Sponsor Announcement: Ka-Razy
Kings of Toys Sale Extended!

Hey there, folks! Summer’s heating up, and just around the corner we have Independence Day! Well, to work around that duration for you, we decided to have a sale going on all week! Our Independence Week Sale will start on July 1st, and continue until July 12th at 11:59 PM EST. All non-clearanced merchandise will be 17.76% off! In regards to our new stock….

They’re finally here! The Masters of the Universe Classics Horde Prime, Snake Man-At-Arms, and Griffin have just arrived!

Also now in stock is the DC Universe Classics Signature Series Atrocitus, and watcher of the 4th World, Metron with Mobius Chair!

For all you Monster High fans, we now have in stock the "Signature" Jackson Jekyll, Rochelle Goyle, and "Sweet 1600" Clawd! We also have in the "Create-A-Monster" Vampire/Gargoyle Starter Set, the Cat/Witch Starter Set, and the Puma Boy and Ghost Girl Add-On Sets!

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“No doubt we’re the Kings of Toys, but come find out why we’re so Ka-Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!!!!!!”