Why You
Should Join DASH

Hey again friends, fellow collectors, and the occasional Frankenstein monster. I’m always thinking about ways to convince you Collector-Action Figures.com is worth the 30 seconds it takes to join. I’ve created contests and other promotions to get your attention in the past, but I really believe that if you’re an action figure collector at heart, you won’t need to be lured into liking DASH. That’s why I put together this video to succinctly and creatively explain why you should join DASH in the first place.

So why join Collector-ActionFigures? Watch and see.

We might not be giving away the latest Transformers figure or a free G.I. Joe toy, but DASH is worth it anyway! There’s simply no better way for collectors like us to keep track of their collection. If nothing else, sign up so I don’t feel like I wasted a week making that video, haha!

I hope to see you around DASH, holding your holy grail and leaving a comment on the blog!