Vault Review: MOTU
Classics Battleground Evil-Lyn

No matter the color, Evil-Lyn still has the same articulation as the other Teela clones.  Her dress is also made of the softer and more flexible material, so there aren’t really any issues of it hindering her thigh movement.

Aside from her two heads, Evil-Lyn comes with some familiar accessories.  First is her long staff, painted black with silver details.  There are two different head pieces you can put on the staff.  They’re both the same sculpt of the claw holding an orb, with the difference being in how they’re colored.  The first one has a translucent purple orb, while the second orb is made of glow-in-the-dark material.  Both look pretty nice on the staff.

Lyn’s other accessory is the jagged knife that came with the yellow Lyn and the Great Wars weapons pak.  This knife is definitely with the right figure, since it was inspired by the MYP series and came with the 200X Evil-Lyn figure.

A figure of Evil-Lyn with short hair is something I’ve been anticipating for a long time.  Although I’m not one hundred percent happy with reusing the Teela design for her costume, I’m willing to let it slide because of how nice the figure looks in general.  But I could definitely spring for one more Evil-Lyn figure.  Especially if she’s a bit younger and has a much more 200X inspired look.


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Classics Battleground Evil-Lyn

  1. Damn. Original Evil-Lyn almost looks bootleg next to Battleground.

    I don’t think I’ve heard such fan backlash about a figure that “shouldn’t exist” since Hasbro put a MASK figure in the GI Joe Anniversary line.

      1. Yeah. Fans complained that he was taking up a “valuable spot in the wave,” that because we got him, another more popular G1 character was bumped off. Like there was a set number of figures to be made in the 25th Anniversary line, and Trakker “stole” someone’s spot.

      2. That’s really too bad there was a backlash on Trakker. I really loved the idea that they were integrating them into the same universe as Joes.

  2. Good review, Vault!

    Love that “prequel” pic, but I’d love it more if it weren’t for that puny Beast Man!

    1. Thanks.

      Yeah, Beast Man is looking a bit tiny. I do wish we could have different sized characters.

  3. i look at this, and i try to be objective, to measure the merit of the fig on it’s own… but i keep imaging, in my mind’s eye, a bank statement sans matty charge for DM, and it makes me furious for you guys. so BGEL becomes a shadow of what she may be rights have earned, but i look at her at as the gilding on the turd. and really, as she’s still not a proper 200x translation into classics, she’s kind of turdish herself… the true 200x version would be the gilding.

    that said, good review, and food on you vault for not getting too drawn in to the politics of the line. i can’t be objective at all right now on this line, so clearly, you’re a better man than i. i got up to take a whiz last night and after getting back into bed, i literally lay there for about 20 minutes thinking of “ask matty” questions that would hold mattel’s collective feet to the fire a bit. how sick is that? i do get hung up on mattel perhaps more than i should, but it stems back a bit more to the broader corporate attitude that their customer base are generally sheeple who will buy compulsively so long as they keep churning out crap… and then we’re seeing a collective push in smaller business to provide more targeted goods that have an artisanal quality to them (which in toys we’re seeing mirrored in SMC and onell and companies like them) and wondering why collectively we can’t make a more conscious choice to move to those kinds of products to really hurt the abusive corporate scumbags the only place they feel pain: their wallets.

    1. I still don’t understand the flack this figure is getting. I read the complaints but they all boil down to “this isn’t the one I want, now I have to wait longer.”

      I admit I haven’t read the responses from Toy Guru or the Horsemen themselves, but has either side said “we WON’T be making an accurate 200X or Filmation Evil-Lyn?” If that’s the case, then yeah, I’d be annoyed. But if it IS just a matter of “take this for now, and we’ll get around to making the other one later,” then…what’s the deal?

      1. TG did mutter something about ‘we told the 4H they could sculpt a new dress if they wanted, but they was like “whaaa?” and it was a design choice’. Disclaimer: I might be paraphrasing a bit there.

        I do really like my BG Evil-Lyn, and I’d love a MO2K accurate one too, but I’m not sure I have space in my heart for all three. Of course they had to make a vintage toy version, would be crazy not to, so if a MO2K version does come along the half-and-halfness of BGEL might start to feel a bit redundant. It’s a bit like the SDCC Cringer – if we get a fully articulated version the original’s a waste of money and shelf space, if we don’t then the original will always be a missed opportunity that didn’t quite come together.

    2. Even though Demo Man is a cluster mangosteen, I can’t hold it against Evil-Lyn. Besides, I get tired of complaining about Matty’s actions. Especially since none of it seems to do any good. It’s just easier to stick with the what they’re doing right or wrong on the figures.

      1. i know dude, it’s my own personal hangup. your review was fair, moreso than i could have mustered for her.

        that said, like clay mentioned above, i’m just not ok w/ “kinda evil lyn.” she’s a cop out for more money, and the “blame the horsemen for the half and half” is crap, she’s a money figure, and they spent what little new tooling cash they had on her head, because they figured that would be good enough (in conjunction w/ the palette swap) to keep the mo2kers happy… and she wasn’t. the whole thing is just not my cup of tea. i can see how, for some folks, she was close enough, and that’s fine for them, i just fall on the side of the fence for whom she was not close enough.

  4. Loved the review and loved the figure. I was hoping we’d get a picture of all the clones together – one thing I love about IAT reviews is the humour / captions etc. One request, could you please tell me which camera you’ve used to take these pictures, I asked about this in the She-Ra review as well, so hoping you see this:)

    1. Thanks 🙂

      I don’t know what kind of camera Noisy uses, but mine is a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W290.

      1. Thank you so much for your response. Were you the one who also shot the BP She-Ra review. I’ve always felt pictures at IAT come out really good and would like to know:)

  5. Alas, all the delightful new features introduced in this new figure are points of interest I would rather have had in the Original: The “spell-casting” hand, the swiveling wrist-bands, the Glow-in-The-Dark Orb, the helmet-less alternate head, the CAPE!! I really like BattleGround Evil-Lyn, but she’ll never replace my glorious Blue-clad Bright Yellow Evil-Lyn!

    They try and they try, but they will NEVER please some of us die-hard weirdos! :^)

    1. Although I’m partial to her 200X look, I do wish these features were part of the original also.

  6. I know it ain’t 200x, but dangit, I love this figure.

    Hopefully Matty ponies up and gives us a true 200x Evil-Lyn.

    Still, I love this figure. Did I mention that. 🙂

    1. lol, yeah she’s pretty good. If they never do get to a proper 200X, I could probably live with her.

  7. Very fun and well-done review, as always! She looks pretty good, and I’m looking forward to getting her (along with a backlog of other items that have yet to reach me), but really, would a proper Millennial Evil-Lyn tunic have bankrupted Mattel? I doubt it. Or come to think of it, a longer cord on the Wind Raider’s anchor? More sacrifices to the Almighty Logistics.

    One question that deserves asking the Mattel crew, in my opinion: When is Region 2 going to get the rest of the MOTU / POP full-season DVD box sets?!! I’m waiting to hand over bagloads of money for anything that isn’t MOTU Season 1, and they’re not giving me the chance.

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