day – $7,031.00
  • Average backers per day – 36
  • Average comments on backer page per day – 23
  • In addition to unlocking all twelve of the initial birds (including the awesome Screaming Eagle variant), both the regular wings and the bone wings, the Four Horsemen have been adding even more unloackables as the pledge total climbed higher and higher. Those new pack-ins have included wings in colors that will match all the birds, webbed feet for Minotaur the duck, a skull head included with the bone wings (which essentially makes a 13th figure), figure stands, the “Raven Battle Pack” (screaming head & helmet) in white for the White Raven, figure stands, AND a 14th figure: the Flamingo (with his own set of webbed feet). I think I got it all.

    Oh, there is one more add-on for collectors who have the ability to go “all-in” with the 4H’s “Complete Package” that will include all Birds & all Add-ons (except for the figure stands). They’re not revealing exactly what it will be before hand, but we’ve been given a clue in that it “will be a real hoot to collectors!”

    I know that many of expected this project would go through, but did anyone think it would pull in over $200k (which it looks primed to do in the next few minutes, never mind the next five days)? Wow! The Four Horsemen have a well-earned success on their hands!

    For more details or to sign up, continue to Kickstarter!


10 thoughts on “Only 5 Days Left on the
Four Horsemen Kickstarter!

  1. In one of life’s weird coincidences I was thinking with this line wouldn’t it be fun if they made a long neck piece so we could get a flamingo, peacock, swan and a goose. so the flamingo will be fun (hope he turns up at storehorseman. Do we know if the webbed feet will be with all the duck orders?

  2. Neat! Though I can’t afford this line as well as everything else I collect, I’m glad it went through so spectacularly well, and that the fans are pleased. Had I the money and time, I would’ve gotten about half of these. They all look outstanding.

  3. I totally do not understand the popularity of this line. It’s essentially a bunch of bird heads atop a Mandarin Spawn armored body? Uhhh…alright.

    1. The only thing these figures really have in common with Mandarin Spawn is that they’re all sculpted by Eric Treadaway.

      Who is himself probably the single most popular action figure sculptor working today, possibly of all-time.

      So if you’re not just a FOUR HORSEMEN hater, you kind of already cleared up your own confusion.

      1. No, you misunderstand me. I’m not concerned with who sculpted these specifically, and have no problem with 4H. I’m just not understanding why this is a figure line that people seem really amped for. They look like they’ll do exactly what Mandarin Spawn did, just stand there and “look cool”. They don’t correlate to any show, comic, video game, or movie that I’m aware of, and truth be told, I think the concept of “A bunch of armored figures with bird heads” is pretty dumb. But that’s just me.

  4. It’s a line of fully-articulated figures with premium accessories, paint and variants owned by the guys that actually sculpt them.

    Yep; I don’t get the love either.

    1. Your weak attempt at condescension only confirms one thing. Toy collectors will buy anything. So, if 4H decides to create a toyline where, say, the characters are piles of dogshit, but they’re wearing cool looking armor, and come with “premium accessories”, you’re saying you’d buy it?

      And even better, all they’d have to do is make one or two sculpts, and just have a ton of variants of those. People like you will snap ’em all up. Man, I think I’m in the wrong business.

      1. Comparing birds to piles of dogshit… That really proves your point.

        It’s clear you don’t really have much of an imagination if you need a show, comic, video game, or movie tie-in to sell you on this line. You either like it or you don’t. That simple.

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