Ask Mattel August 1st
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Ask Matty – August 1st Edition

DCClassics.Com Asks: Were all Club Infinite Earths accessories shown at SDCC? For example, will Saint Walker include a Blue Lantern or will Constantine really ship with no accesssories?

Yes and yes.

MOTUClassics.Com Asks: In the online pics Castle Grayskullman featured rocky shoulders, but the display figure in the case had smooth shoulders. Which shoulders will the final figure feature?

He will have the Whiplash shoulders.

MOTUClassics.Com Asks: Any long-term plans for the armor & perch for the white/blue Zoar from the Great Unrest Weapons pack? The birds need the perches for display.

Not right now but we will look into it.

DCClassics.Com Asks: Is the Wally West Flash figure far enough out that rocker ankles can be budgeted back in for his figure? As Jay Garrick proved, speedsters need better ankle articulation for classic running poses.

We could not afford the rocker ankles due to the low sell in of the sub. We get tooling and resources based on sales and the 2012 sub sales (which determine the 2013 budget) were not high enough.

MOTUClassics.Com Asks: Looking over Cy-Chop, particularly how his arms are designed and the loops on his belt, it appars he could have interchangeable hands. Are the ‘scissors’ removable? Will he include any extra hands and/or be compatible with previous swappable arm figures?

They are removable and can be interchanged with parts from Trap Jaw, Roboto, Hordak etc… He does not come with a second set of non scissor hands.

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34 thoughts on “Ask Mattel August 1st
& Link Round-Up *Updated*

  1. i’m kind of surprised that cy-chop can’t pack in a pair of hands, just re-pack the horde prime hands! how costly can that be?

    1. EXTREMELY costly, DR. First of all, they’d have to send a couple of interns down to the basement at Mattel HQ and have them carry up bag-fulls of spare hands. And that takes time. And in the 18 months it takes to build an action figure, if no one speaks up and says “Hey, howzabout some hands?” then there’s just no way Matty can roll with it and throw some damn hands in the mailer. So it’s a whole “thing” as you can see.

          1. HEY! That’s my job!

            Altho I suspect there’s a good, honest answer why they can’t add Horde Prime hands, the tool that has those probably has other parts on the sprue that they can’t figure out a way to re-purpose at the same time.

            Of course if that IS the case then they’re really screwing up the reason for using a buck system, hands should be their own tool for just such cases.

            1. It’s not just tooling that costs though – they might end up just two little lumps of plastic, but the cost and effort of setting up a machine run for those extra parts could have been too much for their budget.

              Or yeah – most likely it just didn’t occur to anyone before the Q&A. Shame really, it would have been a nice feature.

              1. I just don’t think they thought about it. The weight and dimensions of the chops probably required a sturdier connection than the wrist peg would allow for and the swappable limbs prevented them from needing to make all new for arms. The swapping is bonus.

  2. Is Saint Walker always in a state of Dull Surprise?

    Moot point, since the dub is dead-dead-dead.

  3. Umm…. I could be wrong here but didn’t Barry (original release) have rocker ankles? And if he does, how does it cost more to tool it if the tools already exist?

    1. If I understand correctl, the rocker ankles were insert molded (the inner piece is made first then placed in the foot mold). When Mattel sought to cut costs in late 2010, they were able to skip the insert molding process and mold the two parts as one, removing the rocker articulation. All of the repainted flash figures – the All-Star, Blue, & White Flash have already featured the solid ankles.

  4. I noticed in one of the questions on AFI they brought up the Ebay flooding of Gleeks. I purchased one for under $20 with free shipping, he looks perfect and has no signs of a bootleg. This Gleek even has a code stamped on his foot like all other DC figs do. The person in the Q&A said that the bootleg gleeks have a 1 piece arm movement, mine has independantly moving arms. What’s the real deal here? As I didn’t go to sdcc to get my Gleek I am unaware of the arm issue until now. Anybody have any info they care to share ? Thanks in advance for any help.

    1. I don’t have the exact link, but there’s a thread at the Fwoosh (DC section, obv) that goes into more depth about the bootleg Gleeks.

  5. I smell another Weapons Pack, with pearly bird perch & armour, and dull gunmetal Roboto hands for Cy-Chop. Anyone else want to weigh in with what else said Pak might / should contain? Things like . . .

    Purple “He-Shield” for Skeletor
    Stinkor weapons with metallic blue highlights
    Black Roboto right hand for Trap-Jaw
    Clip-on “Standard” She-Ra tiara (as opposed to “Bubble Power” colours)
    Man-E-Faces blaster (any colour)
    Remaining Wepaons Rack items in Grayskull armoury colour scheme
    Hordak crossbow in white

    . . . for example?

    1. -a replacement crotch piece for the Goddess
      -Nekron’s scythe (since the sub is now basically doornail and all)

      and, lastly, in the event of the sub failing, the last item to add into this hypothetical weapons pack should be: Ram Man!

      1. Orange mecha-sword would be aces, and should definitely be the next fan campaign.

        Well, once we’re done with all the please-don’t-cancel-the-line campaigning, anyway.

    2. All those sound sweet! Perhaps I can add the “Cross-Sell” Faker armoury in off-red? Would anyone else go for that, or is it just me?

  6. Wow some suprisingly clear answers from Mattel this month!
    I have been trying to get in ask Mattel for months now…TG responded to one of my emails right as PG died and since then I have never heard back…he did say the first time my email was in his spam folder so who knows…hoping to get in on this someday ha ha

    1. I’m not sure how many sites are even doing them right now. I know there’s a few sites like Rumorbuster, DCCollector, etc that do them occasionally and other sites that just did them for a little while, but it seems to have narrowed and I haven’t seen any new ones added for awhile. I’m not sure what’s up.

      1. IIRC it’s a bit of a pain in the ass to GET in now…

        I hope that CGM Weapons DO get a repaint on a Weapons pack…

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