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Vault Review: Ori-Toy’s
Xiahou Yuan and Zhang Fei

One of his best known stories is the Battle of Changban.  Cao Cao’s forces were in pursuit of Liu Bei and all of his followers, which included both troops and civilians.  After being pursued for one day and one night, Cao’s troops finally caught up with them at Changban.  Zhang Fei took twenty horsemen and had them trail logs behind them, kicking up so much dust that it gave the appearance Liu Bei had a much larger army than he actually did.  To give Liu’s people time to escape, Zhang had a bridge destroyed and took up position in front of the advancing army.  When they arrived he challenged them in his booming voice to come fight him to the death, but no one from the army dared approach and Liu Bei was able to escape.

The design of Zhang Fei’s figure is one of the simpler ones, but he’s also one of my favorites.  His few new pieces include a loin cloth, a new short beard, and a new hat with a large bow on the back.  He also comes with a bandanna which can be turned around to look like its covering his mouth.

But what I really love about this figure are his four alternate faces.  Ori-Toy did a great job of having the figure give off a burly presence, but to counteract that they gave two of his faces these cutesy round eyes with and humongous eye lashes.   Then there’re the other two looks.  One is super angry and giving a snarl, while the other is ridiculously happy (and quite possibly drunk).  Each face is so fun that I really can’t decide which to display him with.

Aside from the alternate faces and hands, Zhang Fei’s main accessory is an ancient Chinese weapon known as a snake spear.  It’s made with the basic spear shaft, while the head is extra long with a curvy form and forked tip.

Both Xiahou Yuan and Zhang Fei are great examples of how Ori-Toy is building and improving the line as it goes on.  They both use the “buck” formula and are made up of a majority of similar parts, but at the same time there is a noticeable addition of newly designed elements like weapons and helmets.  We even got a new hand pose with Xiahou.  As the line continues, I’m discovering that I enjoy the newer characters even more, and I’m pretty sure that’s due to the extra work that’s been put into them.

If you like what you’ve seen here, or in my other Ori-Toy articles, let us know in the comment section.  You can also check out the Ori-Toy website for more information and figure designs.  Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for our last review and Ori coverage wrap up.


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Xiahou Yuan and Zhang Fei