Sponsor Announcement:
Ka-Razy Kings of Toys

Hey there, folks! We hope you had a great Valentines Day, enjoying every bit of it with your significant other; now we turn our attention to our political figureheads… more specifically President’s Day Weekend… or in this case, post-President’s Day Weekend! From now until midnight of February 28th, all regularly-priced merchandise $40 and above will be $5 off, and all regularly-priced merchandise below $40 will be $1 off!

Now, you'd probably like to know the goodies we now have available! Well…

We recently got in stock the Monster High 1600 Series C A Cupid!

Representing the Masters of the Universe 30th Anniversary Series, Nathan Bitner's legendary winning entry for the 1985 Create-A-Character contest, Fearless Photog!

Representing Voltron, limited stock of the Red Lion and pilot Lance!

Coming in very soon will be Masters of the Universe Classics Fisto, Sorceress, and Hordak's head witch and one of the highest-demanded figures ever……Shadow Weaver!

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Hope to see ya soon!

“No doubt we’re the Kings of Toys, but come find out why we’re so Ka-Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!!!!!!”