Vault Review: Revoltech
Takeya Fujin & Raijin

Raijin has a much lighter complexion of white with gold highlights.  This, coupled with his grinning face, give him a much happier appearance.  Definitely makes me think he must love to make noise.  I can also see a bit of that monkey influence with that wild facial hair and large forward facing ears.  His hair is equally as windblown, but his horns seem much less menacing and more ornamental.

Both characters also have unique scarves/sashes that wind around their shoulders.  Both have a windblown look, but I think Raijin’s has much more personality and makes him seem like he’s actually floating.  Both figures also have uniquely sculpted fabric and belts around their waist, which gives off that same breezy effect.

Articulation wise, these two are on par with the previously released deities.  They have swivel/hinge revolver joints on their head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees, and ankles.  Their torso joint is just a double ball joint, and I’m pretty sure their neck joint is the same, but I can’t quite tell.  All the joints move freely and are unhampered by the clothing because of how loosely it was sculpted to look.  One thing you do want to watch out for is the loose gold bands around their wrists and ankles.  It’s definitely easy to lose track of one while switching out pieces or if a joint pops out accidentally.

Both figures also share the same alternate hands: two fists, two flat palms, and two grasping.  There’s also an extra open and grasping left hand that was designed to hold Fujin’s bag.  Both also come with the usual orange box and boomerang shaped Revoltech stand.

Aside from the alternate pieces, each figure comes with his signature piece.  Fujin’s bag of wind is excellently sculpted with these great cloud-like etchings, while Raijin’s circular drum set and batons give him a rock’n roll deity kind of feel.

Surprisingly, both figures also come with uniquely sculpted bases.  While each piece may not be as cool as little demons to step on, these two bases are perfectly sculpted to represent wind/clouds/whatever gods in the sky stand on.  Fujin’s base is a bit tame compared to his partner’s though.  He just kind of stands there as Raijin rocks out with his drums and crazy dancing pose.

All around these figures are still the same excellent quality that I’ve really come to love in this Revoltech line.  If you’re a fan of the other figures, you’ll definitely want to pick these two up to round out your pantheon.  Hopefully we’ll see a continuation of this line at Wonder Festival in a couple of weeks.


7 thoughts on “Vault Review: Revoltech
Takeya Fujin & Raijin

  1. i love that the bases look somewhere between a swirling wind and a cuttlefish. it kind of looks like like fujin and raijin are standing on the great old ones. revoltech continues to impress w/ these figs.

  2. Damn nifty stuff, great review and sweet pics, as always.

    As interested by mythology as I am, the only character that would get me to pull the trigger on one of these is Shiva Nataraja, surrounded by flames, and stomping on a demon. ‘Cause even at Import Toy prices, it’d be cheaper than buying a bronze statue of the guy.

    There’s just something about a Hindu god of death, destruction, and hanky-panky who’s also in the opening titles for Masterpiece Theater.

  3. Both of these look awesome. Why can’t today’s artists pull off something like this on a regular basis, instead of tracing photos and using boring blank bucks to create characters?

    also, we’ve got Raiden and no BTILC jokes? [shakes head in disappointment]

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