Vault Review: TF Prime
Beast Hunters Hun-Gurrr

Like I mentioned earlier, Hun-Gurrr forms Abominus’ torso and head.  Basically you just turn the figure around and spread his arms and legs for the other Predacons to clamp on to.  Abominus and Hun-Gurrr’s heads are sculpted on the same revolving piece of plastic and you just have to flip one down for the other flip up.  I’m going to save my judgment of Abominus for when he’s complete, but I do have a couple of issues already.  His head sculpt looks a bit plain, or even happy.  A guy named Abominus should never look happy.  I also can’t help but feel that Hun-Gurrr should have been a Cyberverse Commander Class figure.  This would have made him a much bulkier torso.

Hun-Gurrr’s colors are a call back to his G1 counterpart, only a bit brighter.  The figure is mostly made up of light gray or maroon plastic, with a few of the overlapping areas painted.  The maroon plastic also has bits of glitter, which doesn’t look quite as muddled as the mixed in swirls of the larger figures.  The figure also has a few yellow and silver highlights painted on.

Hun-Gurrr has decent articulation, especially for his class.  In bot mode his shoulders and hips are ball joints.  His ankles are hinges and his biceps are swivels.  Unfortunately neither his bot head nor his Abominus head are articulated.

In dragon mode his heads, arms, and ankles are hinges.  His hips and necks are ball joints, while his thighs are swivel joints.

Hun-Gurrr comes with one accessory, a “Dragontooth Saw”.  It’s a cool looking blaster with a chainsaw-like bayonet.  He looks good holding the weapon, but I don’t think it was originally intended for him.  The Cyberverse Soundwave also comes with the same gun.  Hun-Gurrr also can’t store the gun naturally in this dragon form.  It just kind of hangs off him awkwardly.

Even though I do wish the figure was in the larger Cyberverse scale, Hun-Gurrr still makes for a pretty decent toy.  He’s got some really nice articulation and detail, especially for his size.  I love his Wolverine claws, and being one step closer to a pint sized gestalt is pretty much why I’m collecting these guys now.


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Beast Hunters Hun-Gurrr

  1. Great review. Nice to see how the figures connect. Now I have some insights as to how they will fit together. Still not sure if I want to buy them though. Upwards of $40 for the entire set. I think I will wait for a third bot to see how it turns out.

    1. Thanks! The price isn’t so bad since they’re apparently being spaced out, but if you’re not sure then just keep watching for my next review. I’ll have it up whenever I run across him.

  2. Nice! I’m loving all of these TF reviews, particularly as I’m still undecided on a lot of the ones you’re reviewing. Very helpful. I still haven’t found Hun-Gurrr anywhere, and I’m dying to have a little Cyberverse combiner now. I’m a little bit disappointed in how they connect, but I’m sure I’ll overlook that when I can combine them all. At least the peg-holes aid in the limb stability. I was worried that you’d just have to hang the combiner limbs off of Hun-Gurrr’s limbs and just let them flop around. And again, it’s a Cyberverse, so I shouldn’t really be expecting too much. The fact that they combine at all is impressive.

    I am fairly impressed that they managed to cram 2 heads (or 4 if you count the dragon heads. Haha) into this little guy. I thought for sure he’d be the larger size given the double duty, but I guess I’ll take what I can get. Now that I think of it, maybe I’ve just missed him in the store because I was looking for him on the larger Cyberverse pegs…

    1. So far the figures fit together pretty snug to form Abominus. Hopefully the legs will be equally sturdy. He’s surprisingly cool for a Cyberverse, even if he’s one of the smaller Legion class.

  3. wow. while this Hun-grr sculpt looks good on his own merits, he’s definitely not the TF I had.
    as you can see, only the chestplate and head were purple, with only a few other accents to break up the shades of grey.

    off-white and red may work for some, but maybe the red is too bright for this guy? a more subdued/darker shade could have worked just as well. He certainly clashes with Sinnertwin, and I almost dread what garish combination Abominus will finally look like, even compared against the other garish colors of this wave/sub-line as seen in the final group shot. especially if the other Terrorcons just “hug” onto him to form Abominus.

    the Wolverine comparison does crack me up, and I know there have been other TFs that could have tried this, as well. Cyber-Royal Rumble, anyone? 10 bots enter, 1 bot leaves!

    1. Target is supposed to get a box set of these guys, so we might see a more traditional color scheme on him there.

      I do wish more combiners were similarly colored, like Devastator. Unfortunately the new Bruticus figures proves Transformers don’t care about matching team colors. 😛

  4. So are they releasing all the pieces necessary to build Abominus separately, or is there a gift set coming out later with all five figures? I just want to know if I should be picking these up or if I can wait.

    1. Target is supposed to get a box set of all the figures later this year, but we don’t know what their color scheme will be yet. I’d say you should pick up whatever single characters you particularly like the color for, that way you’ll at least have the version of Abominus you want.

  5. yeah… he definitely will not be replacing my g1 abominus. i do like that gears-of-warrish weapon though. that’s cool.

    1. it’s worth note here, these have not even blipped on my kids’ radars, and they still play w/ my OG hun-gurr w/ great regularity.

    2. Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have given these Cyberverse guys a single glance if it wasn’t for my nostalgic love of Twinstrike. But I’m definitely glad I did. They’re turning out to be some of the best Cyberverse I’ve bought.

  6. Grat review and pics, as always!

    How is the Abominus articulation so far? Can he move his arms, or is he going to be a statue?

    Now I’ve just got to find a way of getting Hung-Gurr on BBTS . . . .

    1. His articulation is pretty decent so far. Twinstrike’s hips are a pretty decent elbow and his front legs and heads act as an articulated claw. As for the torso, he’ll have ball jointed shoulders and hips.

  7. Curiously, the bigger dragons have left me fairly cold but I am in love with these little guys (and I don’t like this scale normally).

    1. I agree with you there. I’m not a big fan of Cyberverse, but these little guys are pretty good.

      The bigger dragons are hit and miss, but I do think Ripclaw is pretty awesome.

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