Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters
GCPD John Blake Review

Like most of the line, not much paint is required, but what is here is mostly clean. The badge and other jacket details are done well, the tampo on the left sleeve is excellent, and the head paint is clean enough – I do have some random flecks of brown paint here and there, but they’re hard to see in most of the images. Overall, he got a solid paint job.

The one area where this figure is lacking though? Accessories. Not even a repackage of the Gordon pistol! What gives, Mattel? I love this figure, but I’m gonna have to get him a gun. I do have the extra from the Bruce/Gordon 2pk I wasted money on, but that was a really gummy gun and Blake deserves better. Maybe asking for a holster on the belt is too much, but at least throw the gun in. Geez.

Blake doe carry a crucial part of the Batsignal, the ‘glass’ front. I was a little disappointed to see that the symbol is painted on instead of being a separate piece like in the film (and on the shattered cover that comes with Gordon), but the good news is that more enterprising fans can probably remove the movie symbol easily and get a vinyl sticker (or something thick/heavy) to turn this great Batsignal sculpt into something comic-compatible. There is one other cool feature, the lens acts as a magnifying glass. While this will really help once the 6th figure is released and the darn thing is assembled asking, but it’s also fun to play with now.

Overall, you might not think much of this figure on first glance, but it’s well done for a Movie Master and should make DKR collectors or John Blake fans happy. The other upside here is that it still can be a generic 6” police officer if you want. I should’ve grabbed pics, but since our comic heroes are supposed to be “larger than life”, Blake’s height doesn’t look out of place when hanging out with DC Classics or Marvel Legends. If you could find some compatible heads, you could easily get a nice police force going in your comic displays.

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15 thoughts on “Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters
GCPD John Blake Review

  1. Great likeness on Baroness’ brother! lol
    Seems like to be really a good figure – loving the tampos, they look grisp and sharp!
    Looking forward to see the movie now – Gordon-Lewitt is a solid actor, no matter what movie he’s in.

  2. i am so confused on why this is the likeness they got right… the bale batman is good, but those of us who’ve been fans of bale long enough to recall him outside the cape and cowl know, the likeness is far from perfect. the gordon looks like gary oldman, if he were a member of the real ghostbusters. alfred looks only passibly like caine, who i will grant some slack for because his face is very assymetrical (if they got the likeness right, your eye would perceive the figure as janky). but old JGL gets a face that could damned near appear on his passport. that stings a little bit. just a little.

    oh, and don’t get me started on ms hathaway. the figure botched her big expressive eyes and lacks the sinister smile she perfected for her turn in the catsuit.

    one last note, for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie yet… go see it already!! we’re over here, trying to be decent about not spoiling an incredible piece of film, don’t make it too hard for us, ok? see the movie.

    1. Agreed on all counts. It’s so hard not to talk about my favorite cameos, even!!!
      I will throw one spoiler-free thing in there– there are several background cops that play cops in other series. I’m curious to see how many other people can find.
      The ones I remember are Wu from Grimm and Quinn from Dexter.

    1. Wasn’t Blake the mystery figure?

      Aren’t those the six figures?

      1. Oh wait, I forgot Gordon was an exclusive. Batman Begins Ras is the sixth figure.

  3. This figure is out already? Dammit. I haven’t seen anything besides Batman and the occasional Bane since the first week these hit TRU and I managed to get the only Alfred and one of the only two Catwomen (goggles down, though I wouldn’t mind eventually getting a goggles up version… if I could find one). I have a feeling that completing this set will prove frustrating for a lot of people.

  4. George’s ears kinda stick out, don’t they?
    Maybe whoever sculpted him watched way too much of that other show, where he hung out with Lithgow and Newman. (who coincidentally had a Random Roles article on AV Club today!) he was always tucking his hair behind his ears in that.

    I haven’t seen George yet, but he’s definitely an army builder. Force builder?

    1. gordon sweet pea… gordon. the guy has three names, and you missed them all… twice. 😉

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