Vault Review: S.H. MonsterArts
Godzilla’s Bonus Effects Parts

Next are three ASTOL-MB93 aircraft.  These advanced jets are able to utilize the beam technology similar to Maser tanks, only from the air.  This gives them much more advantage when it comes to choosing vital targets or evading attacks.

The design looks very much like a helicopter body minus the rotor, and with wings.  The sculpting is impressive, especially considering these smaller vehicles are only about half an inch long.  The piece is molded in green with silver apps on the lasers and orange highlights on the wings and tail.  One really nice touch is that these smaller aircraft have adapters on their stand which allow you to display them in attack formations.

The last aircraft in the set are three F-16 Fighting Falcons.  These jets aren’t too effective against rampaging monsters, but they always seem to send them out anyway.  Just like rest of the set, these well sculpted airplanes resemble their movie counterparts perfectly.  They’re molded out of a light gray plastic and given the most paint apps out of any of the vehicles.  The dark blue/black decorates the wings and nose cone, while a light blue indicates the cockpit canopy.  And like the ASTOL-MB93, they Falcons are given a three pronged arm for formation display.

The last two pieces in the set are two different kinds of tanks seen in Godzilla vs. Mecha Godzilla 2.  The first is the MBAW-93, which is a beam tank with improved attack capabilities thanks to its double barrels.  The vehicle is the MBT-92, an updated version of the classic Maser tank.  The effects pack comes with five of each kind of tank, which is definitely enough for a tiny invasion force.  The turrets on both tanks can swivel 360 degrees, which is a great addition to something so small.  Both vehicles are molded in green and have limited paint apps of dark green, black, and silver.  But the Maser is a bit more special since the dish and arm are unpainted and shown as being completely translucent.

I’m definitely happy with these effects parts and look forward to getting more weapons and vehicles from the various kaiju films.  If you’re really into the MonsterArts line, then I think you’ll be happy with this set as well.  The difficult part is finding it for a decent price.  I’ve noticed the Godzilla set is getting a bit harder to find, which isn’t going to help.  But if you can get it for under $60 then I’d say you’re doing well.


8 thoughts on “Vault Review: S.H. MonsterArts
Godzilla’s Bonus Effects Parts

  1. Wow Vault, Those really make the toys come to life. I wish you luck getting them all.

  2. I was lucky and found an online site where I got the Garuda set for $104. That one is essential for Mechagodzilla.


  3. If MonsterArts actually made like…a BIG display diorama. Something all the monsters could fit on to create a real sense of scene… I would finally crack and start collecting them.

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