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Slimes Review

When we started IAT, one of our long-term goals was to make some toys. Vault constantly still harasses me over this – wanting to offer some exclusive colorways from popular lines or crafting of our own stuff. We’re not quite there yet, but our good friend DocRampageo of Doomkick.com has made the jump!

The Slimes, from Doc’s own “The Exciting World of Jalldoon” are kicking off this weekend at Doomkick. To help spread the word about the event, Doc sent both Vault & I some early samples of the Slimes 5pk. He also sent along an inadvertent challenge – he sent along some Champage/Hot Pink colored slimes to test just how good we are at photographing translucent toys in camera-unfriendly hues!

I’m kidding of course, but I feel I may have done Doc a disservice with these pics. I had a blast playing around with the slimes and I hope that comes through in the images even if they’re a shade or two off from what Doc will be selling this weekend. For some sharper pics check out this review at one of my favorite review sites, Preternia.com. He has some fantastic images of the green set – and you’ll notice great minds think alike as we both went Prometheus’ David 8 in our images.

“The Exciting World of Jolldoon” features Slimes as the main characters, most notably our hero, Prince Algor, and a nemesis, Master Boshek. Each has a trusty lieutenant Toron & Jelgon respectively. You can read more about the various characters at Doomkick.com. Out of the group, Master Boshek is an easy favorite (he’s the little pink blob with what appears to be goggles and a gas mask). Jelgon is another, but I find myself wanting to hollow him out a bit to make him an evil sorting hat for my MOTU figures. (Not that it’s hard to figure out which ones would belong to which Houses, but Jelgon would let me do it in style).
The Slimes presented here will be available for sale both singly and in a group of five (the four characters plus a mini-slime) in a variety of colors including the hot pick presented here. You can check out the full press release (with a ton of pics) at Doomkick.com.

While I had a blast getting the Slimes into the sticky situations presented in the pics, I’m even more excited at Doc’s bigger plans: full-sized figures. Since the Slimes are… slime, they can change their shape including increasing their mass into several inch tall, vintage MOTU-esque bodies. Can’t go wrong with that, can you? I’m already dying to snag one, check out this “Ooze Beast” version on the left below. It speaks to me! Cooler still, I was wondering how the Slimes would attach (my samples are smooth on the bottom). The secret? Magnets! Hopefully, I can snag one this Saturday night.

Yep, that’s this Saturday night. April 20th at 9pm Eastern time. Check out the gallery below for a few pics from Vault and myself, some promo shots from Rampageo Industries and then head over to Doomkick to get the skinny on the drop!

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Slimes Review

  1. I’m gonna have to check this drop out and hopefully snag something.

    Also, I don’t remember seeing any Queens Blade figure reviews…

    1. I think there will be plenty to go around , but I honestly can’t predict what will happen. Great coverage likes this really helps.

      I assume Queens Blade is that cool grey girl with the snake is from? I really love that picture.

  2. You know, if I had expected any Queen’s Blade figure to be posed with these, it would’ve been Melona.

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