DCUAllStars.Com Update:
DCU All Stars Series 3 Revealed

Our checklist at DCUAllStars.Com is still a work in progress as we wait to have some figures in hand and to get a peek at the packaging, but we’ve got some more names added to the checklist courtesy of BigBadToyStore. Series 3 will include Batman, Batgirl, Hawkman, and a Steel reissue.

Here’s the skinny from Big Bad Toy Store:

Mattel has just given us the go-ahead to begin preorders on DCU All Stars Waves 2 and 3.

Wave 2 contains:

Flash (New 52 JLA)
Red Robin
Superman (New 52 JLA)

Wave 3 contains:

Batman (New 52 JLA)
Steel with Hammer

All figures are available at $17.99 each singly, or $69.99 for the set of 4

Toy Guru previously revealed that Steel would be the long-anticipated reissue for Wave 3, but this is the first we’re hearing about the other three. The New 52 Batman comes as no surprise, but the other two could be anyone’s guess… though I wouldn’t hold my breath for Bette Kane or a Hawkworld version of Hawkman.

If it were up to me, it’d be a Stephanie Brown Batgirl and the mid-90s Hawkman (as featured in Total Justice) so it’s surely not those two versions either.

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26 thoughts on “DCUAllStars.Com Update:
DCU All Stars Series 3 Revealed

  1. I’d punch a baby to get a Stephanie Brown Batgirl. I’d punch a set of triplets if they threw in Spoiler and Robin variants.

  2. I just can’t get excited by the nu stuff. I just don’t care. So far, I’m only getting the Red Robin.

    If Batgirl is Cassie or Steph, I’m in.

    I can’t imagine what version of Hawkman they think they need to do other than the two they’ve done and the Savage Hawkman. What is this Total Justice one of which you speak?

  3. What I don’t get is the complete DC Direct/Matty overlap at this point. DC Direct has severely cut back on figures, but they’re focusing on making the JLA and we’ve seen Hawkman from them too unless I’m mistaken.

    So what does Mattel choose to do? The exact same figures. I don’t get it.

    1. Don’t forget that Scott has been criticizing NECA/4H of late for “burning through the big names too quickly” in regards to the Staction line, but the DCnU line is trucking out two JLA members a wave.

  4. I can’t help but notice that the BBTS listing does NOT say DCnU after Hawkman or Batgirl! Maybe this is wishful thinking, But considering the other All-Star releases, I’m guessing we’ll get Stephanie Brown and a ‘modern’ Hawkman, something from 2003-Brightest Day. For a Summer release, a Stephanie-Bat would have been drawn up around the time of last year’s big shuffle, and we’ve seen the Red Robin who is modern, but not nU. Hawkman has the Geoff Johns JSA cred. Bette and Katar would have to be sub choices at this point, so…

  5. Why in god’s name does matty keep re-releasing that supergirl? That has to be the butt-ugliest female face ever (including ml11’s scarlet Mitch). I wonder if they have to give Robert z’dar a check for use of his likeness? http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0120494/
    The horsemen really screwed that one up.

    So far, I’m not seeing anything in all-stars that would make me buy. I’d be in if they just re-released some of the first-run big name character figures with double knees. I would be all over that first dcu Supes with dbl knees or any version of Bats w/ dbl elbows and knees. I would think that’d be easy $$$ for matty.

  6. I’m in for Steel and New Superman.

    Passing on everybody else. I already have Jay Garrick and Wally West, so I’m good on Flashes.

    1. There is no Wally West Flash figure from Mattel outside of that too short Kid Flash. I was hoping to sub in the nuFlash in my display, then they revealed he would have those ugly lines all over, so I may take a pass on that one if the lines aren’t easily removed.

      As for Hawkman, I’m guessing green pants, no red shorts? simple redeco that gets another version of the character out there.

        1. wait, am I skipping universes again? (holds tight to Official ML Blink and Mimic figures!)

          yeah, I *DO* have the DCD Wally in my Titans display, then added DCUC “Cherry Barry” to it because Wally wore that darker colored Flash I suit for a while. Also, because the DCD Wally fits well with DCD FA Kyle. (thie first, skinny one, not the chunky one released a few years ago using the barrel chested S/B line body mold.)

          1. I’m just messing with you. The only DCUC figures I keep around are in my Superman Collection. New Supes and Steel would be great additions. Otherwise I prefer my superheroes in the 3 3/4″ – 4″ size. I just find it hilarious that DCIH gave Wally and Jay right off the bat, but it’s taken DCUC years to do neither.

  7. If Steel wasn’t already the re-issue I’d bet it was Batgirl Cassie. Really hoping it’s Steph and not another Barb so soon after the BL2 version.

  8. I’d love for a Hawkgod figure to get released. I had the Total Justice figure as a good and loved it, even though I had zero idea who Hawkman was.

    1. I was that way with Super Powers. “Dr. Fate? Martian Manhunter? who are they supposed to be?” I had no idea some of those characters were as old as my father or older. At the time, I didn’t care, cuz they was COOL!

  9. So far it looks like All Stars is throwing in at least one reissue. Wave one being Batman Beyond, Wave 2 being Supergirl and Wave 3 being Steel. Whatever comes out for Hawkman or Batgirl, my guess is they’re at least not going to be reissues too. A Hawkworld Hawkman would be cool. Kingdom Come Hawkman would be great considering that it looks like Matty is slowly starting to put out Kingdom Come characters. Please no Savage Hawkman! Maybe its Philip Tan’s artwork. I just dont like his look. I certainly hope he’s not a Brightest Day Hawkman. I have a bad feeling he will be considering the final wave of DCUC was all Brightest Day characters.

    I’m ambivalent about Batgirl. She can be whichever as far as i’m concerned. Barb, Steph or Cassandra….its all good to me.

    1. Did they ever release that black-shirt Supergirl before? I know the first release of that S/B version was impossible to find, and I only saw her ONCE.

      as for Hawkman, first guess would be the no red shorts version that Johns “resurrected” in JSA, so pre-nu52. That’s not to say they won’t give him a spiky new helmet for the nu52 thing that Liefeld is going to bury.

    2. We’ve only had two Kingdom Come characters a full 15 waves apart, so I wouldn’t say they’re doing it. Red Robin is apparently supposed to be Tim, though it is identical to Dick’s.

      And no, Black Shirt Supergirl is a new deco, despite what TG said. Maybe they had done it before but it never got released?

      1. Gold and red Capt Atom variant, Magog and this new Red Robin count as 3. I should have put more emphasis on my Matty putting out KC characters SLOWLY. It would be fairly easy to do Superman and Wonder Woman with little retooling. Red Arrow would also be not too tough to pull off.

    3. “I’m ambivalent about Batgirl. She can be whichever as far as i’m concerned. Barb, Steph or Cassandra….its all good to me.”

      They’ve already done Cassie and they’ve done Barbara twice (3 times, if you count the slightly different colors from the Batman two-pack and Azreal two-pack as different versions, as some people do). They’ve never done Stephanie Brown at all, so that’s what I’m hoping for. I’m not realistically expecting it (realistically, I’m expecting another Barbara, fairly similar to her previous releases, and a Hawkman with, at best, minor deco changes), but until Mattel releases pictures, I can at least dream.

  10. Don’t get my hopes up of a Kingdom Come Hawkman! That would be AMAZING! And almost 100% tooling, so it is a very slim chance.

    1. Actually, looking at the DC Direct version, all he needs is a new head, hands, legs, armbands, and loincloth. They could reuse the spear from Hawkgirl, hawkman’s arms, torso, and wings. It is do-able. 😀 but I am sure it is too AWESOME and AMBITIOUS for Matty to tackle.

      1. They could re-use that loincloth for Zauriel and *maybe* Herakles. Herk to boost the WW group and the spelling to differentiate him from Marvel’s (and Disney’s) Hercules.

  11. Well here we go, Mattel, your golden opportunity.
    New Batman sculpt. Horray!!
    DCUC only got one. A dozen Batmen released on ONE sculpt. But it’s a new day and you can make this toy a masterpiece and quiet all the haters and nay-sayers. Put yourself in your fans’ good graces and deliver the goods, and finally make a new Batman figure with double elbows and double knees. Put the effort into this, your flagship character, the same as the effort put into The Black Hand figure you made, and then sit back and bask in the glow of the goodwill you get for doing so.

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