Four Horsemen Announce 2012
Galactic Holiday Outer Space Men

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been running behind on news, even on lines I collect. Today brings another example. The 4H have announced Galactic Holiday versions of the 2012 OSM, which means two things: I missed the NYCC Beta Phase figs (doh!) and now I need to get my order for the holiday versions too!

Here’s the 4H image of the colorways for the Galactic Holiday figures:

The 2012 Galactic Holiday Outer Space Men are coming! Orbitron, Gemini and the massive Cyclops in their Galactic Holiday colors just in time for this festive season! Very few of these exclusive figures are being produced and they’re ONLY available at Store Horsemen!

Each figure will feature their own character specific accessories in either vac-metal red or vac-metal green! The image shown here are of rough prototypes but the characters will be cast in the colors shown. The silver painted parts will be the parts that will be vac-metalized, and minor paint details will be added to the figures as with all exclusive OSM editions.

Get there now and place your order before they’re GONE!!


8 thoughts on “Four Horsemen Announce 2012
Galactic Holiday Outer Space Men

  1. Would it be considered kicking a man when he’s down if I told you that you also missed free shipping over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend?

    ‘Cause if so, I won’t bring it up.

  2. So, are they going to do the fully painted Infinity Editions (or have they already) of the three new guys? I’m pretty new to the OSM, and I’m not really interested in all the different colorways. I just want the fully painted versions, but I haven’t seen anything about these guys being done that way.

    1. We should be hearing about the Infinity Editions soon. They’ve popped up not too long after the Galactic Holiday versions last year and the year before.

  3. I’m just waiting for the painted versions as well, but I had to order the Alpha wave of these guys during the Horsemen’s 50% off sale in October. Having them in hand, Cyclops is pretty damn awesome, Gemini seems to be the guy I love posing looking at other figures with both heads in separate directions, and Orbitron looks like he should have telepathy and telekinesis with that giant brain.

  4. What Galactic Holiday are they celebrating? St. Quivblorp’s Day? Remembrance of Metaluna Day? Crystarmas?

    Bloody typical, eh? On every St. Quivblorp’s day, people colour-shift to translucent, dress up in their chrome space gear, drink blue beer, say “May the Twin Moons shine down upon you” in really bad accents, and wear “Grok me, I’m Martian” T-shirts, even when they’re obviously Uranian or Jovian, just because they think they need an excuse to get drunk. And then there’s always a big stink kicked up because they won’t let Mercurians take part in the parades.

    And, to paraphrase Irish comedian Dara O’Briain, if they draw a little tripod in the foam on top of your beer, you’re allowed to stab them in the eye with a fork.

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