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Vault Review: Figma’s Aegis,
Heavy Arms Ver. (EX #008)

One of the selling points on this figure is that her alternate faces are interchangeable with the first figure.  Aegis’ first alternate face is pretty meh, with an emotionless blank expression.  Her second face is good, but it’s angry and looking to the right.  So there are limits with what you can do with it.  She does look properly pissed with her visor down though.

It’s sad to admit, but Aegis’ third face is what really got me to order this figure.  It’s a pretty simple design; she’s just looking to the left with her mouth open slightly.  The most proper word I can think of to describe it is “cute”.  The sculptor was somehow able to capture this effortlessly appealing expression, which just adds to the natural personality and charm of the overall figure.  (Something the Chogokin Aegis entirely failed at.)

This slightly smiling face is the toy equivalent of the Mona Lisa.

Aside from her standard Figma stand and special translucent hoof heels, Aegis also comes with two bullet firing effects to stick on the ends of her fingers and her bullet canisters that attach to her bracers.  There is also her S.E.E.S. arm band, which I didn’t put on her, but it’s the same as the first figures’.  Last but not least is a large cannon which can attach to either of her forearms.  All around it’s a pretty good haul for an exclusive.

I was probably going to always buy this figure since I really liked the original, but that one alternate face just cemented it for me.  Since she was a WonderFest exclusive, you’re going to have to pay a bit more for her than a normal Figma.  She’s not worth crazy high prices though, so make sure you check around with middlemen and stores before you commit.


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5 comments to Vault Review: Figma’s Aegis,
Heavy Arms Ver. (EX #008)

  • dayraven

    all the extra pouches and stuff feel very liefeldy to me.

    indeed though, your review style has changed a lot over time, and apparently, your work ethic too… seems you’re doing a lot more reviews these days, and that’s a good thing. keep up the good work vault!

    • AdventureVault

      lol, I never thought about the Liefeld connection.

      Thanks for the compliment. My style has definitely changed, not too sure about the work ethic though, lol

  • Cunningham

    Vault, you know I always love your reviews, but when are you going to get back to mixing in some toys that most of us can actually buy? It’s been a steady diet of imports of late and they’re cool and all, but I’d like to see your take on some USA stuff too.

    • AdventureVault

      I like to try and mix it up a bit, but my wallet’s been getting a tight lately. So I’ve had to cut back on my impulse buying. I’ve been looking for a few domestic figures like the Transformers Prime toys, but haven’t had much luck.

      I still have a small stack of imports to review since most of them were preordered half a year ago. So it may be a while before I can mix the domestics back in, unless I get lucky at the toy store soon.

      Sorry about that. 🙂

  • Keigan

    I got to admit,your posing image is freaking superb!! I think this is the best Aegis posing picture i’ve ever seen yet in many many review.Anyway great review and your Aegis sure arrived early,mine still no news yet:(