Mattel’s MOTU & DC Reveals
2013 Toy Fair Armchair Coverage

As you can guess by the content here at IAT, I’m a little more keyed in on the Mattel reveals than other companies. While Digital River spoiled most of Mattel’s Toy Fair news (though I’ve heard some say it was done purposefully), the panel still proved important for the info to go along with the images.

Classic Batman TV Series

Classic Batman
(In Stores this Summer)

  • Batman (Single)
  • Riddler (Single)
  • Penguin (Single)
  • Surf’s Up Batman (Single)
  • Batman & Robin 2pk w/ Wall
  • Batmobile

I’m going to go a little out of order from the panel and kick off with the ’66 Batman news. I’ve had a surprisingly large amount of people writing to see what I thought about it since I skipped it in last week’s article.

To be honest, I don’t know what to think. I’m about equal parts “That’s Awesome!!!” and “Do I really need these?”. I love the idea of them to be sure, but I’m not sure if the line can be what I want it to be if I go all-in. I’m not sure the market would bear (or Mattel would risk) really going after the line-up I’d want. Part of my affinity for that show was due to villains like King Tut, False-Face, or Egghead. Do we live in a world where those can be produced? I don’t know. Mattel is sending mixed signals too. They appear to be playing it safe showing Batman, Robin, Riddler, & Penguin right off (Mattel noted that ‘at least’ 3 figures are in the pipeline, Catwoman & Joker surely being two slots). There is some hope for the line to be more unique thanks to “Surf’s Up Batman” and his bat-surfboard though (via AFI). It’s no Egghead, but it’s amusing!

Even if the line can’t get deep into the show’s roster (Alfred? Chief O’Hara? Mad Hatter?), it did show off some nice figures. I’d like the line to feel a little more collectible – a Frank Gorshin Riddler with the eye mask around his neck would be a great alternate portrait, but this is Mattel and not NECA. Mattel did do a great job on the Batmobile though! It looks beautiful, feels like a steal at $50, and I’ll even rescind my intense dislike for cloth capes so the figures can sit in it. So far all the figures shown (Batman, Riddler, Penguin, Surf’s Up Batman) are single-carded with the exception of Robin (via AFI). He’ll be available in a 2pk along with a wall-mountable… uh, wall base (via AFI). I like the idea, but it’s just not going to be as cool since it’ll lay flat on the wall with no way to have Sammy Davis, Jr or Dick Clark pop out to say hello. (And damn, I’d need Green Hornet & Kato figures in this style too…)

So what’s my take? I do want ’em, but I don’t know if I’ll buy them yet. Most likely? Any resolve melts when I see them on the pegs.

2013 Club Infinite Earths:

  • Feb: Phantom Stranger
  • Mar: Elongated Man
  • Apr: Larfleeze
  • May: Wally West
  • Jun: Freddy Freeman
  • Jul: Huntress
  • Jul: Fire

DC Comics

The big club news was spoiled by Digital River: Fire. I still like the idea of a flame-on version better, but the figure looks sharp and has me longing to complete a Doomsday-era JLI roster I’m like the one person in the world that would love to have Bloodwynd in Club Infinite Earths!!). The good news is taht Mattel specifically pointed that Fire was part of the “Fire & Ice” duo, so we may see Ice at SDCC. If I were Mattel, I’d split tons of duos across two years of subscriptions. Imagine Fire & Johnny Thunder in 2013 as teasers to get you buy Ice & Thunderbolt in 2014? It’d work on me for sure.

Mattel also provided the upcoming schedule at right. I’m not sure if it’s right though. Previously, a schedule-MIA Red Hood (via AFI) was listed for July, Huntress for September, and no August figure was given. We’ll get more info on that as we get closer, but it should be correct through June as long as nothing changes.

There were a few DC Comics retail surprises that Digital River couldn’t screw-up though. At lot of the Mattel retail items will not be featured here at IAT. Vault may review the occasional New52 figure, but I’m planning on passing on the lot including the most recent reveals of Darkseid & Aquaman. The DC Unlimited line is also slated to contain the Injustice Superman, Batman (via AFI), & Joker figures. Those figures make the New 52 figures look good, so I wouldn’t expect to see those reviewed here at all.

The Batman Unlimited line is a different story though. While I’ll be skipping a fair share of the Batman Unlimited figures like the upcoming Beware the Batman Batman & Anarky (I’ve yet to see any pics of those though), I will buy a few like the recently revealed a matte-finished, winged Batman Beyond (via AFI) and Damian Wayne (via AFI). I was happy to see those there and Damian Wayne gives me some hope that Mattel will eventually get a Dick Grayson Batman out to retail.

2013 Club Black Freighter:

  • Mar: Dr. Manhattan
  • May: Silk Spectre
  • Jul: Night-Owl
  • Sep: Comedian

Watchmen: Club Black Freighter

Finally, in DC news is the lone Watchmen reveal: the Comedian. He looks great and I’m thankful for the two accessories (shotgun & flamethrower w/ backpack), but if any figure from Watchmen needed some alternate heads it was this one: masked, unscarred, grey temples, etc. And, again, the lack of the licensed smiley face isn’t a big deal. If you find a teacher, I’m sure they know where to find smiley face stickers that small!

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36 thoughts on “Mattel’s MOTU & DC Reveals
2013 Toy Fair Armchair Coverage

  1. I’m glad that there’s a Damian Wayne being made, but I really hope the final version isn’t so buff. That was a weirdly muscular figure for such a stringy little kid.

    1. They’re using the same body they used for the first DCUC Robin and Kid Flash, and the complaint at the time was that they were too buff and too short. At least with Damien, the height’s not a problem.

      1. Robin didn’t use the “male teen buck” that was first used for Kid Flash (and later Beast Boy), did he? I thought Robin had a unique torso tool due to his vest logo and …latches/bars/???

  2. I say bring on a full 12 figure Filmation subscription for next year! There is a ton of material to cover, and I order at least 2 subs anyway to ease the shipping cost so at least now I’ll get two different figures per month instead of doubles.

    It’s sort of sad to see we still have to pay double shipping the first month of the Filmation sub. They couldn’t figure that out by now? Give me no hope early access is ever going to combine with sub orders.

  3. The Adam West Bat Stuff is very exciting. While the Castle has a beautiful sculpt… it looks Tiny with the MOTUC figures. I know that the castle is big (almost as tall as a vanity) but it looks small for the figures. Having He-Man almost scraping his head with the Castle’s teeth doesn’t help either. Looks like I’ll have to get off my butt and actually finish my Perennial WIP of a custom MOTUC Grayskull facade…
    not too excited about the filmation sub since it’s mostly one-shot guys… (most of the Filmations one-shot guys sucked!) I expect to see poopy Nepthu and Plundor…

  4. I’m right there with you on the castle. I asked TG the question of whether we could at least get a robot shell that He-Man could fit into, or better yet, if they could make it like the Snake Armor, but alas, no. I find this very disappointing. And the head clearance is especially troublesome in the images with Fisto.

  5. I suspect the ’66 Batman figures will never see the light of day on pegs, as the scalpers will be all OVER that stuff. It will be a feeding frenzy not seen since the Cabbage Patch Kids heyday. I had hopes of grabbing that Batmobile but…

    Is it just me or does taking a DCU buck and trying to modify it to look more Adam West-ish turn out…odd?

    OTOH, I am glad these are coming out. Needs Batgirl.

    I do wish there was some actual thought and plan to this line, some long term desire to go beyond what seems a gimmick release (shhh, rumor has it it’s SUPPOSED to tie with the release of the DVDs. you didn’t hear that from me), maybe make all the second (and beyond) tier villains online exclusives so we could also get ‘Dick and Bruce’ figures, Gordon, et al.

    And a Batcave. Oh yes indeed there must be a Batcave.

    Oh, and the MOTU modular stand is brilliant. Might have been nice had they thought of that from day one, but that’s me being bitchy I suppose. 🙂

    1. Most figure lines these days aren’t designed with much longevity in mind. It’s all about the main characters. With a novelty line based off a 40 year old TV show, I can’t say I blame anyone for not planning for more than half a dozen figures (rumor has it hat the two as-yet-unrevealed figures are Catwoman and Batgirl).

      This is not, unfortunately, the early 2000s, with the heyday of lines like the Simpsons and Muppets guaranteeing that you can hold back A-list characters until the fifth wave. Can you imagine if the Muppets line came out today? They’d cost $18 a piece (not $6), and the line might die before we got Gonzo.

    2. I’m also pretty excited about the stackable stands. They look pretty great. But I thought I remembered from an Ask Matty a couple months ago that they would be showing new flight stands at toy fair too.

  6. Enjoy it all. Agree about Damian he is a scrawny kid and needs shown that way. Mantenna is awesome and will holdbthe Miz’s head when get him. The filmation figs look great to me and wonder who will come next. Castaspella is nice and welcomed (still want Glimmer though)

    The 60s Batman looks great (yes I am easily pleased) and look forward to these.

    Maybe they are redoing Red Hood to the more requested version.

  7. The things that really bothered me about the Castle were:

    – The Sorceress on the throne. So they’re telling us she CAN’T sit on the throne unless you cut her wings off? Lame.

    – Why the hell does the jaw bridge need a TONGUE? All it does is add height to it, shrinking the doorway.

    – I agree with what others have said: the Castle may appear smaller because they displayed it with a ton of figures hanging all over it.

    Despite it all, I’m glad I got in my pre-order the first time around. My doubts will likely fade away once I see that big-ass box waiting for me at home.

    1. Apparently, Neitlich will insist on a little slot on the throne to slide the Sorceress back piece on it. He said it on the video walkthrough with Pixel Dan… I know this because I laughed like an immature idiot when Neitlich said: “We’re gonna try and get a little slot there!”

  8. I’m pretty giddy at everything. I can’t help it, companies are making want I want to see out of the toys I love. Sure, I could nitpick this, or nitpick that, but ultimately, I’m a happy camper.

  9. Overall, I’m pretty happy with everything. I’ll probably pass on the ’66 Batman except for the Batmobile. I agree that the Batman Unlimited lineup is looking a lot better than DC Unlimited, even if there is a lot of Bat-variants (fingers crossed for Rainbow and Zebra Batman).

    Does anybody know if the wings on Batman Beyond or Vampire Batman will be on ball joints? I have a feeling that at least the beyond wings will just clip into the back.

  10. I can’t wait to get (surprisingly affordable) Batmobile so Constantine can ctuise around and pick up chicks. I may buy a Pengquin too if only to float a little cash towards the estate of Burgess Merideth.

    1. That was the first thing I thought when I saw the finished pics. The “fins” coming up from underneath her chin DO give her a strange “jowly” look.

  11. I, too, must add my name to the “Worried about the size of the castle” list.

    Having said that, every single MOTUC thing shown has me excited and not wanting to wait for them.

  12. Me personally I don’t have a problem with the size of Castle Grayskull. I already pre-ordered 2 of them when the B sheet was 1st showed but the main thing I’m happy for is the new Filmation Sub. What took Mattel so damn long to finally do this. I love new figures that were getting mainly Mantenna W O W! I hope we get a Filmation sub in 2014 & beyond. I know I got my money’s worth now!

  13. Fantastic reveals from Mattel!

    I’m definetly getting the Batman series – I love how unashamedly retro and classic they are. I LOVE that Surfing Batman and Batmobile!

    Also really pleased about the Filmation cartoon sub – definetly getting one. Mantenna and Castaspella are great additions to the line. Castle Grayskull looks awesome – if a tiny bit on the small side. Hopefully the production piece comes out as nice as this.

    Good job Mattel!

  14. I’m not sure I’m understanding why both Huntress and Fire are scheduled for July, even though Scott has insisted that DCIE schedule is correct?

  15. not a fan of your “let’s split duos across two years/supscriptions” idea. I would hope the Johnny Thunder/T-bolt would be a 2pk, if anything. I’m not holding my breath for a Jakeem to make it a 3pk, anymore, or even a Don Hall/Dove I to complete that trio (Kestrel I already repainted from Hawk myself.)

    to be honest, the fact DR refuses to switch my card and the lackluster line-up has me not caring if the DCIE sub continues, outside of a few pieces. I can only hope they pulled Red Hood to give him the jacket buck, not the single-arc “caped” look they showed us previously.

    1. Yeah, I can just see Mattel deciding to split duos across two years and then canceling the second year’s subscription, leaving a bunch of unfinished two-member teams.

      1. I would hope in that case that Scott will make the same promise when he showed the potential figures for the 2013 sub at SDCC– that the figures they’d already developed would still be made available somehow online anyway…

  16. I’m pretty happy with Mattel at NYCC. I agree that my logical mind as of February says that I should not pick up the Batman ’66 stuff, but I will most likely fall apart like a house of cards once I see them. The sculpts look great. The Batmobile is absolutely great and definitely would help tip me into buying these.

    I’m very happy with the Club Infinite Earths figures. I think Fire looks great. I agree that a “flame on” version would be great, but I’ll be so happy to get her and Ice together.

    A great NYCC all in all.

  17. That Batman Beyond looks awesome, but I wouldn’t fully expect it have a matte finish at retail.

    It’s a prototype. The prototype for the initial Batman Beyond release had a matte finish as well.

  18. Hey you’re not the only one that wants them to do a Bloodwynd figure. He’s been on my list for years. Now I think I’m the only one that wants a 90s Guy Gardner with yellow power ring. An easy repaint and just need to retool the head to include the scar on his face.

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