Vault Review:
D-Arts Pokémon Mewtwo

Mewtwo has some really great articulation, but unfortunately it doesn’t all work.  Similar to Bandai’s SH Monsterarts line, most of his body parts are connected by double ball joints.  This includes his head, neck, shoulders, wrists, chest, waist, hips, ankles, and the eleven that make up his tail.  This should give the figure a huge range of motion, but his body design seems to get in the way more than not.  It’s most evident with his neck, arms and legs, which are limited by torso.

The rest of Mewtwo’s joints consist of swivel biceps, double hinged elbows, ball jointed fingers, and swivel hinge knees.  Most of these areas function like they should, although I am a bit disappointed he can’t put his fingertips together.

Mewtwo comes with a couple different accessories.  First is an energy effects part that is made up of translucent blue and looks like a tiny lightning storm.  He also comes with an alternate hand that can peg into the effects part so he can hold it easier with just one hand.

Mewtwo also comes with a large circular base that’s designed to look like a Poké-ball.  I think it makes a really nice looking display piece, like the battleground area of an arena.  A translucent arm was included to allow him flying poses, but I found the figure’s proportions a bit too awkward and frustrating to use with it.

As a first release bonus, Bandai included a bonus Mew figure.  Unfortunately he’s not any more advanced than those earlier Pokémon toys from the 90’s.  The figure is one solid piece with no articulation.  He did get his own stand arm though, so you can at least have him floating around.  The most disappointing thing about this figure is that he wasn’t even painted very well.  For some reason he was done in a glossy pink.  Not only does this make him look like a toy, but it clashes with Mewtwo’s more realistic matte and toned look.  I really hope the rest of the smaller characters get more consideration if they continue to make them.

Even with the few articulation issues I mentioned, this is still a fantastic figure.  He’s for sure the best Mewtwo that’s ever been made, and he’d definitely look great surrounded by his Poké-brethren.  But what really sold him to me is how fantastic he looks next to his Figma Smash Bros Samus and Link, and I can’t wait to add more Nintendo figures to that roster.


10 thoughts on “Vault Review:
D-Arts Pokémon Mewtwo

  1. Nifty review and great pics, as always.

    I dunno what it is, but I just can’t overcome the aesthetics of all those blatant joints on what is essentially a naked animal. Looks too much like a MewTwo robot.

  2. Nice review. I still waiting on mine so I can’t say whether I like the tail joints or not. I would have been fine with him coming with two solid tails you can replace (one fairly straight for flying forward poses and one curled to help with standing/floating in place). Seeing all those joints really shows how it works for Godzilla, but not so much for MewTwo.

    Also, did you repaint your Link? I don’t recall seeing a blue tunic variant, but if there was… then I wish I had it.

  3. Yeah, I have to agree, the tail joints are almost too distracting. One of my few times siding with aesthetics over function.

    And yeah, did you paint Link? Blue is my favorite too, though I can’t say I’m that brave to repaint an import figure…

  4. “It seems like forever ago that Pokémon.”

    Too true, brother. 😉 (I’m guessing there was supposed to be a little more to that sentence; presumably Mewtwo is using his psychic powers on you as you write.)

    I’ll echo the tail thing; he looks like he’s got a telescope stuck to his butt. Still a pretty cool toy. The D-Arts Pokemon stuff really tempts me, but I haven’t been compelled to actually pick any of them up yet.

  5. One of my favorite things about Mewtwo is the face sculpt. When angled upward, he looks pensive and a little sad (if you’ve watched his Origin animated short, you’d understand). But tilt it downward and he’s all business.

    I do wish the Shadow Ball effect part was more of a…ball.

  6. Have to agree best Mewtwo figure yet, and like you I can’t wait to get him next to Figma Link and Samus, I have to ask also, Did you repaint Link blue?

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