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Vault Review: Revoltech
Takeya Part 5, Jikokuten

Jikokuten’s articulation is the same as the other Kings.  His head, neck, shoulders, wrists, chest, waist, hips, knees, and ankles are all revolver joints, while his elbows are double revolvers.  Also his halo, shoulder pads, and the three plates of his lower body armor are articulated with revolver joints to make movement easier and prevent the figure’s sculpt from getting in the way of his articulation.

One thing I’m a little concerned about is that the lower armor plates on my figure fall off easily, as if the joints are barely big enough to fit the holes.  This is the only figure I’ve had this problem with, and I’m hoping it’s just a one off fluke rather than a consistent problem with all the figures.

Jikokuten comes with a couple different alternate hands: a pair of fists, holding hands, and open hands with splayed fingers.  He also comes with one extra left hand that’s open with palm flat.

His only weapon is a repaint of the spear accessory that came with Tamonten.  Jikokuten looks great holding it, but it would have been nice to also see him come with a sword too.

Finally, being one of the four kings, Jikokuten comes with a Jaki demon for a stand.  This is probably one of my favorite aspects for all these figures.  This little guy has a great uncomfortable look on his face.  It’s almost comical.  His body is molded a dark maroon and given a little dry wash of red.  His white eyes are pretty expressive, and his gold hair adds a nice bright color to an otherwise dark figure.

This is one of the more unique line of action figures that I’ve purchased, and I’ve never been disappointed with the amount of work that’s put into them.  Jikokuten is officially the last figure so far, although we’ve seen an unpainted prototype for Fujin, the God of Thunder.  Hopefully we’ll get official confirmation of the future of this line at Wonder Fest.


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5 comments to Vault Review: Revoltech
Takeya Part 5, Jikokuten

  • dayraven

    love the group shot up there. these guys look really incredible together.

    • AdventureVault

      Thanks DR! I just hope I get to add more to the group. I need a Justice League of Buddhist Deities.

      • dayraven

        these are also a great case for smart parts reuse too. these guys look fantastic, and even w/ the parts that were re-used, they don’t look like dcuclones or anything. and it helps that each got their own pillow demon.

  • Brainlock

    another cool review of a offbeat but cool line.

  • Beedo Sookcool

    Excellent review, great figure. Not something I’d splash out on (not to my taste, and I’ve got enough other lines sucking up my money as it is), but as a casual dabbler in world mythology, I can appreciate the cultural basis for the toy, and it’s nice to see covered like this, anyway.