Vault Review: Ori-Toy’s Liao Yuan
Huo from The Ravages of Time

Even with all those new pieces, Liao Yuan was also given repainted versions of the spear and sword accessories.  I mentioned this a bit in the last review, but I feel like it’s worth repeating.  I love how Ori-Toy builds on its previous work.  Once an accessories development has been completed, the budget is much cheaper and that accessory can be repainted and reused again and again.  It’s really a fantastic way to give more value to each new figure as the line draws upon its previous work.

Liao Yuan also comes with the standard four alternate face plates.  There’s a normal face, a fighting face, his funny face, and another normal face with the skull eye patch he wears while acting as the assassin’s leader.  So you get a nice mix of looks that are very different from each other.

All Ori-Figs come with a black base that can display their names with a small removable plaque.  There is an optional vertical beam which can hold a long or short extended arm.  The beam can be placed in three different locations on the base and is a very stable way to display a figure in an action pose.  As an extra bonus, each base can attach to each other creating one long display.

Liao has the same articulation as all the Ori-Figs, with the added bonus that his pony tail sits on a swivel.

Like I said, this is my favorite figure from the line so far.  He comes with a tremendous amount of accessories and the new clothing pieces really make him stand out from the rest of the figures.  I’m definitely looking forward to the second Ravages of Time figure.  But what do you guys think?  We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback, but there’s no such thing as too much.  So let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

If you’d like to check out The Ravages of Time manga, you can find an English translation here.

As always, I’d like to thank Mo from Ori-toy for allowing me to introduce these fantastic figures.  Don’t forget to check in next week for my exclusive interview with Mo.  I think you’ll all enjoy it very much!  Until then, if you’d like to see more Ori-Toy products you can find them here.


7 thoughts on “Vault Review: Ori-Toy’s Liao Yuan
Huo from The Ravages of Time

  1. This is the best figure line I’ve seen since Glyos, and that was the best figure line I had seen since Stikfas and Xevoz. Why god why do you mock us by not telling us how to get these figures?! It’s weird toy-denial torture! 😉

  2. He looks like a Kung Fu Pirate and that is all sorts of WIN. I love martial arts characters, and there just haven’t been enough toys. Like the above poster, these have a great Xevoz/Glyos vibe to them and just look plain awesome. I have always been drawn to designer vinyls, but never bought any because I like articulation. These guys solve that problem. I am so hoping these little guys make it over the pond…. Heck, blank bucks would be awesome someday too!!

    1. I’m like you. I like the look of vinyls, but usually stayed away from them because of the lack of articulation. Ori-Figs are the perfect combo though.

      And about your last statement, you’ll definitely need to check out my interview next week.

  3. Gosh ! This one is awesome ! The belt with knives, the ring and eye band are awesome details. As usual, the funny face is great !

    You also choose great poses !

    1. Thanks Pat! He’s my favorite too, at least so far. I have the feeling I’m going to get a lot of new favorites as the line progresses, lol.

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