Vault Review: Octavia

This review was originally published on July 3rd, 2013.
Octavia is one of those figures that I didn’t know I wanted until after I got it.  When she was first announced I was glad to see the Horde roster grow with a new female member, and she also filled in another Filmation slot.  But for some reason I wasn’t overly impressed with the photos that made their way back from the various conventions.


I think it may have had something to do with her colors.  As I found out during my own photo shoot, her Martian-like green skin and mustard colored tunic were a bit difficult to capture accurately in a picture.  Ironically, these color combinations were the first things I liked about the figure when I got her out of the package.    Aside from Buzz-Off and a few pieces of armor or accessories, there isn’t a lot of yellow on the MOTU shelf.  Octavia’s color also has a hint of orange to it, making it even more distinct when combined with her green skin.


I was also really happy with the uniquely sculpted pieces of her figure.  Her new Horde boots and tunic allow her to stand out from Adora and Catra (although I do wish Catra had these boots now…).  But the clothing is still generic enough to be used again on other female Horde members.


Of course, what really makes her unique are the four large tentacles that plug into her back.  While the pieces aren’t bendable, they do all have a unique sculpt.  They could have used a bit more variety though.  Three of them are in an outstretched pose, while one is kind of curved around like it’s holding or grasping at something.

I was also impressed with Octavia’s head sculpt.  There’s just the slightest expression on her face that seems to change her personality depending on the angle.  I love when figures have this.  It allows for so much more emotion in a pose.  Continue to page 2…

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Vault Review: Octavia

    1. Nice pose! A lot of her dynamic feel comes from just how the tentacles are shaped. They would be entirely bad ass if they just had one more joint in them.

  1. Nice review, Vault. I like the head sculpt best of all, That and the accessories make up for the tentacles not being bendable. The only other problem is, I never heard of this chick up to now since, not having watched the cartoon, I know next to zero about She-Ra/Evil Horde lore. But the figure is okay.

    1. Thanks, Clutch!. I don’t really know much about her either. I was going to watch the two episodes she appeared in, but Netflix took She-Ra down. 🙁

  2. I’m thinking She-Ra might not want to ask what that hand-held crossbow “accessory” is for. When a cartoon character has that many tentacles, it never ends well.

    *Not trying to get all pervy here, but i HAD to beat Dayraven to the punch.

  3. I was wondering what that crossbow would do in universe as well. Maybe it shoots a debilitating ink of some kind?

    Good review. I do wish Mattel had figures out some way to make her hair softer since the head on mine wants to pop off whenever I move the tenacles. (darn, that was a weird sentence).

    1. Thanks! Noisy has that same problem with his figure. It’s really too bad. Her hair looks great, it just doesn’t function well.

  4. Great review and as always great pics. Good jokes and all around. Will be looking for her. I have some funny ideas with Deadpool and her. Deals with a story doing with him visiting (more like dropping in unexpectedly and case of mistaken identity. I need a Spector.)

    Wish I started this line earlier oh well catch up is fun.

    1. Thanks, J. Spector always makes things fun! Hopefully catching up won’t be too difficult.

  5. Once again, the Horsemen put together a truly pretty female face sculpt. She’s almost too pretty to give off that Horde-ish nastiness but that might be part of her overall evil game.

    1. I agree. She had better watch her back on the shelf, cause she’d definitely prettier than Catra.

  6. Great review, excellent pics, and I dunno what sound that crossbow of hers is making (whether it’s a raspberry or a sucking sound), but I did indeed laugh out loud at it. And again: King Hssss-style bendable tentacles would’ve been cool.

    How are you finding her ankles? There’ve been a few postings of her having very loose ankles, and I was wondering if that was across the board, or just on the unfortunate examples that got distributed to reviewers.

    1. Thanks, Beedo! I was going for a raspberry sound, but I guess it could work either way.

      The ankles on mine were a little loose. She never fell over, but she did need more balancing while posing than normal.

  7. Am I the only one wishing we got Coop, Jamie, and Kiva along with Megas. Bringing up for the act how Jamie dug the green skin girls.

    1. there was a Megas XLR figure? When did I miss that?
      I came into that show late (mad at CN for starting their BLARING inserts during JLU!), but caught up pretty quickly and was disappointed to see it yanked so soon. :/

  8. Octavia is the best looking evil female mainly with that giant forehead skull. Cool review as usual.

  9. Cool. Like Clutch, I had no idea who she was before, so she wasn’t a “must have”. after this review, I think I might track her down. It looks like the only complaint besides the hair is her (bandana/barrette/hair band?) not getting a full coat of paint, there.

    I had to LOL at the Webstor/Mosquitor pic, but now I have to ask: where’s MERMAN?

    Beedo – I do see a hint of Grace in that pic! Nice catch!

    1. Yeah, that hair band could use a bit more paint. But I’d rather have it a little under painted than her forehead be half red. 😛

      I just couldn’t think of the right joke for Merman. His head is just so goofy with that amazed look on his face, it’s hard for me to associate it with lewd jokes.

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