Vault Review: Star Wars The
Clone Wars Barriss Offee (CW50)

Alright, enough with the gushing.  This figure isn’t entirely perfect.  She only has eight points of articulation.  Her head, forearms, waist and hips are all swivel joints, while her elbows are swivel/hinges.  I don’t mind having so many swivel joints, because what really hurts this figure is the lack of elbows and knees.  I don’t know why they didn’t copy Ahsoka’s articulation and give her swivel/hinge knees and elbows, but I would have even been happy with just hinge joints.  As is, Barriss can only take a few vanilla poses and action scenes are pretty much out of the question.

Aside from her stand and the game elements, Barriss comes with three accessories.  First is her lightsaber with its translucent blue beam.  I’m not sure if the sculpt is new at all, but she can hold it fine, even with her very small hands.  Her other three accessories are the Geonosian larvae worms that were used to control her mind in the Season 2, Episode 8: Brain Invaders.  The worms are a simple, but sculpted to be wound around a figures arms or legs.  There’s even a smaller worm emerging from an egg.  All together they’re pretty good accessories, and now my Undead Geonosian has something to carry around.

Even though I’m extremely disappointed in her articulation, this Barriss figure is damned near perfect in every other way.  Plus, she looks really nice sitting on my shelf next to Ahsoka.  But my Star Wars girls won’t be complete until I get my Riyo Chuchi  C’mon Hasbro, complete the Clone Wars trifecta of cute girls!


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Clone Wars Barriss Offee (CW50)

  1. Nice to see some clone wars love on here! (I am sure the drought it due to there being very little new toys on the shelves and not any reflection on you Noisy) I am big fan of these toys. The movie based ones seem to be hit or miss sculptwise (the heads tend to seem too small to too big), probably cause they are based on real people as opposed to the simpler cartoon faces. I have only been picking up jedi, sith and clones so I am excited to see all these Jedi being made, even when they have little screen time. Is it just me or have the shelves been lacking new Clone Wars toys? Maybe with the new season starting tonight, we will see more and the holidays coming out. That new Ashoka (i snagged the last one at TRU Times square of all places) is awesome and blows the original one away!

    1. It’s been hard to find anything new from Hasbro around here lately. I’m not sure if it’s because of the tornado we had or if it’s just the pre-christmas drought. But I’m sure glad I was able to find the new Ahsoka and Barriss. That puts me at a bit more ease when it comes to hunting.

  2. speaking of round soulless orbs… those are some ah… very pointing looks assets on those chicks… you could stab a sith w/ those things!

  3. I dont understand why the articulation is so acrooss the baord on SW toys some figures have great almost joe like articulations ans some have terrible articulation they need to get their act together over there…but at least the poses in the box dont warp the figures…lol

  4. especially since hasbro is doing both lines DrRampageo… you’d think the lessons that the left hand learns would inform the right… and you’d apparently think wrong. i don’t get it either.

    1. Its weird right? Toy companies jsut cant seem to get it together!
      on a side note I hope you dont take this the wrong way but your pic always makes me thing your wearing an andre the giant style one piece for some reason

      1. if only… it’s just hair. i don’t really have the mass to make a singlet work for me. you really got to be a damned big dude to make that look work.

  5. Great review. I have the Vintage Barris and only collect the Fully articulated CW Jedi but it looks like this fig is now going on the “get” list too. CW stuffhas been real thin on the ground for months though so I don’t know how big a pain in the ass it’s going to be to find her.

    TOTALLY AGREE ABOUT ARTICULATION! All Star Wars figures should be fully articulated and there really isn’t any excuse in 2011 beside Hasbro saving a few pennies for them not to be.

    1. The “Vintage” collection Barris Offee has the superior articulation we all seem to crave. Only problem is, her cape and skirt are done in a les-than-ideal manner. Still, one more customising challenge to rise to . . . .

    2. I’ve been looking for the Vintage one also. Haven’t been so lucky though. I did watch a review of her, and for some reason she didn’t look very good in it. But I’ll probably have to wait and decide when I actually see her in person.

      1. Yeah, while the articulation on Vintage Barriss is what we all like to expect these days, her skirt is about an inch too long and falls in piles around her feet like a wedding dress. And her hooded cape is moulded plastic, which as far as I’m concerned, is a no-no in the Vintage figures. And as a result of the moulded cape and hood, her neck is a bit too long and thin.

        If you’re a customiser or a Mint-On-Card collector, no biggie. If not, expect minor disappointment.

  6. I could be wrong but I think some (read many) of barras is recycled from Aajj ventress, which wouldn’t be soo bad but the fact it looks like the vintage one actually recycles from another version of Aaja ventress, which is not only weird but also kind of cheap.

    Of course Hasbro has become the kings of recycling the past few years.

    1. Hmm, I’m not sure. Their outfits are similar, but I don’t have Ventress to compare her to. Might have to hunt around on some Star Wars boards for that answer.

  7. An excellent review! It’s convinced me not to get this figure.

    My feelings on animated-style figures range from dislike to irrational loathing (apart from my Marvin the Martian and Wile E. Coyote figures, which rule), and I only pick up Clone Wars characters that I might need as reference material, get packed in with vehicles I was going to buy anyway, or to take parts from for my (admittedly stagnated) customising hobby. I was thinking of picking up this Barris for the Geonosian brain-worms, but the excellent photograph shows I could achieve the same effect with Sculpy and/or snot, and save myself the (ever-increasing) price of an action figure.

    Thanks, Vault!

  8. someone pointed out to me that this barriss offee figure seems to also be inspired by genndy tartakovsky’s clone wars micro series. it’s kinda like a hybrid of both shows.

    1. Yeah, she does have that Genndy look to her. Maybe that’s why I like how she turned out. Now if they’d just do a better version of Padme in her snow bunny outfit and the super cut Shaak Ti 😛

      1. What was wrong with the 2008 Sonwbunny Padme? Take off the weird blue cape and plastic hood it came with, pop on the white hooded cape from the Ambush on Ilum Battle Pack: boom. Perfect Snowbunny Padme in 30 seconds.

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