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Vault Review: S.H.
MonsterArts’ Godzilla

Godzilla’s paint job is incredibly simple.  Almost his entire body has been molded in the black plastic of his skin.  His claws have all been painted white, while the spines on his back are colored a light gray with a wash of white and black.  I think this actually helps give them that luminous effect.

One thing that some were concerned about was Godzilla’s eyes.  I’ve heard claims that some people have gotten eyes that look a bit googly.  I don’t doubt this, since the sculpt itself is asymmetrical.  I think mine turned out ok, but if you do have a chance to inspect your figure before buying it, make sure to check out his eyes.

When it comes to articulation, I have mixed feelings about this figure.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure this is the most articulated Godzilla figure out there.  This figure has a ball jointed jaw, upper and lower neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, knees, double knees, and ankles.  He’s got swivel cuts on his bicep and just below the elbow.  Last, but definitely not least, his tail is also made up of segmented pieces that are connected to each other by eighteen ball joints.

What’s disappointing about all this articulation is that most of it is hampered by the sculpt.  Instead of creating a figure that can move like a real Godzilla, Bandai has created a figure that moves like a man in a Godzilla costume.  It’s not that big of a deal, because you can still get plenty of Godzilla poses.  But I do wish they would have thought about this figure a bit less literal and more like a real creature.  This is definitely one area where the Revoltech’s came out superior, but that tail is still amazing.

As a first release bonus, this Godzilla figure was released with a beam of atomic breath that can be positioned coming from his mouth.  His jaw isn’t really strong enough to hold the long effect piece though, so there is also a clear arm and a base to prop it up with.  I was really impressed with the sculpting on the base itself because it looks like an energy wave effect you’d see in a video game.  The beam is pretty nice also, but it does make me think more of a water spray than radiation.

Both the beam and base are translucent but painted with a glossy, almost metallic finish that really catches the light and does a good job of making them look like they are glowing.

Overall I’m pretty happy with this figure.  I do wish he would move as well as his Revoltech brothers, but that’s a small complaint when he seems to fit in with them in every other area.  I was impressed by his amazingly huge and articulated tail, and the beam effects came out much less cheesier than I originally expected.  This figure is going to cost you at least $50 to pick up, and that’s definitely an indication on how expensive this line’s going to be (another area where the Revoltech line was superior).  I have a feeling that they will probably release Godzilla again at a later time, only without the beam effects.  So if you have a little patience, you can probably pick up the big G for a bit cheaper.


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22 comments to Vault Review: S.H.
MonsterArts’ Godzilla

  • Jey

    That Godzilla is gorgeous. I’m sorry to hear that he’s not as mobile most of the Figuarts figures.

    But it really was a dick move by Bandai. Very similar to the Turtles situation with Playmates and NECA.

  • I think the Toho license is much more complicated and not ‘global’, because they do have the Goten-go (aka Atragon) due and yes, I’m very excited about that because it looks just amazing. 🙂

    Vault, I’m surprised you didn’t do the one thing that Bandai is most proud of with this Godzilla, he can be posed swimming.

    And the REAL dick move by Bandai is the accessory pack, only available via the Japanese Tamashii Web store. All kinds of cool in-scale diorama bits.


    (and Bandai is TOTAL ASS when it comes to ease of finding stuff because their web stuff is all completely non-intuitive. You’d think that the page for the Godzilla would have a link to this set, but NOoooooo.)

    Super X, modern Maser Tanks, cool stuff. Lots of little PVC bits that cost almost as much as the figure itself!


    I hope for a nice Showa Godzilla, maybe mid-era. We’ll probably get ‘First Godzilla’ next.

    • Beedo Sookcool

      Bandai’s various international branches are really good at being jerks. How the Hell a toy company can dictate that middle-man e-tailers can’t sell certain products outside a certain region is beyong my capacity to comprehend. (Still bitter about not being able to get a Ssslithe shipped to England.) And you know what? If they’re going to be like that, they obviously don’t need my money. To Blazes with ’em. Berks.

  • Mirrored

    I see Kamen Rider #2 there.

    I warned you.

    But welcome to the rabbit hole.

  • Ah, you beat me to it…I can’t wait for this toy. Mine should arrive today or tomorrow.

    Great review!

  • Beat me too, sadly, but it’s nice to know that so many of us are going to give this guy some love.


    Hey guys, I just got mine in Today from Amazon & I have to say this is by far THE best Godzilla figure ever made.
    The Eyes looked good on mine, no ”googly eyes” on mine.
    Also The next figures coming out for this line will be Mecha Godzilla, Space Godzilla, Mogura, Rodan & King Ghidorah.

  • Beedo Sookcool

    Excellent review of an excellent product! Too rich for my blood (and wallet), though.

    • AdventureVault

      Thanks Beedo. I know what you mean though. They’re pretty costly, then the exchange rate kills you. But I’m a sucker and couldn’t stay away, lol.

  • dayraven

    man… this godzilla looks excellent, but it’s just not my scale preference… when they come out w/ a goddie this articulated (though hopefully more geared towards actual range of motion) that can look mp-01 prime in the face… yeah, i’ll pay whatever they want. i’ll donate plasma, buckets full of semen, wampum, whatever they want. i’ll shave my back and sell it to locks of love, whatever it takes…

    • Dunno if you ever took a look at this, but Takara did a really cool ‘Combat Joe’ Godzilla suit long ago, and I think they did a reissue not that long ago (for long ago within 10 years or so as opposed to the early ’80s of the original).

      Mind, it’s a rubber suit over a GI Joe. It probably doesn’t pose THAT well, but, hey, it exists. 🙂

  • Nik

    FFFFFFFFFF Want. FFFFFFFFF expensive.

  • JamesLynch

    Nice looking figure, no doubt, though a bit undersized for my tastes (I’m with Dayraven. I want a Godzilla this articulated that’s about the size of those rotocast things I keep seeing at TRU).

    I have to point out, as a bit of a Godzilla nut, that this isn’t the modern version of Godzilla. Modern would imply the most recent incarnation (since there’s no current Godzilla, as the franchise has been on hiatus for over 7 years), which for Godzilla would be the Millennium series (though there wasn’t really one look throughout the Millennium series. It seemed to change almost every film, as the films in that series were mostly not in continuity with each other. The exception to that would be Godzilla X Mechagodzilla and Tokyo S.O.S.). This figure is bade on the Heisei era Godzilla, which ran from 1984 to 1995. All the other Monsterarts figures revealed so far are also from the Heisei era. Mechgodzilla is a dead giveaway, since he looked radically different in the three eras. Spacegodzilla’s another easy way to tell, since that character only appeared in one film, and that was during the Heisei period.

  • StrangePlanet

    That 2nd pic with Godzilla and all the Revoltech monsters is a helluva awesome setup. It’s pretty rad that the big G goes with them. That’s a sweet set.