Vault Review: Shadow Weaver

Weaver comes with two accessories.  First is her magic wand.    The wand has a pretty simple design and looks a lot like a baton (Shadow Weaver: Jilted Cheerleader!).  I am pretty impressed by the crystal ball on the end though.  It’s made of a translucent plastic that’s got a hint of blue to it.  It gives a sense of realism that would have been neat to see on Evil-Lyn’s staff.

The second accessory is her spell book.  I’m not enough of a MOTU buff to know if this book actually showed up anywhere, but I’m sure one of you can tell me.  Either way, the design is pretty detailed with some neat sculpted symbols running along the front and back.

Shadow Weaver also comes with a clear stand, so you can have her floating in your displays.  The stand works great, but I was disappointed it didn’t have a ball joint on the end.  It would have been nicer if she had the mobility of Orko.

Shadow Weaver is a pretty good figure, and definitely a nice bonus for joining the club.  I’m really hoping Matty will follow up soon with some 200X male Shadow Weavers.  This witch definitely needs some acolytes to command, and I know I’d at least buy two.


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Vault Review: Shadow Weaver

  1. I still think that SW as a sub exclusive was a jerk move by Mattel… Wouldn’t be surprised if Ram Man is the 2013 exclusive…
    The fig looks pretty cool though.

    1. Agreed, the one subscription figure I really wanted -_- but they didn’t get me this time sorry Matty.

      Great review! Shadow Weaver looks great all around.

    2. Oh man…if they pulled that crap and made Ram Man the exclusive I think I’d sell off my MOTUC collection in anger.

  2. That sinister green tome is The Eldritch Book of Spells, as seen in She-Ra Season One’s “The Eldritch Mist”.

    1. can you imagine the kids? or worse, the copulation? ugh…

      weaver’s not a bad looking figure, but there’s something very “set dressing” about her. i don’t see her getting much play in a collection full of bad ass fighters. i know not everyone plays w/ theirs, but i do, and playability is pretty high on the list of criteria i need met to pull the trigger.

  3. The hollow hard plastic dress definitely feels a little cheap to me, but it’s not like there was any reason to fill it in, I suppose.

    Anyway, she looks cool and spooky, and that’s about all I need her to do.

  4. This DAME is a thing of beauty. Finally glad she was designed after all these years. She makes the Evil Horde look unstoppable. Cool review as always!

  5. Her empty spot on my shelf is growing dustmites like crazy, not to speak of the little dustcattle herde on the space for the Star Sisters… ooooh, Digital River!!! Ship out my girls!!

    Rant aside, sweet review!

  6. Damn, them Jawa chicks are hot! U-u-u-u-u-u-u-tini!

    Seriously, though, great review, as ever.

    Still waiting for mine to arrive (perhaps this week), but I gotta say that I don’t think I’m going to be thrilled with the way they managed the robe / cape / shawl / thing. In any pose other than arms spread out wide, it’s gonna look really weird, like Mantenna put waaaaaaaaaaaay too much starch in with the Horde laundry this week.

    I reckon for Shadow Weaver and Sorceress, they should’ve gone with fabric for the shawl and wings. Apart from perhaps Darkdream (like he’s going to get made; Kothos has more of a chance), I can’t think of any other MOTU Character they might need to use that kind of approach for, so they could’ve written it off as a special 30th Anniversary extra-poseable soft goods treat, and then they could go back to being cheap gits next year.

    As much as I rail against exclusives, I’ve actually got to hand it to Mattel on this one. They give you months and months and months to sign up, and they let people outside the USA sign up for their clubs — practically unprecedented in my experience. They even sell the convention exlcusives (with perhaps some packaging changes) on their own website after the conventions are done with them . . . also to people outside the USA, if we want ’em. They may seem otherwise incapable of organising a drinking game in a brewery, but Mattel’s have got to be some of the easiest-to-get exclusives in the world.

    I fully understand it must be a pisser if you’re a cherry-picker looking forward to certain figures (2011’s Dial-Tone really helps me feel your pain), but as MOTU completist, I’ve got to say that in MOTU Classics, Mattel has delivered the most satisfaction for being able to collect a line that I’ve ever experienced.

    That’s how it’s done, Hasbro.

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