Vault Review: S.H.
Figuarts’ Gokai Green

Like the rest of the crew, Doc comes with a Gokai Saber and Pistol, a key figure, an open key, his Mobirates phone/morpher, and multiple hands for holding his accessories or fighting poses.  But this time one extra pair of open palmed waving hands was included.  Doc can be a bit effeminate at times, and he has a tendency to strike some very odd poses.  This set of waving hands really allows you to bring that personality out in the figure.

The first release of Doc also comes with a green Gokai Darin to control his Zord.  Three down, just two more Darins to go!

Doc comes with the seventh member of the Gokaiger crew, Navi!  Navi’s a small mechanical parrot who originally belonged to Aka Red.  His job is to help guide the crew to new keys and powers, run the ship, connects the keys to the Gokai belts, and ne even joins in on battles if needed.  Navi’s sculpting is amazing, and there are details I never would have noticed from the show.  I think my favorite is the fact that he is stylized like an old violin.  Just look at the f-holes on his back, or the stringlike patterns on his wings.  Even better, is that Navi is articulated.  His head and legs are swivel joints, but his wings are swivel/hinges, which allow him to pose and move just like his on-screen counterpart.  Navi may be a bit of a mascot character, but he has a fun personality and I’m really glad they included him in the line.

There’re no real surprises here with the figure, and I’m still enjoying them quite a bit.  Navi is the perfect addition to Doc, and the fact that they put so much work into him is amazing.  The only downside is how expensive it can get to pick up so many imports, especially when you get to the two girls since they’re exclusives.  But if you don’t mind the higher price tag, I think the figures are totally worth it.


16 thoughts on “Vault Review: S.H.
Figuarts’ Gokai Green

    1. Yeah, I already preordered one of those table sets since that desk set turned out pretty well.

      I do wish Matty would take a few hints from Bandai of Japan, but with our luck they’d probably just copy Bandai of America instead 😛

      1. In defence, when Bandai America did something right it was fairly impressive. Bandai Japan had pretty much sidelined the Gundam ‘MS In Action’ toys when the Great Assault to bring Gundam to America happened, and Bandai America just went CRAZY with Mobile Suits. But, in that so typical way they failed to time the releases or separate the lines into distinctive SKUs and so there was a feel that there was only one shot to get any of them. Then came the sheer stupidity of the ‘battle damage’ line and that completely and utterly killed it.

        And I was buying those stupid things like candy. Still unhappy I could never find the ‘full armor’ Gundam that got dumped at Kay Bee toys. That debacle was tied to the ‘failure to launch’ of not getting Zeta Gundam on Cartoon Network as they thought was going to happen and even advertised at NY Toy Fair that year (2002 IIRC)…

        Annnnd I’ve just showed just how obsessed I get about that Japanese stuff, huh? 🙂

  1. Wow, I bet that cost you a pretty penny. Should I say congratulations or I’m sorry? 😛

    If it’s any consolation, she really is a fantastic figure. Both of her.

    On the down side, you might be tempted to pick up her sister Metis now. Not quite as great as Aegis, but still pretty good.

    Let me know how you like the two Aegis figures.

    1. I forgot to mention, be careful with the normal Aegis’ thigh swivels. They were really tight on the first release and will take some hot water and gentle working to loosen up. I’m not sure if that problem was fixed for her second release, but I didn’t have any of the same problems with on my armored Aegis.

  2. They did cost a bit, but thanks to the refund I got from AmiAmi for Play Arts Lightning, I only spent about $60 for both of them.

    You’re right, they are a lot of fun, but I think I favor Heavy Arms; she’s more visually interesting and her joints are smoother; basic Aegis’ thigh swivels are so tight I’m afraid to force them.

    I may pick up Metis later, but I have pre-ordered Phantasmoon.

    1. Ha! They’re both great figures, but Heavy Arms does have that super cute face too. Maybe she is the better one 😛

      I had to order a Phantasmoon too! I have no idea who she is, but I love how she looks and those two bats she comes with are awesome.

      I don’t know if you’re a fan of Metroid, but did you see the Samus Figma is up for preorder? She looks really good.

      1. I also like putting basic Aegis’ happy face on Heavy Arms. It would be awesome if she had a thumbs-up hand to go with it. Oh, and I just managed to loosen up basic Aegis’ thighs.

        I like Phantasmoon’s style. Very clean and basic. I’m also curious about her alternate hands. I don’t know if the one, two, and three finger hands have any special meaning, but they are multi-purpose.

        Samus does look slick, but I already have enough things on pre-order at the moment.

        1. “Enough to preorder”, what is that? lol

          Phantasmoon should be pretty great. I really wish Figma could get the license to Sailor Moon. That would be perfect,

  3. Haha, yeah. Pre-orders are dangerous. I’ve got Street Fighter Play Arts Cammy and Akuma, Vanquish Play Arts Sam Gideon, Phantasmoon, and Mass Effect 3 on tap. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but random “sure, why not?” purchases take surprisingly big chunks out of my budget.

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean. On this side of the ocean I’m being very tempted by the majority of the Transformers Prime toys. Or course I’m fairly safe if we never get that second wave.

      1. And…I just won a bid on yet another figma, Rider from “Fate/stay night.” I’ve had my eye on her for a while, even before I knew what figma, Revoltechs, and Figuarts were.

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