Vault Review: NECA Friday the
13th NES Jason (SDCC 2013)

There are always a lot of great exclusives at SDCC, but my favorite this year has to be NECA’s Jason Voorhees.  This simple repaint was inspired by the original Friday the 13th game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  While the game itself was pretty terrible for many reasons, NECA’s homage hits all the sweet spots in my collector brain.


I don’t normally talk about packaging, but NECA did such a great job with this figure’s box design that it’s half the reason I wanted it.  The outside of the box uses the same cover picture and design of the original NES game’s box.


The back features a shortened version of the original box’s text blurb, while the side pictures have been replaced with shots of the figure and his accessories.  But one of my favorite design elements is the fake wear and tear to make the box actually look like it’s been around for twenty years, just like the game.


They did a fantastic job with the inside also.  The cover opens to reveal a window display.  The left side features one of the cabins from the game in its 8bit splendor and the words from the Game Over screen.  The right side has the Jason figure standing in front of an interior cabin shot.  Along the top and bottom is the classic info bar display from the game.


If there were ever a figure I’d want to display in box, it’s definitely this one.  Fortunately, Jason can be easily removed and replaced without damaging anything.  So you can have fun with the figure and then put him back on display.


NES Jason is a repaint of the regular Jason from NECA’s seven inch Friday the 13th Series 1.  I don’t own the original figure, but from what I can tell online there doesn’t seem to be any sculpted differences between the two.  He’s wearing a normal shirt and pants (which tends to look like a jumpsuit when it’s all one color), and behind the mask he has his classic hideous face sculpt.


There are no painted details on the figure.  The majority of his body has been molded in the neon purple from the NES game.  His hands and mask are also molded in a mouthwash translucent blue that almost looks ghostly.  Continue to page 2…


11 thoughts on “Vault Review: NECA Friday the
13th NES Jason (SDCC 2013)

  1. I’m surprised that it looks so good!! I mean, the color scheme actually works!

    1. I think he turned out pretty well. But I’m partial to crazy color variants like Halloween Skeletor.

  2. I used to rent the game alot. Never found in store but enjoyed it. This would be a fig I would look for just for the nostalgia factor.

    Blows the Movie line Mcfarlene did out of the water. Even if own the bloody Freddy and Jason twopack.

    1. If they did an official release of that, I’d Konami code my wallet so fast to get them!

  3. I watched the AVGN review in anticipation of getting this figure. I never played this game growing up with the NES, and I’m kind of glad I didn’t.

    The box is so sweet though I don’t even want to take it out of the shrink wrap.

  4. this is how comic con exclusives should be done! he looks great and that packaging is just beyond perfect. YAY NECA!

  5. This would be worth getting just for the sheer wackiness of it.

    Btw, for those interested, the original movie’s Jason, Ari Lehman, has a band called “First Jason”. I got to meet him at MidSouth 2011 and again at Contamination 3 last year. Unfortunately, both are same weekend this year, so he chose Louisville (Jefferton?), while I’m staying closer to home in SoCo St Louis for Contamination 4.

    (I’m now apparently giving a ride to Steven LaChance and his boys, who are doing their table. not sure about Pops’ haunting presentation? Also, Ari is like 5ft tall, which is funny because Steve’s “little boy” is a big fan. literally. at 7ft.)

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