DoomKick Reviews: Real X Head
Translucent Green Organ Bat

I just realized that all the guest reviews this week were authored by someone whose name starts with a “J”. How’s that for a weird theme week? For our last guest review, we’ve got a quick look at the Real X Head Organ Bat from Doomkick’s own DocRampageo! Thanks for filling in at the last minute, Doc!

Doomkick: Hello IAT readers! Doctor Rampageo here with today’s guest review. When Noisy contacted me about appearing on Guest Review week 3 I started thinking about what I could do. My bench of new toys yet to be reviewed is not great right now, between my various projects in the works and some other stuff I haven’t picked any new toys up in a few weeks so I was a little lost on what to review. After looking over my collection I settled on this Organ Bat, he is a fairly new addition that I had been wanting to write about for a while without actually ever getting around to it.

The Organ Bat is (like all Real X Head stuff) a pretty awesome vinyl figure that is packed with tons of great details. His head is an awesome mish mash of alien and straight up funky design. He has the classic Real X Head probe arm and what appears to be his heart on the outside of his chest. Unlike a lot of other vinyl figures this guy has no neck articulation because his head/chest slip over a Mutant Head body, you can see a cool parts breakdown of this guy over at Battlegrip I didn’t have the heart to take my apart so thankfully Phil is a stronger man than I. For these pics I used a combination of my stuff and some stuff from my good friend Drew, who was nice enough to let me use some of his awesome RXH collection for this review.

Paint on my Organ Bat is great, with crazy almost random sprays all over the place. RXH is always packed with great paint apps and Organ Bat here is nothing different.

Being a vinyl figure Organ Bat has no accessories, but when you look this bad (in a good way) you don’t need any accessories.

Organ Bat is articulated at his shoulders and his probe arm swivels. Being a vinyl figure there wasn’t much expected in the articulation front anyway. Even without tons of joints you can still get this into some fun poses.

Overall I love the Organ Bat! I picked him up from a third party site a few months ago for a great price and he has been filling my home with enjoyment since them. Check out the Real X Head website to see tons of cool stuff!

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Translucent Green Organ Bat

    1. Theres nothing wrong with being succinct! I find some reviews (not speaking about IAT or DK) tend to just go on and on. I don’t mind if its an interesting article or provides a personal spin or some historical information on the property/character, but some reviews get a little too descriptive. This isn’t the early days of the internet, we’ve got pictures, and a picture is worth a thousand words! =)

    2. How’s the qc on these heads? Same fit and quality as the official head?

      Oh, and prkt’s right, you overcame short text with great photos. :). A totally acceptable way of doing business.

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