iGear Mini-Warriors
4th Ann. Rager Review (MW-02G)

The new Rager, released exclusively at iGear’s online store to commemorate the company’s 4th Anniversary, features the original G1 colors. I can’t get enough orange toys, so I was sold right there, but the darker blue looks fantastic too. It’s basically that same great Rager, but just an overall sharper figure in these new colors. I had to have it. I was also sold on the new packaging. I usually toss out packaging, but this box (pictured on page one) is a keeper. I love the old style box (even if it’s got a printed window on it instead of an actual window), the colors, the tech spec, all of it. It’s a satisfying homage to my youth even if it means I have to keep a box laying around.

After picking up the 4th Anniversary Rager & pre-ordering the the blue “Tubes” repaint at BBTS, I finally caved on the mold overall. The black repaint & the Erector homage, Shafter, were already both calling to me anyway. I had to go to eBay for them, but they were worth it. Shafter made it in-time for the review, but he’ll have to wait until Black Rager shows up for a proper look-see.

Anyway, I thought I’d feel a little silly having all these versions of the little guy around, but the three that have arrived so far are getting serious desk-time. It’s a fun transformation and I’m really enjoying the small stature and chunky guns. I still would like to see an alternate robot face and I can’t say I’m totally okay with “Tubes” being a Rager repaint, but I’ll be happy to have all five of these guys running around on my shelves.

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13 thoughts on “iGear Mini-Warriors
4th Ann. Rager Review (MW-02G)

  1. Okay, I gotta quit looking at these. They scream great homage and make me want too much. Great review and love the last pic. Color variants can get crazy.

  2. As Anniversary Rager was my first 3rd Party, I’m so happy he got a review (the pic with him having a child-like gun fight with Rager is great, btw. Awesome poses). This bot really is as awesome as everyone has been saying.

    Personally, I’m not crazy about the box (I expected the window), but I’m still keeping it because the overall Rager experience is awesome. I can’t wait to see all 5 of your repaints in the same shot.

  3. Great review, photos, and comics again! I agree that this is a fun toy, but it’s not enough to make me want to get all the colour variants. I don’t have the money or the space for that. Also, if they’re going to do a “Not-Pipes,” I’d want him to transform the same way Pipes did, otherwise it’s a no-go for me.

    And I must say that I’m heartily disappointed that they released a “new and improved” version of this guy after I’d already bought the first iteration for not a small amount of money. It’s what soured me on the Masterpiece TransFormers. For five bucks, I wouldn’t mind. But not for the amount I’m paying on these things.

  4. Perseus is cool, but it makes me want Hercules and I already have Giant….Also I longer quit being bothered by owning the same mold in 8 colors. I have two hot rods (henkei and Hasbro), sideburn, and Wildrider…..so yeah, I think it’s my love of seekers that makes me so willing to accept

    1. Hercules is damn cool, and hefty to boot. But, at least you’ve got a massive Not-Devastator you’re happy with, right?

      The only Shattered Glass figures I’d be interested in are Soundwave and Seeker variants. I’d go for some Decepticon-themed repaints, but not if they’re meant to be part of a combiner, but aren’t. (If you follow me. For example, any Dead End where there aren’t any other Stunticons in the line, or the Animated Stunticons that don’t combine.) These exclusive repaints are getting on my nerves. I managed to order the hard-to-get modern take on Runabout or Runamuck (whichever the black one was), but then found out that the white one was even more ridiculously hard to get. If I’d known they were going to pull that kind of crap, I wouldn’t have bothered.

      1. Oh yeah, I love Giant! and if Maketoys did a SG version of him, I’d buy it. I like the whole SG thing.

        1. Oh, I’m with you on loving the idea, mate. And the toys are pretty dang nifty. I just wish they weren’t so difficult and expensive to come by!

  5. I really don’t mind the yellow or orange looks, and I had Huffer and Pipes back in the day. Of course, back then they also had unique molds, not redecos like we’re constantly getting today. >.>
    (and you really have to wonder what was going on in the naming of these two! What, no “Sniffer”? LOL)

    so the iGear Pipes is “Tubes”? I saw they’re repainting the deluxe Cybertron OP into a blue Ultra Magnus, but he’ll be Pipes to me!
    I hesitated on buying Prime, and now wish I had, as one of the first things I did was tweak him around so his torso is reversed and decided to repaint him all blue for an updated Pipes. **THEN** I find out about the blue UM redeco. sigh….
    (no, I didn’t get around to repainting him, but I now wish I had waited another week or two before buying him so I could have skipped him altogether!)

    Looking over some of the other color variants, I’m not sure who they’re supposed to be? Artfire looks like Ratchet on mecha-steroids.

  6. “I’m not a fan of treating collecting like a psychological malady (unless it really is).” coughcoughvaultcoughcough

  7. The “pew pew” picture is by far the best scene set up and delivery featured on this site so far.

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