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Vault Review: Revoltech
Takeya #002, Komokuten

Komokuten’s articulation is exactly the same as Tamonten. His head, neck, shoulders, wrists, chest, waist, hips, knees, and ankles are all revolver joints.  His elbows are double revolvers.  Also his halo, shoulder pads, and the four plates of his lower body armor are articulated with revolver joints.  Like Tamonten, this really helps to preven his sculpt from getting in the way of posing.

Unfortunately, Komokuten doesn’t come with any weapons.  Instead, he comes with three pairs of alternate hands:  fists, holding, and open.  A fourth set of alternate hands are holding his true accessories: a brush in the right, and a scroll in the left.  Both items are glued in however, so there aren’t a lot of alternate options.

Being one of the Four Heavenly Kings, Komokuten comes with his own little Jyaki demon base to trample into the ground.  I think the sculpting on this one is even better than Tamonten’s.  I love that his flabby muscles and stomach are bulging from the pressure.  Plus, his paint job is fantastic and really gives him the look of oxidized bronze.

But if you’re not cool with your Buddhist gods constantly using demons as footstools, Komokuten also comes with the classic boomerang shaped Revoltech stand.

I’m pretty happy with Komokuten.  For a figure that reuses a few pieces from last time, he still definitely has his own unique look and personality.  I do wish he would have come with at least one weapon though.  I guess it’s a good thing that Tamonten came with two.  If you’re looking to pick this guy up, you may have to pay higher prices.  These Takeya figures have turned out to be pretty popular and he seems to be sold out at most of the usual online shops I use.


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16 comments to Vault Review: Revoltech
Takeya #002, Komokuten

  • those Demon stands are so freaking cool!

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  • dayraven

    these are seriously just about the coolest things on the market right now.

    • AdventureVault

      I’m liking them. I’m also hoping they’ll expand the line to other myths/religions.

  • Brainlock

    is that the Harryhausen skeleton? Where would one find such a thing?

  • Sir Real

    Never heard of these before, but I really like the looks of them. I would have no idea how big they are if not for that MOTUC figure in the last pic though. Might be a good idea to mention size or scale in the review at some point for the uninformed like myself. I was hoping they’d be 6-7in, but looks like they’re shorter than that.

    • dayraven

      it took awhile to get the message to vault about scale photos, so i suspect scale discussion will be some time in the coming… but we’ll keep trying. 😉

      • AdventureVault

        I didn’t focus as much on his scale since he’s so similar to Tamonten, the first figure in the series. http://www.itsalltrue.net/?p=17376 (There’s also another scale picture in the comments.)

        I’ll be sure to cover it more thoroughly for the third figure.

        • Sir Real

          Hey Vault, sorry, I missed that first figure review completely. But I’ve gotta say, you’ve got me tracking these down now. (Like I need another expensive foreign line… grr =) But I think I may have a lead on the first three. What would you say is a good price for those, now?

          • AdventureVault

            No problem, Sir. 🙂

            Amiami had them for about $30, but those second preorders seem to be sold out. I’d say if you’re paying under $40, then you’re doing good. But it’s ultimately up to you. I know they’re getting a bit harder to find, so you may not have a problem paying more.

  • Spectre2001

    How tall is he? Looks to be about 5″.

    I check out them at Hobby Japan and they look cool.


  • AdventureVault

    The top of his head is at five inches, while his halo tops out at six. He’s a bit small for the average Revoltech, but he’s still pretty cool.