Checklist Updates: Marvel, Ghostbusters, & Four Horsemen

I’ve got more updates ready to go. Some checklists have undergone some minor tweaks while others required a bit more elbow grease to get up to speed. I’m still working on a DCClassics.Com update, but Marvel Universe 2011-2012, Ghostbusters, and the Four Horsemen checklist get the spotlight today.

Here’s more detail on the current round of updates:

I’m still working on getting some hi-res pics of the 2012 cardbacks, but I’ve added thumbnails for many of the 2012 releases along with the rudimentary release dates. The 2011 page is almost finalized. I just have to track down (or take) a few images of a couple items and we’ll put that one to bed. The various movie lines are still in need of some minor tweaks or a stray image here or there, but are otherwise ready to go. The Spider-Man checklist is still the red-headed stepchild of the IAT checklists. I’ll have to make some time to research exactly how far behind I am on that line.

The Ghostbusters Checklist has been updated with the current Mattycollector release schedule and a few missing images have been added. Truth be told, there’s not much going on with this line since Club Ecto-1 was cancelled and the other scales have presumably run their course.

The Four Horsemen Checklist needed some minor tweaks and some typos fixed. I’ve also updated the availability information for the 4H figures: the online store initials featuring links will take you to where the items are being sold. This isn’t necessarily an endorsement of the various stores as I haven’t used all of them myself, but I will vouch for Store Horsemen, RTM, & Fwoosh.

It seems my recent update to our MOTU Classics Checklist caused all sorts of Murphy’s Law repercussions for ol’ Mattel. There haven’t been any announced changes to the schedule so far, but Toy Guru has made several posts about his concerns with the shipping schedule for the next six months. When there are official changes, I’ll be sure to have them reflected on the checklist as soon as possible.

The only major updates that I have left are to DCClassics.Com and DCUAllStars.Com. I haven’t had the chance to photograph many of the 2011 items (or review them, as many of you have keenly remind me), but I’ve got time coming up to roll out the yellow backdrop and get that 2011 page up to speed. I’ve also got some e-mails out to Mattel about where to put certain items. I’m still not clear on this Classics/All-Stars switchover.

In other checklist news, I’ve got two new checklists in the pipeline for a couple of smaller lines that we love here at IAT. I hope to unveil those soon. Neither is Marvel Legends. I see (& appreciate) all the e-mails and comments about adding an ML checklist here at IAT – and I’d really like to, but that’s a big checklist and I’m not sure that I can track down all the press images nor do I own a significant portion of that line to take my own photographs. As always, I’ll keep it in consideration.

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7 thoughts on “Checklist Updates: Marvel, Ghostbusters, & Four Horsemen

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for all the checklists. They come in very handy for my budgeting.

    I’d love to see you do a Marvel Legends one. I’ll photograph some if my collection if it will help!

  2. mattel’s scheduling problems are, for me, extraordinarily wonderful… not to spit on any of my fellow motu fans, but just to see “the biggest toy company in the world” having problems we usually associate w/ smaller independent houses. couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

  3. Oh, really? You update the MOTUC list based on Mattel’s own openly published info and Toyguru gets his panties all bunched up? Hurm.

    I’ll take a W.A.G. on that. Mattel has what they hope will be a huge HUGE movie tie-in line that has been hush-hush, and in order to get product on shelves within the movie release window they’re ‘sniping’ production capacity from other lines. The line will, of course, be showcased at NY Toy Fair in Feb.

    They’re betting all the marbles that THIS will be the BIG ONE, boys and girls!

    Ohh, maybe Cloverfield 2 is on the way, huh? 🙂

    1. ug… why oh why is there a cloverfield 2? we didn’t get enough of the giant mutant sugar glider the first time?

      1. and SHAKY-CAM!

        Well, that was meant to be a joke as I couldn’t think of any of the upcoming ‘Big Summer’ movies on the way that would have a sure-fire FAILURE AT LAUNCH toyline (but just wait a month, we’ll be told, right? 🙂 ) however, there IS a Cloverfield 2 in active production!! NOOOOO!

        Well, let’s see. Battleship, well, clearly that’s gonna be Hasbro.

        MIB 3? I figure Mattel will pass on that, one of the ‘second tier’ companies maybe.

        Avengers? Hasbro.

        How about Dark Shadows? Think Mattel would sink millions into that license with hopes of cashing in on Vampire Chic one more time?

        John Carter (Warlord of Mars! get with it Disney! Embrace it!)? It’s Pixar/Disney so doesn’t that give Mattel ‘right of first refusal’ or some such? Don’t get me wrong, I think the movie will be AWESOME but I just sense toys from it will tend to stagnate (except for obvious scalper bait of course)

        Ohh, no, no, HERE is the perfect film for Mattel to keep SOOPER SEKRET their toy plans, the sure-fire huge money-making film that NATURALLY is worth spending millions of Dollars for the toy rights for…


        YEAH BABY! Ladies and Gents, place your bets! 🙂

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