Spy Monkey Creations Armory
Series One Review Roundup

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or don’t frequent some of the greatest toy sites on the net), there’s a plethora of positive talk about Spy Monkey Creation Series One! We’ve rounded up links to the reviews – and just in time too because the weapons drop this afternoon!

Before the links, here again are the basic details on today’s drop directly from SMC:

Spy Monkey Armory Series 1 sets will go on sale for $20.00 per set/colorway on February 3rd , 2012 at 12pm Pacific Standard Time at www.spymonkeycreations.ecrater.com.

Each set will have a total of 42 Interchangeable Glyos System compatible parts made of durable PVC and high impact ABS plastic. Each set will include 5 complete weapon builds: the Master Blade, the Demon Sabre, the Falcon Sabre, the War Shield, and the Dominar each available in five different colorways.

Each set will allow you to build a limitless combination of weapons, creatures and characters, all fully compatible with the Glyos System Series as well as The Outer Space Men.

And here’s the latest on shipping:

Shipping Update! Our new shipping system is in place and some of the previously quoted prices and options have changed. The new options are:

Domestic USA:
– 1 or 2 sets ship for $2.82 via First Class Mail
– 3-6 sets ship for $5.15 via USPS Priority MailSmall Flat Rate Box
– More than 6 sets ship for $10.85 via USPS Priority MailMedium Flat Rate Box

Canada and Mexico:
– Up to 6 sets ship for $12.95 via USPS Priority Mail Intl. Small Flat Rate Box
– More than 6 sets ship for $32.95 via USPS Priority Mail Intl.Medium Flat Rate Box

– Up to 6 sets ship for $16.95 via USPS Priority Mail Intl. Small Flat Rate Box
– More than 6 sets ship for $47.95 via USPS Priority Mail Intl. Medium Flat Rate Box

We are charging the exact shipping rates provided by PayPal from the USPS, and tried to go with the most cost effective shipping methods available. We wanted to add a low cost shipping option for small International orders however our current store and payment set up does not allow for that. We will continue to explore shipping options as we grow and will do our best to give our customers the best options available to us.

Okay, with all the fine print out of the way, here’s a list of reviews while you wait for the 12pm PST drop. I’ve been called into work (we’ve got a corporate bigwig coming in), but I’ll be with you guys in spirit. If you guys buy them all before I get home, I might cry…

16Bit.Com Action Figure Insider (Pics/Video)
Action Figure Pics The Fwoosh
Michael Crawford MOTUCFigures.Com (Pics/Video)
Onell Designs Pixel Dan (Video)
Plastic Graveyard 1 Plastic Graveyard 2
Poe Ghostal ItsAllTrue.Net
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Available February 3rd , 2012 at 12pm PST
Spy Monkey Creations eCrater Store.

11 thoughts on “Spy Monkey Creations Armory
Series One Review Roundup

  1. With all the coverage these sets have been getting, I hope there’s not a server meltdown or 5-minute Sellout™.

    1. I think eCrater will do okay, but I have no idea what’s going to happen today. I’ll be at work, but I’ll be hoping for the best for the rest of y’all!

  2. good of you noisy, to coalesce all this excellence in one place… and provide a direct link to their store. very handy… and like BB, i’m dreading the possibility of a 5 minute sellout. it would be good for SMC sure, but i’m never one of those guys who score in 5 minute sellouts.

    1. Hopefully, they’ve got enough on hand to meet demand – but that demand really seems to have surged! Lots of talk and great coverage – would you believe that the SMC Review had one of the highest “Day One” views we’ve seen at IAT.

      I was hoping to order more today, but I’ll be hobnobbing with corporate folk so I may miss out if they go quick, but I’ll be happy for the SMC guys!

    1. No problem! I wanted to show all the great stuff you can do with these and I think each of us took them in unique directions that I wanted to showcase here.

  3. Well, just got done ordering one of each set. Went by very smoothly. I can’t wait to open up those baggies!

  4. Got me 6 sets! only one I didnt get was the cold steel, to me MOTU weapons should be colorful

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