Vault Review: Ori-Toy’s Liao Yuan
Huo from The Ravages of Time

I’ve saved my favorite Ori figure for my last Ori-Toy review. But never fear! I’ll be back next week with a particularly special treat, an interview with the company founder and Ori-Fig designer, Mo Mou!  Until then, take a look at my review of Liao Yuan Hou.

Liao Yuan Huo is one of the two main characters in the dramatic Chinese manhua (manga), The Ravages of Time.  The series is a fictitious tale that weaves through the historical events of the Three Kingdoms period, often putting a unique spin on the people and events of the time.  The character of Liao Yuan is the leader of a group known as the Handicapped Warriors.  They are a collection of assassins who have various forms of physical disabilities, yet those same disabilities allow them to specialize in specific fighting and killing techniques.

The Ravages of Time is ongoing and is up to its 350th issue.  So far, I’m only on the fifth, but one of the more interesting things about Liao’s character so far is the fact that he’s not actually handicapped.  The eye patch he wears is a ruse, and if anything he’s actually got a bit of a super power.  His hearing is so great that he was able to completely understand another character’s whisper from across a river.

The design for Liao Yuan’s Ori-Fig may not be as gleaming bright as XiaHou Yuan’s, but he does have the most colorful.  The upper torso is an interesting grayish blue with red highlights that are the same color of his bandanna and pants.  The robes that he wears around his waist are also highlighted in red and yellow, but were also given texture lines that make them look much more like fabric.

The robes themselves are two new pieces that connect underneath his waist joint.  They’re made of the same soft plastic as previous character’s capes, beards, and bandannas.  This allows Liao Yuan to retain his full range of motion, while adding one more design element that sets him apart from the other figures.

But his robes aren’t all that’s different.  Liao was given a plethora of new pieces.  Coolest of which are his four throwing daggers.  The daggers are pretty small, but can easily be placed between a figure’s fingers.  They can also be stored on the back of Liao’s new belt, which I think makes them much cooler.

Liao also comes with three more very unique accessories, two traditional Chinese steamed buns.  I haven’t gotten to this yet in the comic book, but apparently Liao really loves his steamed buns.  The bun accessories are different from each other in that one is sculpted complete, while the other has finger indentations so that he can hold it with his open hand.

Last, but definitely not least, Liao has the ring he wears as the Handicapped Warriors’ leader.  The ring fits over the index finger of his left hand and has a fantastic caricature of a skull sculpted onto it.  Continue to page 2…

7 thoughts on “Vault Review: Ori-Toy’s Liao Yuan
Huo from The Ravages of Time

  1. This is the best figure line I’ve seen since Glyos, and that was the best figure line I had seen since Stikfas and Xevoz. Why god why do you mock us by not telling us how to get these figures?! It’s weird toy-denial torture! 😉

  2. He looks like a Kung Fu Pirate and that is all sorts of WIN. I love martial arts characters, and there just haven’t been enough toys. Like the above poster, these have a great Xevoz/Glyos vibe to them and just look plain awesome. I have always been drawn to designer vinyls, but never bought any because I like articulation. These guys solve that problem. I am so hoping these little guys make it over the pond…. Heck, blank bucks would be awesome someday too!!

    1. I’m like you. I like the look of vinyls, but usually stayed away from them because of the lack of articulation. Ori-Figs are the perfect combo though.

      And about your last statement, you’ll definitely need to check out my interview next week.

  3. Gosh ! This one is awesome ! The belt with knives, the ring and eye band are awesome details. As usual, the funny face is great !

    You also choose great poses !

    1. Thanks Pat! He’s my favorite too, at least so far. I have the feeling I’m going to get a lot of new favorites as the line progresses, lol.

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