DC Classics.Com S.T.R.I.P.E.
Week Magog Review

With all these new pieces, his articulation is still pretty average for a DCUC.  There are a couple of things to take notice of though.  His head is on a ball joint, but it doesn’t really have much up and down movement.  His ab crunch is a ratcheting joint, which I found surprising.  Also, I really love how well his thigh swivels have been incorporated into the figures design.  They’re barely noticeable just under his leg straps.

Magog comes with one accessory, a staff that shoots plasma bursts.  The staff itself also has fantastic sculpting and the same metallic gold paint as the figure.  Before I physically had the figure I was pretty annoyed that the revolver on his belt was molded into its holster.  That’s a bit more excusable now that I see just how many new pieces this figure has.  I still don’t like it, or how it looks, but I can accept it much easier now.

This Magog figure is excellent, and a testament to why I started collecting DCUC.  He also gives me a little hope that the Collector’s Club may turn out ok.  One thing’s for sure though, I’ve wanted more Elseworlds characters since the beginning of the line, especially Kingdom Come.  Matty got my hopes up early with that repaint of Captain Atom, and ever since then I’ve been waiting for more to pop up.  Magog’s a very welcome addition to my shelf, and it’ll be nice to get Red Robin later too.  I just wish we’d get a couple of the big guns.  It may have been fifteen years since Kingdom Come, but I bet that Superman and Batman would still sell well at retail.


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Week Magog Review

    1. Yeah, KC is definitely up there in the greatest graphic novels selection. Hope you find a Magog soon, he’s definitely worth it.

  1. The figure looks a lot better than I thought- the shiny paint looks really nice, doesn’t it?

    I really hope a KC Superman gets made. I mean, come on- one of the most popular Superman versions, something that fills in the Johns JSA and something that could have a super easy Earth-2 variant? It’s a no brainer.

    1. The gold paint definitely looks nice.

      I never thought about making KC Supes into an Earth 2 variant. That’s a great idea. I know I’d buy both!

  2. I have to confess, I originally got Magog with full intention to customize him into Cable (since both Marvel Legends Cables leave something to be desired). But once I got Magog in hand, I liked him so much I couldn’t rip him up. He’s that good a figure!

    1. I was totally surprised by him also. I’m glad you spared him, besides we’ll probably be getting a new Cable from ML2 anyway.

  3. Saw this one a couple of weeks ago. Despite not being any kind of fan of the character and not really being into dcu much this year, I was severely tempted to pick this one up. I still ended up passing. As you mentioned, the non-removable gun put me off and the $17.99 didn’t help either. If I ever see this guy on clearance for around $11, I’ll snap him up. At $18 he just doesn’t seem worth it. It’s a real shame since the thing that really killed my interest in the line (the constant basic buck re-use) is a rare non-issue here.

    1. $18 is pretty high, but I don’t mind as much after I saw how many new pieces he’s got. Gotta reward Matty when they do something right or else they’ll never learn. 😛

  4. I would welcome with open arms more Kingdom Come designs. I absolutely love that series, it was my first DC comics venture as a comic aware teenager. I’m Sure Batman would end up being an “Over-sized” figure. Superman and Wonder Woman would be fairly easy, Although Wonder Woman in her armor would be amazing. I love this figure, although there is a Target near my home that has 5 of them as peg warmers. 🙁 I sould snatch one up to make a Cable custom, haha!

    1. Getting the big three would be great. But you’re probably right, Batman would end up being “over-sized”. But there’s always hope! I never expected Magog to have so many new parts.

    2. I think DCD did enough of the KC figures, including Magog ($8.24 on Amazon!), and it’s been so long, I really don’t want any for the DC sub. (ok, some of the the KC Titans, like Kid flash to replace that LPS and Nightstar, but that’s it.)

      I did custom a 5″ Cable to fit into my Total Justice line, but I no longer have it. It was surprisingly easy, considering it’s a simple repaint and a borrowed (a fraction undersized) helm from…Kull? I know there was a “hair” topknot I cut off…?

      I think Magog’s right shoulder and maybe forearm might be reuses, but otherwise, yeah, he is an all-new sculpt, which are points in his favor, but it’s also TOO NICHE a character. Granted, at the time, he had his own series AND was co-starring in the JSA spin-off, both of which faltered before the “new 52” was announced, so that’s probably how he got greenlit (other than some brown nosing to Johns’ pet projects). I guess he just never clicked with me outside of KC and that’s been too long to dwell on that. That, plus the whole “Kingdom” arc in JSA almost killed any interest I had in the title.

  5. Yeah the disappointing thing for me was definitely the molded pistol to the holster, we have plenty of other figures in this line who have removable accessories yet this guy doesn’t? I see the way Hasbro makes GI joe figures with multiple removable accessories and I just shake my head:(

  6. I would have cared more for this figure if DC hadn’t dispatched him so unceremoniously just before their big reboot. I don’t think Kingdom Come will be revisited anytime soon unless the club steps in at some point once it’s been tested out. I’d love a Power Woman figure and the chances of getting one through Matty would keep her from warming the pegs at retail like her younger version ended up doing.

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